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Guide to Buy Shower Enclosure

The Shower Enclosure is a core component of the bathroom and is used very frequently. As the wet area of the bathroom, the Shower Enclosure is a water barrier and a safety feature that is a key point to pay attention to. We will focus on whether the tiles are good or the cabinets are good during the renovation process, but in fact we should pay more attention to the buy Shower Enclosure which is used more frequently.

In this article, we will give you all the details you need to know when purchasing a Shower Enclosure and introduce you to the various components of a Shower room.

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How Many Types of Shower Enclosure?


SHOWER SCREEN is suitable for rectangular shaped bathrooms, the shower room is placed at the innermost side of the bathroom.

Buy Shower Enclosure1

Quadrant Type Shower Encloures

Quadrant Shower Encloures, suitable for bathrooms with a square layout, place the shower enclosure in the corner of the bathroom, the inner diameter of Buy Shower Enclosure should be 900*900mm, or 1000*1000 for heavier sizes.

Buy Shower Enclosure2

Pentagonal Type Shower Encloures

The Pentagonal Shower Encloures, like the Quadrant Shower Encloures, are suitable for bathrooms with a square layout, with an internal diameter that can fit an 800*800 circle in, and can be increased in size without affecting the use of other sanitary ware.

prefabricated shower enclosures3

Rectangle Type Shower Encloures

Rectangle Shower Encloures are suitable for consideration in larger bathrooms, with dimensions of 900*900mm or more, and can be increased in size without affecting the use of other sanitary ware.

prefabricated shower enclosures4

Glass of Shower Encloures

The most important part of Shower Encloures is the glass, which has a large surface area and a slippery shower area, so the safety of the glass is of paramount importance. Although we all know that we should choose tempered glass, there is also a difference between fully tempered and semi-tempered glass.

So be aware that small businesses on the market use semi-tempered glass in order to reduce costs, and because the production process is not up to standard, there are impurities and bubbles in the glass, and the risk factor is very high, even if you put on the explosion-proof film is useless. As the saying goes, cheap is not good, good is not cheap.

The national standard for tempered glass is: after the tempered glass is broken, on average, ≥ 40 pieces per 50*50mm area are considered safe.

How to select glass from Shower Encloures?

3C Certification

The quality of glass with 3C certification is guaranteed, it is best to choose the 3C logo laser printed on the glass, the 3C certification posted on it is also possible, but not as safe as the laser printed.

prefabricated shower enclosures5

Glass thickness 6-8mm

The shower glass should be 6-8mm thick to be considered safe, knocking by hand, the sound is crisp, and it is better to observe the surface of the glass with a vague pattern. Of course, the thicker the better, the thicker the better, the heavier the weight, the easier the profile can not eat the weight. If it is a higher security requirement, laminated glass is recommended for shower rooms, but of course the cost will be higher.

shower kits complete with base, walls and door6

Flat glass edges

Check that the glass has no missing corners and that the edges are flat before use. Avoid the pitfalls of spontaneous glass explosion.

Observe with sunglasses

When Buy Shower Enclosure, take sunglasses with you and if you see a coloured pattern on the glass, it is safe toughened glass.

Put blast-proof film on the glass

Although toughened glass is good quality, it has a 3 in 1,000 chance of spontaneous explosion, so to be on the safe side, always apply blast-proof film to prevent that 3 in 1,000 chance of injury.

Frame profiles of Shower Room

The overall skeleton of the shower room is supported by the metal profile, so the quality of the profile is one of the considerations.

A good quality profile will feel very hard when pressed by hand, and it is very difficult for adults to deform it by pressing it by hand.

The thickness of the profile should be greater than 1.2mm: the thickness of the profile with good quality is between 1.2 and 1.5mm, and there is also 2mm, which is better quality

shower kits complete with base, walls and door7

Smooth surface, good touch: good profiles, the surface layer is free of chromatic aberration and trachoma, the colour is bright and smooth to touch by hand, profiles of bad quality will rust and the pulley is not smooth in a few years.

304 Stainless Steel: good quality profiles will use 304 stainless steel, which is harder and more resistant to corrosion, and is many times stronger than aluminium alloy and ordinary stainless steel.

walk in shower enclosure8

Hardware of Shower Encloures

The hardware of the shower encloures is also very important, the handles, the slides and the wall clips, these three pieces are particularly important.

walk in shower enclosure9


The pull handle of the glass door of the shower room should be fixed and stable, not loose, and the shape should be rounded, not angular, to prevent bumping into and improve safety.

complete shower units10

Sliding rails

The sliding rail should be smooth, with good nesting between the pulley and the rail and small gaps. Pulleys should be fully enclosed stainless steel pulleys, which do not hide dirt and are durable. V-rail is the best choice, as shown below, V-rail has better stability than U-rail.

Wall clips

The wall clip is the hardware connected with the bathroom wall

Seals of Shower Room

A shower room is only as good as its ability to keep water out, and this is mainly due to the water seal, so it goes without saying that the seal is important.

shower enclosure kits11

1, the water barrier seal must be whole, there can be no broken points and joints, so that the seal is better. At the same time, the quality of the seal will also be aging, it is recommended that the seal be replaced once every 2-3 years.

2. Pay attention to three places: the seam of the glass door, the seam of the partition and the wall, and the seam of the partition and the stone base, which must be well sealed. Close the shower and rinse these areas with water to check if there are any obvious leaks.

3. The seals of the glass doors should be magnetic and attract each other for the best sealing.

Part of Shower Encloures: Stone base

The stone base is the water barrier at the bottom of the shower. In terms of installation order, there is the option of installing the stone base after the tiles have been applied, but the best solution is to install the stone base before the tiles are applied, and to bury the stone base in the tiles. Choose a good quality stone base and install it at once, otherwise it will be difficult to replace it if it breaks down in a few years.

shower enclosure kits12

1.A solid stone base through the body is better sealed than a U-shaped hollow stone base.

small shower enclosure13

2.the stone cut surface without trachoma, bubbles, bright colour quality is good.

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