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Product Overview: 1200 x 700 Shower Tray and Enclosure

If you are on a mission to revamp and stylize your shower area, then a 1200 x 700 shower tray and enclosure is a good option. Everything there is to know is here. From the inclusions, variations, installation, and frequently asked questions, get started by reading on.

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1200 X 700 Shower Tray And Enclosure: A Brief Definition

A 1200 x 700 shower enclosure is generally a device that encloses the space where you shower so no water splashes to the rest of the bathroom.

It allows you to enjoy options in bathing apart from using your bathtub or other means of showering available. Generally, it can be made with different materials, functions, and styles and have variations.

General Inclusions of a 1200 X 700 Shower Tray And Enclosure

1200 x 700 shower tray and enclosure1

Are you excited about setting up your newly-bought shower enclosure? Before you begin, it is best to brush up on the inclusions in this product so you can understand how it works as you go along.

Below are some of the items part of your shower enclosure that should be included so you can set it up properly:

Rectangular Shower Tray

This includes a 700×1200 shower tray for the size and shape of your available enclosure. It is usually rectangular.

Sometimes, this can be cut into a corner shape if it is for a corner entry shower enclosure 1200 x 700. But other than that, you may see it in the regular rectangular shape.

Shower Enclosure Glass Panels

The glass panels will serve as your cover for the enclosure. This again varies depending on the style and design you have opted for your shower enclosure.

The glass may have frosted designs or colorful shades that blur the glass from the outside to keep the privacy of the one showering inside it. This also includes the door if it applies.

An Easy Riser Kit

You may see a riser kit available when you purchase a shower enclosure. This again varies in size so that it can accommodate the required measurements of your enclosure.

In the case of an enclosure that is 1200 x 700, then you will most likely have a 1200 x 700 shower tray with riser kit included.

Shower Glass Frames and Handles

Handles for the doors of your enclosure are included for safety. A few frames for the glass for added texture and easier installation are also available.

These may come in various types for a lightweight finish, like stainless steel or aluminum. It is also polished for you at the very manufacturing of the steel.

What is Good About a 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure?

700 x 1200 shower enclosure and tray

Some individuals are reluctant to change their old shower area or space, and there is no judgment. However, you have to rethink how a shower enclosure can be good.

This way, a better shower and bathing experience for you and your family can be done by using it. Here are notes you can check in helping to change your mind about owning your shower enclosure:

Creates Better Space

A good shower enclosure can make space work since it is suitable for all bathroom settings. This also helps in making a more space-efficient bathroom area.

Helps in Keeping The Aesthetic

The available style and aesthetics seen in a shower enclosure will help liven up your shower area. This will keep your bathroom designs up-to-date and stylish.

It is Hygienic

Unlike Shower Curtains, it is unlikely for your shower enclosure to host microbes, bacteria, mold, and other germs as breeding grounds. This means that a shower enclosure is more hygienic than a curtain.

Promotes Safety

As mentioned, your key feature to look out for is the ability of a shower enclosure to waterproof other areas in your bathroom when you shower. This allows no accidents caused by unwanted water to happen.

Variations Of a 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure

1200 x 700 Sliding Door Shower Enclosure3

If you plan to switch up the feel of your bathroom space by adding a trendy and modern type of shower enclosure, this list can help you search for the options available.

A few variations here may include a 1200 x 700 shower tray with riser kit. See the other variations below that may suit your preference in searching for a shower enclosure:

Spacious Shower Enclosures

A shower and tub combination. Best for those with a spacious bathroom or area. This type is deemed luxurious in feel and enables a spa-like shower experience for you.

Customized Glass Shower Enclosures

Sliding Shower Enclosure 1200 x 700mm with Tray 4

This variation is for you if you are more of an artsy and creative shower enclosure user. Your shower door may be etched or covered in mosaic-style artwork, depending on your style.

Corner Type Shower Enclosures

These are the ones perfectly fitting for corner areas of your bathroom space. For better positioning, you may have this installed near a storage cabinet or sink.

Frameless Shower Enclosures

A more infinite-looking glass panel placement is what you’ll get with this variation. This is good for making your space look bigger as it tricks the eyes into seeing no end or corners, unlike a framed enclosure.

Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

A classic and timeless option for you. This type of shower enclosure will deliver what it needs at best, regardless of your size.

Half Placed Shower Enclosures

A half-glass shower enclosure with no doors is a more modern and contemporary type used by many. You can opt for this one for its functionality and minimalist design.

What are some creative designs or themes for a 1200 x 700 shower enclosure?

1200 x 700 shower tray with riser kit5

If you are looking for some creative and aesthetic designs for your shower enclosure, the sky’s the limit! Get ready to elevate your sliding shower enclosure 1200 x 700 mm with tray using these examples:

  • Enclosure with built-in storage
  • Subway tiled shower
  • Spa-worthy walk-in shower through the use of scents
  • Black and white tiled glass frames
  • Slate and stone tiled enclosure
  • 1200 x 700 sliding door shower enclosure customized

How does the installation work?

1200 x 700 shower enclosure6

Once you have your shower enclosure, installation can be done by contacting a professional. However, you may be able to do it independently.

Remember, the steps may vary depending on the type you have. Here is a brief and general instruction you could follow in installing your 1200 x 700 shower enclosure:

  • Lay out and make sure your enclosure items are complete
  • Always start by installing the brackets of your enclosure

            Fit your 1200 x 700 shower tray and enclosure frame properly     

            Please place it in the correct position. For example, a corner entry shower enclosure 1200 x 700 needs a specific area to correctly close and open when needed

  • Assemble the shower door rollers
  • Place the frame
  • Screw the handles needed
  • Assemble the seals of the shower enclosure door
  • Fix it to the bracket
  • Apply your covers
  • Secure with sealant

Why are the shower enclosures like a 1200 x 700 in size trending these days?

Modernization of their bathroom interiors and settings are being done in many households these days. Shower enclosures help make your bathroom space more creative with a hint of being traditional.

Your 1200 x 700 sliding door shower enclosure with a 700×1200 shower tray inclusion is an example of a sleek and contemporary bathroom interior. Here are some other reasons why enclosures are trending:

They are Customizable and May be Personalized

A 1200 x 700 shower enclosure is just right for your creative juices and imagination. This shower enclosure can accommodate all designs and aesthetics from you as the owner.

It is Easier to Maintain

Can you believe that your 1200 x 700 shower tray and enclosure is easier to maintain due to its ability to stay clean longer and resist corrosion even if exposed to water many times? No? Well, now you do.

They are More Effective in Trapping Water

Imagine if you had a sliding shower enclosure 1200 x 700 mm with a tray. It would make trapping water and containing it a breeze for you rather than using the traditional shower curtain.

What are the Benefits of Choosing a 1200 x 700 Shower Tray and Enclosure?

  1. Space Optimized: The precise 1200 x 700 dimensions fit well in most medium-sized bathrooms, ensuring efficient use of space.
  2. Versatile Designs: With both hinged and sliding doors available, there's a design for every aesthetic.
  3. Quality Material: Most of these shower enclosures feature toughened safety glass, ensuring durability.
  4. Easy Maintenance: The build quality means fewer leakages and less time spent on upkeep.
  5. Eco-Friendly: Many models come with water-saving features, contributing to environment-friendly living.
  6. Installation: With straightforward instructions, it's feasible for DIY enthusiasts or professionals alike.
  7. Safety First: Slip-resistant trays ensure safety for all age groups.
  8. Aesthetically Pleasing: Modern designs ensure your bathroom remains a visual treat.
  9. Customization: With options like the frameless design or black aesthetic, there's something for everyone.
  10. Affordable Luxury: Despite their premium appearance, these enclosures won't break the bank.

How Does the 1200 x 700 Sliding Door Shower Enclosure with Tray and Waste Differ from Other Models?

Stepping into a 1200 x 700 sliding door shower enclosure with tray and waste is a sublime experience. But what sets it apart?

  1. Space-Efficient: Sliding doors are perfect for compact areas, as they don't require additional space to open.
  2. Integrated Waste System: This feature ensures efficient water drainage, reducing the risk of water pooling.
  3. Smooth Sliding: Quality roller mechanisms ensure a smooth, quiet slide every time.
  4. Sealed Edges: Minimize water leakage thanks to expertly sealed edges.
  5. Safety Glass: The toughened glass used provides both safety and a clean aesthetic.
  6. Tray Design: A slight incline on the tray ensures effective water drainage.
  7. Elegant Handle: Not just functional, the handle design often complements the overall aesthetic.
  8. Maintenance: Sliding doors often have fewer crevices, making cleaning a breeze.
  9. Full Kit: This model comes with everything you need – from the tray to the waste system.
  10. Ease of Installation: Despite the added features, installation remains straightforward for professionals.

What are the Differences Between the 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure Sliding and Other Types of Doors?

  1. Space Efficiency: Unlike swing doors, sliding doors don't eat up extra bathroom space.
  2. Modern Aesthetics: Sliding mechanisms offer a sleek and contemporary design.
  3. Safety: Fewer outward movements mean less risk of accidents.
  4. Seamless Movement: Premium enclosures ensure a noiseless, smooth glide.
  5. Glass Varieties: From clear to frosted, there's a range of glass options available.
  6. Frame Choices: Choose from frameless designs or slim aluminum frames for a tailored look.
  7. Efficient Seals: The design ensures minimal water leakage, keeping the bathroom dry.
  8. Ergonomic Handles: Designed for comfort and ease of use.
  9. Ventilation: The design promotes better airflow compared to fully sealed alternatives.
  10. Maintenance: Cleaning is straightforward due to fewer crevices and gaps.

Why Should I Consider the 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure 8mm?

  1. Enhanced Durability: 8mm glass is tough, reducing the risk of breakage.
  2. Luxurious Feel: The thickness adds a touch of luxury to your bathroom.
  3. Safety: Thicker glass, especially when tempered, offers enhanced safety.
  4. Soundproofing: Enjoy a quiet, serene shower experience.
  5. Heat Retention: The thickness helps maintain a warm temperature inside.
  6. Clear Aesthetics: 8mm glass offers a crystal-clear view, elevating the showering experience.
  7. Frame Compatibility: Works well with both framed and frameless designs.
  8. Easy Cleaning: The smooth, thick surface is resistant to stains and marks.
  9. Efficient Installation: Despite its thickness, it's relatively easy to install with the right tools.
  10. Value for Money: Investing in 8mm glass ensures longevity, making it cost-effective in the long run.

What Makes the 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure with Hinged Door Special?

  1. Elegant Entry: The swing open design makes a grand statement.
  2. Generous Access: A wider entry point is often easier for all age groups.
  3. Sturdy Hinges: Quality fittings ensure durability and smooth operation.
  4. Minimalist Design: Hinged doors offer a clean, uncluttered look.
  5. Enhanced Ventilation: The door design promotes better airflow.
  6. Safety Features: Many models come with soft-close mechanisms to prevent slamming.
  7. Glass Choices: From tinted to patterned, the choices are diverse.
  8. Frame Options: Go frameless for a sleek look or choose a striking frame.
  9. Sealing: Advanced seals prevent water from spilling out.
  10. Ease of Cleaning: Without tracks or crevices, maintenance is a breeze.

Are There Corner Entry Shower Enclosures in 1200 x 700 Dimensions?

  1. Space Saver: Perfect for bathrooms with space constraints.
  2. Dual Access: Two sliding doors offer versatile entry points.
  3. Smooth Operation: Advanced rollers ensure doors glide seamlessly.
  4. Compact Design: Utilizes corners efficiently, maximizing bathroom space.
  5. Safety First: Toughened glass ensures it's durable and safe.
  6. Modern Aesthetics: The design is both functional and stylish.
  7. Water Tight: Effective seals ensure water stays within the enclosure.
  8. Easy Installation: Despite the unique design, setting it up is straightforward.
  9. Maintenance Friendly: Simple design elements mean cleaning is effortless.
  10. Affordability: Corner designs often offer great value for the price point.

How Does the 700 x 1200 Shower Enclosure Differ in Design from the 1200 x 700 Model?

  1. Portrait Layout: This orientation offers a taller, narrower design.
  2. Altered Footprint: The reduced width can fit snugly in some bathroom designs.
  3. Enhanced Depth: It provides a deeper showering space.
  4. Visual Appeal: The vertical design can elongate the appearance of the bathroom.
  5. Varied Door Options: Both sliding and hinged doors are available.
  6. Space Perception: The design can make a bathroom appear more spacious.
  7. Flexibility: This orientation can fit where the traditional design can't.
  8. Glass & Frame Choices: Similar customization options in glass type and frame.
  9. Installation Ease: Despite the orientation shift, installation remains user-friendly.
  10. Maintenance: Cleaning and upkeep mirror its 1200 x 700 counterpart.

Why is the 1200 x 700 Frameless Shower Enclosure Gaining Popularity?

The 1200 x 700 frameless shower enclosure is the epitome of modernity. Let's explore:

  1. Sleek Design: The absence of frames offers a minimalist, clean look.
  2. Unobstructed Views: Perfect to showcase elegant tiles or fixtures.
  3. Space Illusion: The clear lines can make a bathroom seem larger.
  4. Customization: Easier to tailor to specific designs or aesthetics.
  5. Easy Cleaning: No frames mean fewer crevices for mold or dirt.
  6. Durability: Often made with thicker glass for added strength.
  7. Modern Appeal: A top choice for contemporary bathroom designs.
  8. Installation: With the right tools, it's straightforward to set up.
  9. Safety: Despite being frameless, it's designed with safety in mind.
  10. Versatility: Suitable for various bathroom sizes and designs.

What Sets the 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure Black Apart?

Dive into the world of 1200 x 700 shower enclosure black and witness sophistication:

  1. Dramatic Flair: The black finish brings a touch of luxury and drama.
  2. Modern Appeal: It perfectly complements contemporary bathroom decors.
  3. Contrast: The black frame against clear glass offers stunning visual appeal.
  4. Anti-Fingerprint: Black finishes can hide fingerprints and smudges better.
  5. Versatility: Matches with diverse tiles and bathroom fixtures.
  6. Durable Finish: Resistant to rust, ensuring longevity.
  7. Design Flexibility: Available in both framed and semi-framed designs.
  8. Clean Look: The dark hue ensures that water spots are less noticeable.
  9. UV Resistant: The finish won't fade quickly under sunlight.
  10. Statement Piece: It can become the centerpiece of any bathroom.

What Are the Benefits of the 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure 8mm?

1200 x 700 shower enclosure 8mm glass thickness promises more than just aesthetics:

  1. Sturdiness: The 8mm glass ensures added durability.
  2. Safety First: Toughened glass is resistant to breakage.
  3. Sound Insulation: Thicker glass provides better soundproofing.
  4. Thermal Stability: Handles temperature changes without cracking.
  5. Premium Feel: Gives a luxurious feel to the shower space.
  6. Clear View: Offers optimal clarity without distortion.
  7. Maintenance: Less prone to scratches, ensuring a polished look.
  8. Versatility: Can be paired with various frame styles.
  9. Longevity: Designed to stand the test of time.
  10. Efficiency: Ensures no water leakage, thanks to its perfect fit.

Why Opt for the 1200 x 700 Sliding Door Shower Enclosure with Tray and Waste?

Discover the magic of the 1200 x 700 sliding door shower enclosure with tray and waste:

  1. Space Efficiency: Sliding doors are perfect for compact bathrooms.
  2. Complete Package: Comes with a tray and waste, streamlining installation.
  3. Easy Entry: The sliding mechanism ensures a smooth entry and exit.
  4. Water Management: The tray ensures optimal water drainage.
  5. Sleek Design: Enhances the overall look of the bathroom.
  6. Safety: The sliding doors are designed to avoid pinching or jamming.
  7. Integrated Solution: The combined set guarantees compatibility.
  8. Maintenance: Easy to clean, ensuring a hygienic shower space.
  9. Durability: Crafted for longevity, offering value for money.
  10. Eco-friendly: Efficient waste management reduces water wastage.

How Does the 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure Sliding Differ from Others?

The 1200 x 700 shower enclosure sliding is a blend of aesthetics and functionality:

  1. Compact: Ideal for bathrooms where space is at a premium.
  2. Fluid Movement: The sliding mechanism is smooth and noiseless.
  3. Safety Locks: Many models come with safety locks to avoid accidental openings.
  4. Seamless Design: Offers a continuous look without hinges or pivots.
  5. Accessibility: Wide entry access ensures ease of use.
  6. Glass Variety: Ranging from clear to frosted for added privacy.
  7. Customization: Can be tailored to fit various bathroom styles.
  8. Low Maintenance: Fewer moving parts mean less wear and tear.
  9. Economical: Often more affordable than other enclosure types.
  10. Innovative: Modern design elements make it a top choice for renovations.

That concludes the 10-topic exploration of the 1200 x 700 shower tray and enclosure. It showcases the diversity and uniqueness each type brings, ensuring there's a perfect match for every bathroom out there.

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