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Product Overview: 1200 x 760 Shower Enclosure

A 1200 X 760 Shower Enclosure is an excellent and roomy alternative to a bathtub in the bathroom. Installing an enclosure that facilitates easy maneuverability in any size bathroom can liberate valuable floor area.

1200 x 760 shower enclosure with various styles, brands, and pricing is something for everyone. Determine if the enclosure you want is reversible or if you require a left- or right-handed opening.

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Crown additionally has two factories, and uses green production. Additionally, Crown is a family-owned company that is constantly innovating and creating hygiene products in line with the vision that the entire family has. Our manufacturing expertise that spans over 18 years allows us to react quickly to your needs and provide the most efficient solution.

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What is a 1200 x 760 Shower Enclosure?

walk in shower enclosure 6

A 1200 x 760 shower enclosure equipment that converts a standard tub into a shower, so you may choose between the two when you want to relax or get a quick rinse off. Create a shower enclosure out of a few essential pieces of material or a complex structure that must be assembled and sealed together.

Shower enclosures are a wonderful finishing touch for a bathroom design, adding a sense of luxury. Given the variety of sizes and design options available today, selecting a shower enclosure for your bathroom can take time and effort. Modern homes need modern bathrooms. Families want separate bathrooms.

Key Features of the 1200 x 760 Shower Enclosure

Some of the features of a 11200 x 760 Shower Enclosure are listed below.

1200 mm 760 mm Shower Enclosures

A 11200 x 760 Shower Enclosure is simple to assemble and complete with all necessary components and instructions for assembly. The shower enclosure has all the necessary fixtures and fittings already installed. 

This sturdy and long-lasting shower enclosure provides peace of mind with its 6mm safety glass and boasts doors with fast-release mechanisms for more straightforward cleaning. 

The compartment features a satin chrome finish, which makes it easy to conceal within any existing bathroom design scheme.

shower enclosure 5

Shower enclosure 1200 x 760

The glass on all Horizon enclosures has a coat with a solution that makes it easy to clean. This treatment helps the glass to be water-repellent and prevents the accumulation of dirt and grime, which makes it much easier to maintain your screen over time.

1200 x 760 Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

1200 x 760 Sliding Door Shower Enclosure is an elegant design crafted from high-quality materials and components to provide you with the optimal, individualized shower experience for many years. The shower enclosure features a stunning design.

It is ideal for little bathrooms since they allow you to simultaneously make the most of your shower’s interior and exterior areas.

Benefits of the 1200 x 760 Shower Enclosure

Shower stalls are adaptable to practically any bathroom layout. To complete your cabin’s look, you need a corner wall. 

Because of the changes that modern lifestyles have brought about, we no longer have the time to engage in leisure activities, particularly unwinding in the bathtub. Enclosures for showers in the bathroom are a solution for those who cannot have bathtubs in their bathrooms.

1200 mm 760 mm Shower Enclosures1


Given the current trend toward smaller homes, it is common for multiple large families to share a single dwelling unit. Because of this, the space needs to be adequate to facilitate people’s schedules and ensure their comfort. The installation of a shower enclosure in a bathroom produces a private room for bathing, which makes the process simpler and more pleasant for all users.

It Has Thermal Insulation

The shower stall is in a separate room, with the added benefit of a highly effective heat preservation effect. This function is more useful during the winter months. 

The water vapor condenses together in a confined space, the heat does not escape as rapidly, and as a result, people experience an intense feeling of warmth. Even if there is heating, it is likely to feel quite chilly in a large bathroom with no shower enclosure, even if the room is heated.

Low Maintenance 

Shower enclosures in bathrooms are low-maintenance and need to be neat regularly. You may quickly save yourself the hassle and cost of replacement by simply cleaning and maintaining your system.

Having a Privacy

The level of security that one enjoys while using an enclosed shower is significantly increased. While you are in the shower, other persons in the bathroom are free to perform activities such as brushing their teeth or doing other things. When getting ready, it will be to everyone’s advantage if there is access to the bathroom for more than one person at any given time.

Different Types of 1200 x 760 Shower Enclosure

Sliding Door Shower Enclosures3

The stunning 1200 x 760 shower enclosure designs are available in many bathrooms. The following are some of the different kinds:

Square Shower Enclosure

A square shower stall has equal-length walls. This shower enclosure can be positioned on a wall or in a corner, maximizing your bathroom’s space. This square shower enclosure is made of glass because it allows light and produces a better-looking space.

Rectangular Shower Enclosure

In a bathroom that does not have a square layout, the ideal choice for a shower enclosure is a rectangular one because it is longer than a square enclosure and offers the individual more space. The sides are notably longer here in comparison to the ends of the piece.

Handheld Showers

There are handheld showers that can help to handle to direct the water as needed. Alternatively, you can turn the shower’s ring to adjust the spray intensity from soft to firm.

Half Circle Shower Enclosure

A steam shower enclosure in the shape of a half circle has one straight side and two curved sides. Customers regard the enclosure as a half-circle as being more refined and sophisticated. It is also more challenging to install and requires more room. It’s pricier than other shower enclosures.

How can I take exact shower enclosure measurements?

d shaped shower enclosure b&q

Measure after installing wall tiles. Without the shower tray or wall tiles, measurements are useless. After choosing a shower model, take photos of the shower space. If the shower is in an alcove, measure the distance between the walls at the bottom, top, and mid-height.

To help us build the best wall-fixing method, we need clear images of the tray area in bathrooms where will install the shower next to a half wall or niche.

Lastly, photograph the measuring tape resting on the shower tray so we can see precisely what and how much space you are referring to.

Can the shower be ordered before the shower walls are tiled?

We recommend buying the shower cubicle once the walls have a coat to ensure accurate proportions. If this isn’t possible, shower us’s dimensions, tile thickness, and tiler adhesive thickness. Please specify that these are unfinished shower dimensions. Please send us a photo of the unfinished shower you measured.

Can the shower be installed on a floor with two different tile patterns or used as a divider between the shower tray and the external floor?

Shower enclosure 1200 x 760 2

You are free to position the shower anywhere on the floor, even if it has two different kinds of tiles, as long as both tiled surfaces can withstand prolonged contact with water. When you have a crystal clear concept, discuss it with your local retailer of Disenia, and you will find the answer that is best for you.

Why are your shower enclosures constructed from tempered glass?

What exactly is tempered glass?

Toughened or tempered Glass, also called safety glass, is strengthened to resist immediate impacts and heat changes. Tempered Glass shatters into little, harmless bits instead of sharp shards. Glass is alternately heated and cooled to achieve this.

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