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Product Overview: D Shape Shower Enclosure

A D shape shower enclosure is an alternative to a bath’s standard square or rectangular design. Sliding into the boards, the entrance eliminates the need for a wide opening outside the enclosure. D shape shower enclosures are a cutting-edge option for any bathroom.

D and U shaped enclosures have a single, semicircular entrance and rest on a circular plate with a single, horizontal line facing the wall. You may now build a whole enclosure without searching for complementary components.

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D Shape Shower Enclosure: What is It?

pacific d-shape shower enclosure6

This enclosure option is ideal for spaces where only a single wall is accessible in the restroom. The square design will stand out from the typical box style of enclosures. 

Both whole D-shaped shower enclosures and individual shower trays are available for purchase. While a shower tray is certainly not necessary, it certainly improves the look of the enclosure. 
Typically, it’s crafted from a stone resin that looks and feels like real stone. White porcelain is yet another option for creating an elegant aesthetic in a bath.

Key Features Of A D Shape Shower Enclosure

D-shaped shower enclosures have a streamlined and contemporary look to them. It is roomy, has two sliding doors that open opposite directions for convenient access, and includes a sturdy glass shower tray. In addition to having quick-release wheels, which make cleaning much simpler, it also includes reinforced glass, which makes it suitable for use in busy family bathrooms.

D Shape Shower Enclosures Features:

  • Thin, contemporary knobs
  • Chrome Polished
  • First-rate, high-quality frames
  • Convenient sliding doors provide for quick entry and exit
  • Wheels that detach quickly for cleaning
  • Tempered safety glass
  • Simple, straightforward design
  • There are a variety of sizes available, ensuring a comfortable fit.
  • The tray’s minimal profile keeps things neat in the bathroom and makes getting in and out of the shower a breeze.
  • Small, sturdy, and long-lasting polymer platter with an acrylic cover
  • A Lifetime Assurance

Advantages of D Shape Shower Enclosures

There isn’t a better way to brighten up and upgrade your bath than with a glass shower enclosure. They solve another major issue with shower curtains by keeping water from dripping onto the floor. In contrast, it will dominate the space after you set up your shower enclosure. This means picking one that’s interesting enough to warrant attention. 

A shower enclosure serves primarily as a means of:

  • The need for seclusion
  • To stop the water from spilling out of the bathroom
  • It helps to create a more streamlined environment.

Other benefits you can enjoy with this kind of enclosure include the following. 


d shaped shower enclosure 900 x 770

Smart space management is essential. Your toilet should include a number of amenities, but it shouldn’t seem cluttered. A transparent shower enclosure is a simple and efficient method of delivering the illusion of a larger bathroom. 

The transparency creates the impression of boundless space. However, using a shower curtain or some other form of an enclosure will divide the space in your bath and make it look significantly smaller than it is.

Extremely Developed Security Measures

Shower enclosures are a beautiful addition to your bathroom and a crucial safety element due to their watertight construction. Wet flooring is a significant cause of injury in the home, especially for old and small children. 

An enclosure can reduce the risk of these mishaps by making your bath watertight. Glass shower doors and enclosures are also made with tempered glass for durability. This prevents them from breaking into dangerously sharp fragments.

Fully Resistant to Water

A shower enclosure keeps water in one area that may be dried off rapidly. The bottoms of these shelters are completely waterproof so that no moisture can get within. If you do this, you can handle tidying up the bathroom floor after every shower.

Minimal Maintenance

After it’s installed, you won’t need to give it another thought until it’s time to enjoy the added comfort it provides. This is because the tempered glass used in these enclosures can withstand more force before breaking. 

You may prevent damage from water and soap by using the optional protective layer found on many shower enclosures. Glass enclosures will retain their pristine condition with this solution.

Fosters a Clean Environment

Fungi and mold may do more than ruin the aesthetics of your bathroom; they can also lead to a host of health problems.  Unlike fabric curtains, glass is not absorbent and therefore does not provide a suitable environment for the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. 

It’s also a lot less of a hassle to clean glass. If you spray some cleaner on them and wipe them down, your glass enclosures will look new.

Kinds of D Shape Shower Enclosures

If you’re looking to spice things up, a D Shape Shower Enclosure is a great choice to add a touch of class and practicality to your bathroom. These fittings are ideal for regular users because of their beautiful appearance and low maintenance requirements. In that they fit in a wide variety of loos, these partitions are among the most versatile.

D and U shaped enclosures 2

D Shaped Shower Enclosure 900 x 770

This beautiful D shape shower enclosure and shower tray made from 6mm hardened safety glass exemplifies the accuracy of design and engineering. Doors are the two rounded panels in the middle, and they move easily on high-quality rollers and shut completely when closed. This D-shaped enclosure is a great option when a room is at a premium, such as in a compact en suite.

This type of enclosure features:

  • Requires installation into a single wall.
  • Superior Metal Grips
  • The convenience of double sliding doors
  • Total seal magnetic power shower doors that are watertight
  • Superior chrome plating
  • Rollers on the shower door that may be quickly removed for cleaning
  • Upgrade Glass Shower Door Guards 
  • Replacement Shower Rollers and Handles are Available as an Upgrade
D Shaped 1050 x 925mm Shower Enclosure3

D Shaped 1050 x 925mm Shower Enclosure

Create the ideal shower space with a 1050 x 925mm Shower Enclosure. This enclosure is brimming with cutting-edge and practical additions. They have modern polished chrome finishes, quick-release door mechanisms, and reinforced 6mm glass panels. The enclosure’s Quick and EasyFit System makes installation a breeze.

This type of enclosure features:

  • Compatibility in any direction
  • The T-Bar Handles Are Square and Are Provided
  • Available with an optional expansion kit
  • Locks that can be quickly released
  • Incredibly Convenient Fitting Method
  • Capsules that Protect Personality Profiles
  • A shower base is available for purchase independently.
  • Licensed Distributor
  • Lifetime Warranty.

Pacific D-Shape Shower Enclosure

One of the models available in the Pacific brand’s lineup of shower doors is the Pacific D-Shaped Shower Enclosure. This enclosure is a fantastic space-saver; it can be installed either left- or right-handed and features a frame finished in polished chrome and hardened glass measuring 6 millimeters in thickness for the highest possible level of protection.

This type of enclosure features:

  • Easyfit Profile Assembling System, a Unique Innovation
  • Consisting of a polished chrome frame
  • A deviation from the actual wall adjustment
  • Convenient sliding doors provide quick entry and exit.
  • Wheels that detach quickly for cleaning
  • Tempered safety glass 6mm thick
  • Vanity for the shower is available for purchase separately.
  • T-bar grips with rounded ends
  • In terms of enclosures, you can rest assured knowing that an unyielding guarantee covers them.

D Shaped Shower Enclosure B&Q

This shower enclosure is a great way to modernize your bath. This enclosure’s space-saving design makes it suitable for even the tiniest of toilets, while its transparent glass gives a luxurious final touch. The shower tray is included to make setting up your new shower as easy as possible.


  • Tempered safety glass was used to construct the window to ensure strength and endurance.
  • Both residential and public settings can benefit from the shower tray.
  • To facilitate cleaning and maintain sanitary conditions in your shower, the wheels on the door can be easily removed and reinstalled.

In what dimensions do D-shaped shower cubicles come?

d shaped shower enclosure 1

The width of a standard D-shaped shower enclosure can range from around 800 millimeters to about 1050 millimeters. Whether or not the enclosure will cause the bathroom to seem claustrophobic depends on its breadth.

How leak-proof are D-shaped shower stalls?

A D-shaped shower cubicle is waterproof, so you may bathe in your restroom without soaking the floor. Silicone seals shower doors to prevent water from seeping and soaking the floor.

Which kind of glass is most commonly seen in shower stalls?

d shaped shower enclosure b&q

Tempered glass is the material of choice for glass shower installation. This glass’s quick cooling and warming process makes it far more robust than other glass.

Which type of shower enclosure is most ideal?

The smaller size of a quadrant Shower Tray is ideal for smaller bathrooms. A corner shower is a space-saving option for bathrooms with limited floor space.

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