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Enjoy Comfort and Style With a 1200 x 800 Walk in Shower Enclosure

Walk-in shower enclosures are popular in houses with a modern and stylish feel. This design uses glass doors or partitions that add up to the aesthetic look of the place. The walk-in wet room also creates an illusion, even in small bathrooms, as it is more open than other shower rooms.

One of the common types is the 1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure. If you plan to have this in your place, knowing the different types and how you can benefit from each type is best. It is also important to carefully assess your bathroom’s dimensions to ensure you will still have a comfortable shower experience after adding an enclosure.

Various Types of Walk-in Shower Rooms

Various walk-in wet rooms depend on sizes, materials, and design. Here are some of the most common ones that you can check out:

1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure

Frameless Glass Walk-In Showers

One of the popular options available is the frameless glass enclosure. First, this style features clear glass panels secured by clear glass panels. The 1200 x 800 shower enclosure frameless design is a choice for residential properties with intricate tilework and an elegant and modern look. 

Partial Enclosed Walk-In Showers

This specific design goes well with homeowners who prefer a blend of openness and privacy. One of the highlights of this design is the half-wall or glass partition. The addition of the glass wall creates a spacious look in the entire place while retaining privacy as it separates the shower area from the other parts of the room. 

Corner Enclosures

To maximize every part of the bathroom, you can check out the corner walk-in shower. One of the key advantages of the Corner Walk-In Shower is its ability to fit snugly into corners. This makes it an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms or areas with limited space. UUtilizing the corner opens up more floor space in the rest of the bathroom.

The highlight of this design is its two glass panels to close the shower area partially. This design will work best if your bathroom has an unconventional layout or irregular floor plan.

Benefits From A 1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure 

Are you planning to have a walk-in shower installed in your place? Here are some benefits that you can get from having a 1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure.

1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure price


Accessibility is among the top advantages of this kind of shower room. As compared to other sizes and types, you will find that a 1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure is spacious enough to add a slightly sloping floor. By having a slope, it is more accessible to children and to people with mobility challenges. 

Modern and Stylish

This type of shower room promotes a minimalist design, providing your place with a contemporary and sleek look. As it adds elegance to your bathroom, your place’s overall beauty and resale value can increase.

Suitable for Couples and Families

The generous size of a 1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure will still give you enough space to add built-in features like cabinets or additional shelving in the bathroom. These elements are helpful for families with kids as they can have additional storage for bath toys or a place to sit while helping their little children.

Space Efficient

The 1200 x 800 mm dimensions are just perfect for providing you with a comfortable showering area and, at the same time, extra space so it won’t look too crowded.  Whether you have a small bathroom or a room with irregular flooring, this size of shower enclosure can create an illusion of your place as spacious.

Low Maintenance

Its minimalist design makes walk-in shower enclosures easy to maintain and clean. It does not have a shower door where grime normally builds up. This shower room uses glass as a door and does not use curtains that allow cleaners to spot dirt, dust, and soiled areas easily.

Considerations Before Installing A Shower Enclosure

Before you proceed with your plan of installing a 1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure, there are several things that you need to look at. Below are the factors to consider before you add it to your bathroom.

1200 x 800 shower enclosure with tray

Bathroom Layout and Design

Consider the interior design and theme of your bathroom. Adding this modern and sleek enclosure may not go well if your bathroom has a classic design. The worst that could happen if it won’t complement the bathroom is that it could lower the resale value of your place. 

Available Space

Assess the size of your bathrooms and any obstructions as to where you plan to install them. You should also consider the specific type of shower room they want. Are you planning to have a 1200 x 800 shower enclosure sliding door? Or a 1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure with flipper?

Answering and evaluating these questions about the overall space available in your bathroom is important. It will affect the comfort that you will have while taking a shower.

Users' Needs

Know the needs of the people who are using the bathroom. Are they having mobility challenges? Are they young children who need keen assistance when taking a bath? 

By looking at these aspects, it will be easier to decide on the specific type of shower room you need if someone in the house is having a mobility challenge, then best to go with a 1200 x 800 shower enclosure frameless and without steps or curbs.

Quality and Durability

Renovating your bathroom may be costly. This is why it is important to go for a high-quality, durable walk-in shower enclosure that lasts years. Here are some features that indicate the quality and durability of the product.

  • sturdy glass panels
  • corrosion-resistant hardware
  • seals that prevent leaks 

If you have problems with drainage or water leakage in the bathroom, you should consider the 1200 x 800 shower enclosure with tray. The shower tray prevents water leakage into the other parts of the bathroom and ensures effective water drainage. 

Shower Access

1. Hinged Doors

You can choose from several kinds of doors for this shower room. The hinged doors are the most common option for a 1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure.

Hinged doors look like a traditional doors with hinges on the side. Many people find this beneficial as it has a wide entry, creating a spacious look. This design has a magnetic seal, so the water leakage is less because it will have a tight closure.
2. Pivot Doors
Pivot doors are similar to hinged doors. Instead of a hinge on the side, their hinges are at the bottom. It promotes timeless and classic design, adding an elegant touch to the entire bathroom ambiance.
3. Sliding Doors

Last but not least, Sliding Doors are popular with most homeowners that prefer a modern look for their place. In addition to saving space compared to hinged doors, sliding doors have a sleek design, providing a minimalist look.

Which is the best glass type to use for shower rooms?

1200 x 900 shower enclosure

Since you aim for your shower enclosure to last for years, the type to go for is tempered glass. This type of glass is popular for its durability and resistance to impact.

What is the ideal thickness of glass doors for shower enclosures?

It will all boil down to the type of enclosure you have. If you have a shower door with metal framing, the door thickness can range from 3/8 to 1/2 inches. This is because the frame provides sufficient support to the glass.

Meanwhile, if your shower room is frameless, the glass door thickness should be above 1/2 inch to ensure your safety.

Is it worth having a glass shower door for your enclosure?

Definitely yes. Aside from durability and functionality, glass shower doors add beauty to your bathroom. It could increase the resale value of your place in the long run.

Elevate Your Bathroom Experience Today

Whether you seek relaxation or a touch of modern elegance, a 1200 x 800 walk in shower enclosure is the key to transforming your bathroom. Research beforehand to ensure you get the perfect option for your place.

Remember, your shower enclosure can give you the comfort and relaxation you need. As a bonus, it can increase the resale value of your home. Browse your options now and have a comfortable and stylish shower experience soon!

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