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Product Overview: 700x700 Shower Enclosure 

The 700×700 shower enclosure is a waterproof enclosure that can be installed in tight-space bathrooms. Generally, it’s designed to fit over your shower drain and keep your bathroom tidy.

The shower enclosure serves as a shower room that’s easy to install and perfect for those who don’t have enough space in the bathroom. It can be installed on any wall and has the option of being either freestanding or wall-mounted. For limited spaces, a 700 x 700 shower enclosure corner entry is advisable as a space saver.

The unit is made from durable materials and finished with a semi-gloss natural lacquer. Most designs come with tile flooring and a glass door with a curved glass panel.

This shower enclosure can be installed in any home area, including your bathroom. Its doors are made of high-quality materials resistant to rust and corrosion and easy to clean and maintain.

The enclosure is designed with an acrylic or glass door, giving you the privacy you need while still allowing you to enjoy the view of your surroundings. This makes it a great choice for those who want a little privacy in their bathrooms but don’t want to go so far as to get a full-size shower stall.

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Get to Know the Key Features of a 700x700 Shower Enclosure 

700x700 shower enclosure 1

The design of the 700 x 700 quadrant shower enclosure model is made for convenience and accessibility, fitting even in small spaces. It also comes with an integrated drainboard. This is the perfect solution for those who want to install a large-enough shower that considers your floor space restrictions.

You can choose from many different styles of shower enclosures depending on what looks best in your space. With various designs available, you can find everything from basic frameless enclosures to ones with curved edges and built-in shelves or other functions like towel bars and mirrors.

Adjustable Panels

Most models also come with several panels that fit together so that only the seams are exposed. Generally, water will not seep through them when installed in your bathroom or home.

The removable panels can be replaced with different sizes depending on what you need for your bathroom design. If you want a bigger towel space, add extra paneling near the bottom of your wall where it meets the floor.

Multiple Shower Heads 

This can be accomplished using a single-jet shower head or multiple shower heads.

Adjustable Height 

These are great for those who have trouble getting into the shower or want to change their height depending on the person in the shower. This model has a 700mm shower door that’s adjustable to your liking.

Waterfall Feature

This is a great way to add water pressure while taking a bath or showering without worrying about getting wet if you do not want to get wet (like kids). Each set provides hot and cold water, so you do not have to worry about your hands getting wet or cold during your shower!

Heated Floors

Heated flooring option for those who have hardwood floors in their bathrooms (or even concrete). This allows you to warm up any area that needs it. It can be for your feet after a long day at work or just warming up the bathroom before hopping in there and wrapping yourself in towels!

Benefits of the 700x700 Shower Enclosure

700 x 700 Quadrant Shower Enclosure2

The 700×700 shower enclosure is a popular option for both homeowners and builders. It has many advantages over other types of shower enclosures. These enclosures offer a variety of benefits, such as 

  • ease of installation and maintenance
  • more space 
  • aesthetically pleasing
  • offers increased safety for users

Different Types of Shower Enclosures

There are many different shower enclosure designs and arrangements available. Your choice will be influenced by the bathroom’s size, layout, and stylistic preferences. Here are a few common types of enclosures:

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Shower Enclosure 700x700 mm3

The quadrant shower enclosure is a basic shower enclosure design with three sides and one side with an open corner. This shower enclosure is great for small bathrooms where you want to use only one corner for a shower.

Rectangle Shower Enclosures

A rectangular shower enclosure is a four-sided, full-length wall that can be used as either a walk-in or freestanding shower. These showers are typically used in larger bathrooms where space is such that two larger showers cannot fit comfortably next to each other.

Half Wall Shower Enclosures

A half-wall shower enclosure is similar to a rectangle, but it’s only two-sided and not freestanding. This type can be used in smaller spaces because there isn’t much room needed on all sides of the wall to accommodate multiple people taking showers at once. 


The square shower enclosure is the most common type and is also one of the most affordable. It’s perfect for those who want to save money while still having a nice-looking bathroom. They come in different sizes to fit different bathrooms, like the small quadrant shower enclosure, most commonly used in bathrooms with limited floor space.

Diamond Shaped

Another shape that works well in many bathrooms is diamond-shaped. This is an inexpensive option that looks great with any style of tile around it. However, it doesn’t provide much privacy from other rooms in your house, so you’ll need some curtains to cover it up when other people use your bathroom!

How do I install an enclosure?

700 x 700 mm Framed Pivot Hinged Shower Enclosure4

There are two ways to install a 700 x 700 mm framed pivot hinged Shower enclosure. You can use the enclosed wall studs, or you can use drywall. If you use the enclosed wall studs, install them and then secure them with screws. So, if you use drywall, ensure that the spacing between your tiles is not too tight so that water doesn’t leak out of the tile.

How do I choose the right size for my shower enclosure?

To determine the correct size of your shower enclosure, measure the width of your current bathroom door. Remember to allow at least 1 inch of space on each side of your door for the space needed to install a new shower enclosure. The shower length should also be considered, as this will help determine the best length for a new shower enclosure.

Will installing a new shower enclosure affect my water pressure?

No! There are no negative effects on water pressure when installing a new shower enclosure 700×700 mm in your bathroom.

Choose the Right Shower Enclosure in 3 Steps

700 x 700 shower enclosure corner entry5

1.The first step in choosing your enclosure is determining what type you want and how much space it will take up in your bathroom.

2. Review the different materials used to construct these enclosures. Some enclosures are made from wood and glass, while others are made from plastic or metal. And some enclosures have glass walls that allow you to view through them or have no walls at all!

3. Lastly, consider your budget before purchasing an enclosure for your bathroom. You can always save money by buying a less expensive enclosure if you decide later that it isn’t what you want. However, if you’re willing to pay more for something that’s made from better quality materials or has more features, then go ahead and do so!

How do 700×700 shower enclosures compare to other sizes?

  1. 700×700 Shower Enclosure Popularity: One of the most common questions people ask about the 700×700 shower enclosure is its popularity. How does it stack against other sizes in the market?

  2. Benefits of a 700×700 Size: Why would someone choose the 700×700 shower enclosure over other dimensions?

  3. Fitting a 700×700 Shower Enclosure: How straightforward is the installation process for this specific size?

  4. Materials and Design Varieties: What materials are typically used for a 700×700 shower enclosure, and what design options are available?

  5. Maintenance Tips for 700×700 Enclosures: How does one keep such an enclosure in prime condition?

  6. Price Range and Affordability: How much does a standard 700×700 shower enclosure cost and is it budget-friendly?

  7. Compatibility with Different Bathroom Styles: Can the 700×700 shower enclosure fit well in various bathroom aesthetics?

  8. Safety Features of 700×700 Enclosures: What safety measures come with this size of the shower enclosure?

  9. Customization Possibilities: Can one get custom features when opting for a 700×700 shower enclosure?

  10. Environmental Impact: Is the production of 700×700 shower enclosures environmentally friendly?

700×700 Shower Enclosure Popularity:

When diving into the world of bathroom renovations, one might wonder about the appeal of the 700×700 shower enclosure. This specific size, often synonymous with the Shower Tray 700 x 700mm, has garnered significant interest over time.

Why the Buzz?

The compact dimensions of the 700×700 enclosure make it an ideal choice for small to medium-sized bathrooms. In urban spaces where real estate is at a premium, these enclosures offer both style and functionality.

Comparison with Other Sizes:

While there's the allure of expansive shower spaces, the 700 shower door or enclosure stands out due to its space-saving nature. Shower cubicles 700mm wide often deliver similar benefits without hogging too much bathroom real estate.

Market Demand:

There's a steady demand for the 70cm shower enclosure in contemporary housing projects. These units fit the bill for homeowners who seek a blend of style, efficiency, and comfort.

Consumer Feedback:

Most users of the 700×700 shower enclosure appreciate its snug fit and efficient utilization of space. It's often compared to small shower enclosures 600mm, which are also geared towards optimizing bathroom spaces.

The Verdict:

While larger enclosures offer luxurious shower experiences, the 700×700 size remains a top contender for its smart design and space-conscious approach.

Benefits of a 700×700 Size:

The 700×700 shower enclosure isn't just a random dimension; it's meticulously crafted to offer numerous benefits to the users.

Space Optimization:

This size is a godsend for small apartments or homes where every inch counts. It offers enough room for a comfortable shower without taking up unnecessary space.


Whether you're looking at folding shower doors or a fixed panel design, the 700×700 dimension provides ample room for various design tweaks.

Water Efficiency:

Smaller enclosures often mean quicker showers. This indirectly contributes to water conservation, a precious commodity in today's times.

Heat Retention:

Smaller spaces get warm faster and retain heat for longer, ensuring a steamy and comfortable shower every time.


The 700×700 size is often more affordable than its larger counterparts, making it an attractive choice for budget-conscious homeowners.

Fitting a 700×700 Shower Enclosure:

For many, the installation process might seem daunting. But fitting a 700×700 shower enclosure is simpler than one might think, especially with the right tools and guidance.


Before you begin, ensure you have all the necessary tools. This includes a drill, silicone sealant, and the shower tray sizes to match the enclosure.


The first step involves deciding the optimal position for your enclosure. This could be a corner spot or a standalone space, depending on your bathroom layout.

Fixing the Tray:

Align the shower pod or tray in the chosen spot. Using the durovin bathrooms' guidelines can be beneficial here as they offer comprehensive installation instructions.

Mounting the Enclosure:

Once the tray is in place, the next step involves mounting the panels or doors. Ensure they are aligned perfectly to prevent any water leakage.

Sealant Application:

The final step requires applying silicone sealant around the edges to ensure water-tightness.

Materials and Design Varieties:

Choosing a 700×700 shower enclosure entails not just understanding its size but also its material and design options. Dive into the world of materials and designs suitable for such enclosures.

Commonly Used Materials:

  • Glass: The most popular choice for a sleek and contemporary look. Glass enclosures, especially tempered ones, offer durability while allowing light to permeate for a spacious feel.

  • Acrylic: Lightweight and durable, acrylic panels are another common choice. They offer resistance to mold and mildew.

  • Polystyrene: An affordable choice, polystyrene is often used for patterned or frosted designs.

Design Variations:

  • Frameless Enclosures: Offering a modern, clean look, frameless designs maximize the view and make bathrooms appear bigger.

  • Semi-Frameless: These strike a balance between the traditional framed and contemporary frameless designs.

  • Framed Enclosures: These are robust, offering extra support, especially beneficial for homes with children or elderly residents.

  • Sliding Doors: Perfect for bathrooms with limited space, sliding doors, akin to the folding shower door, ensure that no extra room is required for the door to swing open.

  • Pivot Doors: These doors pivot from a single point, offering a wide entrance. They are ideal if you have a little more room to spare.

With a myriad of material and design options, the 700×700 shower enclosure can seamlessly blend with any bathroom décor.

Maintenance Tips for 700×700 Enclosures:

A well-maintained 700×700 shower enclosure can last for years. Here's how you can ensure its longevity.

Regular Cleaning:

  • Glass Panels: Use a mixture of white vinegar and water for a streak-free shine. Avoid abrasive cleaners.

  • Acrylic Panels: A soft cloth with mild detergent works best. Rinse thoroughly after cleaning.

Dealing with Stains:

Hard water can leave stains. Use a solution of equal parts white vinegar and water to treat them.

Sealant Check:

Regularly inspect the silicone sealant. If it starts peeling, replace it to avoid water leaks.

Hardware Care:

Clean hinges, handles, and other hardware using mild soapy water. This prevents mineral buildup and ensures smooth operation.


Ensure good ventilation in your bathroom. It helps in preventing mold and mildew growth, especially on the shower tray.

Following these maintenance tips can keep your 700×700 shower enclosure in prime condition, ensuring a pleasant shower experience every time.

Price Range and Affordability:

Cost is often a determining factor when choosing a shower enclosure. Let's delve into the affordability of the 700×700 shower enclosure.

Factors Affecting Price:

  • Material: Glass enclosures, especially tempered or frosted ones, might be priced higher than acrylic or polystyrene panels.

  • Design Complexity: Frameless designs, given their precise engineering, often come at a premium compared to the framed ones.

  • Brand: Renowned brands might have a price markup due to their reputation and quality assurance.

Average Price Range:

While prices can vary, the average cost of a basic 700×700 shower enclosure starts from a budget-friendly range and can go up based on the factors mentioned above.

Cost-saving Tips:

  • Comparative Shopping: Check different suppliers and brands. Sometimes, seasonal sales or discounts can fetch you a good deal.

  • Installation: While professional installation is recommended, DIY enthusiasts can save costs by installing it themselves.

Investing in a 700×700 shower enclosure ensures you get value for money, combining style, functionality, and affordability.

Compatibility with Different Bathroom Styles:

Wondering if the 700×700 shower enclosure will complement your bathroom style? Let's explore.

Modern & Minimalistic:

The sleek design of a frameless 700×700 shower enclosure or one with sliding doors fits perfectly with modern aesthetics.


Framed enclosures, especially with patterned glass or designs, can blend seamlessly with a more traditional bathroom décor.


Pair a clear glass 700×700 enclosure with black frames for that industrial chic look.


Frosted or patterned enclosures can add a touch of whimsy to boho-styled bathrooms.


Pair your 700×700 shower enclosure with wooden accents and earthy tones for that rustic charm.

In essence, the 700×700 shower enclosure is versatile, ensuring compatibility with a myriad of bathroom styles.

Safety Features of 700×700 Enclosures:

Safety is paramount, and the 700×700 shower enclosure doesn't skimp on that.

Tempered Glass:

Most glass enclosures use tempered glass, which is about four times stronger than regular glass.

Non-Slip Trays:

Many 700×700 shower trays come with non-slip surfaces, preventing accidents.

Robust Frames:

Especially in the framed designs, the frames offer additional structural strength.

Safe Door Mechanisms:

Whether it's sliding doors or pivot ones, the mechanisms are designed to function smoothly, preventing any sudden closures.

With these features, the 700×700 shower enclosure ensures a safe showering experience for all users.

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