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Product Overview: 700 x 1000 Shower Tray and Enclosure

The 700 x 1000 shower tray and enclosure is a stunning product that can make your bathroom look amazing. It is made of high-quality materials and features a classy design that could match any bathroom. 

With the 700 x 1000 shower tray and enclosure, you can create a perfect, elegant-looking shower space. This shower tray and enclosure can also help you maximize your space and make your bathroom feel more luxurious.

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Key Features of 700 x 1000 Shower Tray and Enclosure 

Here are some of the unique features that you should know about the 700 x 1000 shower tray and enclosure:

shower enclosure 700 x 1000 2

1000 mm x 700 mm Shower Enclosures

A modern looking 1000 mm x 700 mm shower enclosure can create a relaxing, stylish retreat in your bathroom made with great and quality materials. Shower enclosures, now a feature in every modern house, can provide a classic aesthetic with simplicity and affordability.

ELEGANT 1000 x 700 mm Sliding Shower Enclosure

An elegant 1000 mm x 700 mm sliding shower enclosure can save space in any bathroom and is easy to use, making getting in and out of the shower much faster. A transparent glass sliding shower door is great for individuals who want a light and open vibe in their bathroom.

700 x 1000 Shower Enclosure Black

The 700 x 1000 shower enclosure black brightens your bathroom area while providing a luxurious bathing experience. Its black finish complements any bathroom décor and may be placed with or without a shower tray.

700 x 1000 Quadrant Shower Enclosure

700 x 1000 quadrant shower enclosure provides you with numerous features. With its quadrant design, this gorgeous shower enclosure adds a touch of elegance to your bathing experience with its smooth contours and roomy space. Manufactured with high-quality materials and constructed to last, offering you peace of mind.

Benefits of 700 x 1000 Shower Tray and Enclosure

700 x 1000 shower tray and enclosure not only stand out for its style and design, but it also comes with various advantages that can benefit you and your bathing experience. Below is a list of benefits you can get with the 700 x 1000 shower tray and enclosure.

1000 x 700 shower tray b&q 3

Prevent Water Leakages

Water leakage prevention is an important function of the shower tray, whether rectangular or square. Water has a natural tendency to flow where there is the least opposition, and it is extremely difficult to stop water once it has discovered that drain. 

The 700 x 1000 shower tray and enclosure can ensure that water goes where it should be since shower trays, particularly rectangular ones, are designed to control the direction of water flow. The tilt of the tray ensures that the water rapidly drains when you shower.

It can Save You Time and Money

Rather than remodeling your whole bathroom to adjust to the shower requirements, it is much more practical to install a shower tray and enclosure that suits your needs. Not only does it save labor and time, but it also saves a lot of money. It’s not just stylish and practical, and it’s also economical.

Easier Space Management

In today’s society of smaller homes, huge families may live under the same roof, which necessitates the optimal use of space to manage people’s schedules and provide comfort. The 700 x 1000 shower tray and enclosure offer a private bathing environment, making bathing easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

It is Efficient

Shower enclosures are related to efficient utility and are built for smooth bathing while in the shower. People try to convert bathtubs into showers, which necessitates the repair of the enclosures, and those who have resorted to the bathroom shower curtain may know that more is needed. 

Effortless Installation

Bathroom installations are typically challenging due to space constraints, existing plumbing, and electrical outlets, not to mention government and construction restrictions. But the 700 x 1000 shower tray and enclosure can ease your installation, regardless of its style and design.

Different Types of 700 x 1000 Shower Tray and Enclosures

700 x 1000 walk in shower 5

The 700 x 1000 shower tray and enclosure comes in various styles depending on your bathroom needs and requirements. It usually includes the following:

Alcove Type Shower Enclosures

The alcove shower enclosure varies in that it is built within an existing nook area within a bathroom, which means three existing walls surround it, and then a door or curtain is installed in front to make the enclosure.

Since you can only fit a curtain or a door, you can have numerous alternatives, including hinged, pivoted, and bi-fold outward opening doors. Depending on the available space, you may utilize inward-opening doors in some circumstances.

Pentagon Shaped Shower Enclosures

The pentagonal shower enclosure is identical to the quadrant enclosure in that it provides adequate showering while minimizing the space it takes up within the bathroom.

The major benefit of pentagonal shower enclosures over quadrant enclosures is that they have a flat front, which may give you more door options. Therefore, you may install hinged, pivoted, or bi-fold doors instead of sliding doors.

700 x 1000 shower enclosure black 1

Shower Enclosures in D-Shaped

The D-shape shower enclosure is also somewhat similar to the quadrant enclosure in that it is meant to maximize space in a tiny bathroom, but it goes further in certain areas.

Whereas quadrant enclosures are designed to fit into a corner, the D-shape enclosure is intended for a tiny bathroom with limited space that may not have a corner available but instead has a flat wall.

Square Shaped Shower Enclosures

As the name implies, the square shower enclosure is square in design and may provide far more bathing area than any quadrant-style enclosure.

Square enclosures are more suited to bathroom rooms with plenty of space. They are usually set against a flat wall, but if space allows, they may be installed anywhere. Because of its square design, they can provide many more possibilities for the sort of door or frame installed.

Walk-In Typed Shower Enclosures

A walk-in shower enclosure, unlike other enclosures,  allows you to “walk-in” to it without the need to open any doors. Most walk-in enclosures are made of thick, toughened glass panels. And to avoid movement, the panels are often fastened to the surface wall before being lowered onto the shower tray.

As previously said, the walk-in feature often signifies that you can step into the shower with no doors present, and the arrangement of the glass panels prevents water from flowing out into the rest of the bathroom.

Is The Glass Shower Enclosure Safe From Breakage?

700 x 1000 quadrant shower enclosure6

Many people are concerned about the potential of glass breaking since it is used to form the walls of an enclosure. The point is glass enclosures are safe. They are made of tempered glass rather than normal glass. 

It is a specific variety that is difficult to break, can withstand temperature swings, and even if it shatters, the pieces are too small to cause any harm. As a result, the fear of the safety of the glass is unreasonable.

How Should I Choose A Shower Tray?

Shower trays are the most overlooked component of a bathroom renovation. It is important to get the proper shower tray to fit your shower’s size and the bathroom’s décor. You can consider the following to help you choose the best shower tray for your bathroom:

  • Type of installation it may need
  • Amount of space available for the shower, 
  • Type of model/finish you like
1000 x 700 frameless shower enclosure 3

What Can Other Features Be Included In Shower Enclosures?

When constructing a shower enclosure in your bathroom, it is important to understand that enclosure fixtures consist of three basic components. These are some examples:

  • Shower Trays
  • Glass Panels
  • Shower Doors

Is The Thickness Of The Shower Enclosure Glass Important?

Selecting a thickness ranging from 4 to 8mm is essential when purchasing an enclosure. It is incorrect to believe that thicker glass is better and safer. Because thickness makes your enclosure bigger, it will not strengthen them. As a result, many enclosures are appropriate and safe, with a typical thickness of 4 mm.

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