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KL-021S, Single Opening Sliding Shower Screen

The single-opening shower curtain KL021S provides the latest in contemporary style and functionality, with high-quality construction and beautiful workmanship. Available in full-size shower doors and colours. 2 Panel Shower Wall Kit, Shower and Handle

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Product Details

Material: Stainless steel/aluminum alloy
Size: as you wish
Assembly required:Yes
Glass thickness8mm or as you wish
  • 【Modern Design】The KL-021S Shower Screen can be customized to meet your requirements
  • 【Effective safe clear safety glass】0.31 inch (8 millimeters) transparent tempered glass certified by ANSI Z97.1 certified. Unbreakable as well as easy to keep
  • 【Excellent framework structure】Pure hand polished to give the appearance of hardware with no flaws. Firm inner rollers, durable rollers, and stainless steel tracks make each move smooth and quiet.
  • 【It is simple to put up and open】The single-opening glass shower door tha a significant entry point. It is the ideal solution for smaller bathrooms. It is simple to set up with a full-length magnet bottom seal that keeps the door from leaking.
Prime Handware Meterial
  • Stable track rail for construction that lets the door slide in without a fuss and it is not difficult to drop off.
Aluminum hardware
  • High-quality Aluminum hardware.
stainless steel handle
  • The highest quality stainless steel is built to last.
2 solid top rail roller
  • This rail roller is made from stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion and is durable. Glass panel with clear, simple to wash.
clear vinyl seal atrips
  • Two magnets within the seal strips are attracted to ensure that the door is waterproof.
Adjustable size
  • Simple installation adjustment range of from -20mm to each side.