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Product Overview: B And Q Shower Screen

Bath shower screens or wet room screens are a great alternative to shower curtains. Bathrooms with shower screens make the room feel brighter and bigger. More importantly, the glass panel keeps the water from splashing on your bathroom walls and floor and prevents accidents like slipping. 

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The Primary Features Of B and Q Shower Screens

Before buying and installing shower curtains, you must know your priority and needs. Experts say it’s important to consider the available space, the size of your bathroom, the material, budget, and maintenance. The said factors will help you find and get the perfect shower screen for your home.

You can then check out and scan through the common features of shower screens:

Bath shower screens 1

Installation and Fitting

B and q shower screens can be installed on a wall or connected to the edge of the bath. The screen prevents water from spilling and splashing onto the bathroom floor. A great way to add privacy, a modern look, and warmth to every bath. 

On the other hand, the fitting option could be reversible in either the left or right opening.

Size and Weight

Depending on your bathroom size and space, there is a wide range of sizes. The width and height of b and q shower screens are typically millimeters. Shower screens usually stand at 1400mm or 1500mm, while the width could be from 730mm to 985mm. A shower screen usually weighs 12 kg to 70 kg or is even heavier.

Shapes and Other Options

Different shapes of shower screens are available in the market, depending on your needs.

  • L-shaped shower bath screens
  • P-shaped or B-shaped shower bath screens
  • Curved bath shower screens


The glass material has various thicknesses and finishes, but screens are usually made of toughened safety glass with a chrome finish, like a home base shower screen. On the other hand, frameless shower screens are popular but could also have frames typically made from aluminum, making them sturdy and preventing leakage. 

Benefits Of Using Wet Room Screens

Aside from knowing the features, you should also check out what benefits you can get from choosing room screens. 

Wet room screens 2

Design Options

You can give your bathroom a different and modern style with a shower screen of your choice. Since there are fewer obstructions like fixed structures, you can plan and get creative using materials and lighting such as soft to ambient light. You can choose different styles from wood, steel, or all-glass materials that would help improve the overall ambiance of your bathroom.

Can Be Customized

More options can be placed in any bathroom size. Prices are also not a concern as there are available shower screens that match consumer budgets. You can also check out the screwfix shower screen, argos shower screen and home base shower screen since all are trusted and high-quality products.

A Great Investment

A correctly installed wetroom may resist moisture damage and leaks due to its waterproofing system. The screen can look new for a longer time with proper care and require less cleaning and maintenance.


A practical bathroom design is a better choice for smaller properties, so installing a simple shower screen is perfect for achieving a functional bath area. You can still get a sophisticated and en-suite design while getting the most out of your space.

Enhances The Aesthetic Value

Upgrading your bathroom with an elegant design can boost the value and wow factor it brings to the visitors to your home. This is especially true for residential and commercial properties like Airbnb properties. Many guests prefer a clean, elegant, and sophisticated wetroom in choosing their room for a stay.

Easier to Clean

Many people switch to having shower screens over shower curtains because of the main reason— cleaning. Curtains tend to have mold that stays longer and harder to remove, which requires a lot of maintenance. Also, wetrooms do not necessarily gather dirt or creases like shower enclosures, as most wetroom designs may only require regular sweeping and mopping.

Increase The Property’s Value

Homes with stunning and luxurious bathrooms increase a home’s value when it’s currently on sale. A modern and sleek design attracts customers of all ages.

Know The Types of Wet Room Screens

homebase shower screen6

Improving your bathroom doesn’t mean you need to add on expensive materials. One of the ways you can improve your overall bathroom style is by installing a shower screen, and there is a wide range of modern and stylish shower screen designs. So, we listed down some types of shower screens below that you can choose from. 

Fully Framed Screens

These types of shower screens provide an enclosure with an aluminum frame. The shower screen type is made of glass and is perfect for a large family bathroom. Fully framed shower screens are popular for their budget-friendly prices and various configurations for all bathroom sizes. You can check the argos shower screen or find the best fully framed screens of your choice.

Sliding Door Shower Screens

Sliding door screens are great for saving space as they do not need inward or outward openings, making them a  practical choice for smaller bathrooms.  

Frameless and Semi Frameless Screens 

The frameless shower screen is a sleek and simple design glass panel with minimum hardware support. The modern look of frameless screens is effective if you want to make your bathroom look spacious.

Semi-frameless types, like the screwfix shower screen, may have minimal frames but offer almost the same strength as framed types.

Bi-fold Door Shower Screens

Bi-fold door Shower screens can feature two or more folds with sleek and attractive designs and is a  practical choice for contemporary bathrooms with style.

Fixed Panel Shower Screens

Fixed panel types are recommended for larger bathrooms that look both luxurious and minimalist. However, this type may require a drying area consisting of a single frameless glass panel.

Pivot Door Shower Screens

Like traditional shower screens, pivot door shower screens have a central point to rotate. This type is a good choice for spacious bathrooms and comes in many styles and designs. 

What material are shower doors made of?

argos shower screen 5

Most shower doors are made of tempered glass or safety glass. This kind of glass is 5x stronger than glasses that haven’t been processed. When the glass breaks, it can shatter into safer crumb-like pieces than sharp edges.

Is it safe to install a frameless shower?

Frameless showers are safe to install. However, to ensure the strength and safety of the glass, it can be slightly thicker than other shower screens. If you have the means to have it installed, it’s better to leave it in the hands of professionals.

What thickness level should I choose?

Curved Bath shower screens3

The best thickness level you need will depend on the size and the type of shower screen choice. But the usual thickness of shower glass is around 3mm to 8mm thick. You should consider the size of your bathroom before deciding on the thickness to prevent your area to get cramped.

Is it hard to keep glass doors clean?

It’s not difficult to clean shower screens since it is glass. But of course, to clean it thoroughly and right, you should have the appropriate cleaning materials like microfiber cloths. Regular cleaning will help prevent a greater amount of dirt. You can also schedule a  deep clean each week using proper cleaning tools.

B And Q Shower Screens have gained immense popularity among homeowners for their sleek designs and functionality. In the realm of bathroom renovations, they stand out as an essential component.

What Are the Different Types of Shower Screens Available at B And Q?

B And Q Shower Screens are versatile and come in various styles and designs. Here's a brief overview:

  1. B & Q 4 Fold Bath Screen: This design is perfect for those who want flexibility. It can be folded back when not in use.
  2. Sliding Shower Screens: These are ideal for bathrooms with limited space.
  3. Frameless Shower Screens: For a minimalist and elegant look, the frameless design is the go-to choice.
  4. Frosted Shower Screens: These screens offer privacy while maintaining a chic appearance.

Why Should One Opt for a B & Q 4 Fold Bath Screen?

The B & Q 4 Fold Bath Screen is an epitome of practicality and style. It's not just a barrier against water spillage; it's a statement. Its foldable design ensures space efficiency, especially in smaller bathrooms. Additionally, the quality and craftsmanship guarantee durability.

How Do B And Q Shower Screens Compare with Other Brands like Screwfix and Argos?

While B And Q is renowned for its variety and quality, other brands like Screwfix and Argos also offer competitive products. Let's dive in:

Brand Unique Selling Point Price Range
B And Q Extensive variety & high quality $$$
Screwfix Durable and budget-friendly $$
Argos Contemporary designs $$$

What Maintenance is Required for B And Q Shower Screens?

Maintaining your shower screen is crucial for its longevity. Here are some tips:

  • Regularly clean with a mild detergent to prevent soap scum buildup.
  • For frosted screens, use a soft cloth to avoid scratches.
  • Ensure hinges and other moving parts are lubricated occasionally.
  • Address minor damages immediately to prevent them from escalating.

Are Black Shower Screens a Trend?

Absolutely! Black shower screens have become a staple in modern bathroom designs. They add a touch of elegance and contrast, especially in lighter-colored bathrooms. The B And Q collection includes these stylish black screens, ensuring your bathroom remains on-trend.

How to Choose Between a Folding Shower Screen and a Regular One?

Your choice largely depends on your bathroom's size and your personal preference. Folding shower screens, like the B & Q 4 Fold Bath Screen, are perfect for compact spaces. They can be tucked away when not in use. On the other hand, regular screens offer a more continuous and expansive feel.

What Advantages Do Wetroom Shower Screens Offer?

Wetroom shower screens, often frameless and minimalist, give an illusion of a bigger space. They're perfect for creating a seamless look, especially in modern homes. Easy to clean and maintain, they're a top choice for many homeowners.

Is Walk-In Shower Screen Suitable for My Bathroom?

Walk-in shower screens are synonymous with luxury. They offer an open, spacious feel, making your bathroom appear larger. However, they're best suited for medium to large bathrooms. If space is a constraint, the B & Q 4 Fold Bath Screen might be a better option.

What Should One Look For When Purchasing a Shower Screen?

Here's a checklist:

  • Quality:Ensure the screen is made of durable, high-quality materials that can withstand daily wear and tear.
  • Design: Choose a design that complements your bathroom's aesthetics. Whether it's a minimalist frameless design or a chic black shower screen, it should resonate with the overall theme.
  • Functionality: Consider features like folding capability, especially if you have a smaller bathroom. A foldable screen, like the B & Q 4 Fold Bath Screen, can be a game-changer.
  • Installation: Some screens are easier to install than others. Ensure that the chosen product aligns with your installation capabilities or consider hiring a professional.
  • Price: While you shouldn't compromise on quality, it's essential to find a screen that fits your budget. Compare various products and their features before making a decision.
  • Brand Reputation: Brands like B And Q, Argos, and Screwfix are renowned for their shower screens. Going for a trusted brand can often guarantee longevity and better customer service.

Where Can One Find Reviews and Customer Feedback on B And Q Shower Screens?

Before making a purchase, it's always a good idea to hear from other customers. You can find genuine reviews and feedback on the B And Q website. Additionally, home renovation forums, websites, and social media platforms offer insights and recommendations. These reviews can guide you in understanding the product's performance in real-life scenarios.

In conclusion, when it comes to finding the perfect shower screen, understanding your requirements, researching thoroughly, and considering the factors mentioned above can make the process seamless. Whether it's the B & Q 4 Fold Bath Screen or any other style, ensure it aligns with your bathroom's design and your daily needs. With the right choice, a shower screen can elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom and provide functionality for years to come.

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