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Maximizing Space and Style With 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure

A shower enclosure serves as a defined area within the bathroom, enclosing the shower space and containing water splashes. One popular option is the shower enclosure 1200 x 700. It provides a practical and aesthetic solution for creating a separate showering space while maintaining the overall functionality of the bathroom.

Choosing the right size ensures a proper fit within your bathroom layout, whether small, medium, or spacious. This careful consideration of size and dimensions ensures that the shower enclosure harmoniously blends with the existing bathroom design. This results in a comfortable and visually pleasing showering experience.

1200 x 700 shower enclosure

Types of Shower Enclosures

There are several shower enclosure designs, sizes, and materials. Listed below are some of the most common shower enclosure designs:

1. Framed Enclosures

These shower enclosures comprise glass panels held together by a frame. The frame can be made of aluminum or stainless steel, which gives the enclosure a traditional or contemporary look.

The frame provides structural support and stability for the glass panels, which makes it a good choice for people who want a shower enclosure that is both stylish and durable. Framed shower enclosures are also relatively easy to clean and maintain.

2. Frameless Enclosures

Frameless shower enclosures are made of thicker tempered glass panels that do not require any visible frames. This design creates a sleek and modern look that highlights the beauty of the glass. Frameless enclosures often require precise measurements and professional installation.

Typically 8mm to 10mm thick, or significantly thicker than the glass used in conventional shower enclosures, is used in frameless shower enclosures. Frameless shower enclosures are more challenging to install than traditional ones due to the absence of frames. 

3. Semi-framed Enclosures

Semi-framed enclosures combine elements of framed and frameless designs. They feature a frame around certain parts of the enclosure. Such as the door or specific edges, while leaving other areas frameless. This style balances structural support and an open, minimalist look.

This kind of enclosure is frequently used in both business and residential situations. They may be used to design a range of areas, including restrooms, workplaces, and showrooms. In addition, there are semi-framed enclosures made of glass, metal, and wood, among other materials.

Advantages of a Shower Enclosure 1200 x 700

Some of the specific advantages of a shower enclosure 1200 x 700 include the following:

Space Utilization and Flexibility

A shower enclosure 1200 X 700 is designed to make the most of the limited space in your bathroom. It provides a well-proportioned showering area while leaving room for other fixtures and movement.

Compatibility With Various Bathroom Layouts

Whether you have a small or medium-sized bathroom, the shower enclosure 1200 X 700 can be easily accommodated. It works well in both corner installations and against straight walls, offering flexibility in design and placement options.

Suitable for Both Small and Medium-Sized Bathrooms

The 1200 X 700 size is ideal for bathrooms of different sizes. It balances functionality and space-saving, making it suitable for small to medium-sized bathrooms. A shower enclosure provides a comfortable showering area without overwhelming the room.

Accommodating Diverse User Preferences

The shower enclosure 1200 X 700 considers varying tastes, functional needs, and style preferences. As well as the accessibility requirements of different individuals. This provides a versatile and customizable solution that caters to diverse user preferences.

Considerations for Choosing a Shower Enclosure

There are a few things to consider when choosing a shower enclosure, including the size of the bathroom, the type of enclosure you want, and the materials you prefer.

Bathroom Measurements and Available Space

Before selecting a shower enclosure, measuring your bathroom to ensure it can accommodate the chosen size is important. Consider the available space, taking into account other fixtures and fittings in the bathroom, including the integration of a 700 x 1200 shower enclosure and tray.

Choosing a shower enclosure that is the right size for your bathroom is important. This is because a too-small shower enclosure will be cramped and uncomfortable. At the same time, a too-large shower enclosure will take up too much space in your bathroom.

Door Options and Access

There are several door alternatives available for various shower enclosures. Thinking about the door type that best meets your needs and tastes is essential. These are some examples:

1. Pivot Doors

The way it works is they swing open on one side and hinge on the other. Making it a fantastic choice if you have a little shower space because they do not require much space to open. However, opening and closing might not be easy if the shower is small.

2. Sliding Doors 

This door slides open and close and is mounted on rails. They are an excellent choice if you have a limited shower area or want to preserve space in your bathroom. However, they can be difficult to clean since dirt and grime can accumulate in the tracks.

3. Hinged Doors

Also known as the most common type of shower door. They are hinged and swing open and then closed like a typical door. It’s ideal if you have a spacious shower room or want a simple door to open and close.

Glass Thickness and Durability

The thickness of the glass used in the shower enclosure affects its sturdiness and durability. This includes the glass used for the 700 x 1200 shower enclosure and tray. To be more specific, thicker glass tends to be more durable but also heavier. So consider the level of durability you require and how it aligns with your budget.

Style and Design Options

Shower enclosures are available in a wide range of styles and designs. Consider your bathroom’s overall appearance and select a design that matches it. Look for frameless or semi-framed enclosures, as well as a variety of finishes and designs.

Specific Variations of 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosures

There are a variety of choices for available 1200 x 700 shower enclosures. Some of the most popular variations include:

Corner Entry Shower Enclosure 1200 X 700

This type of shower enclosure is specifically designed to fit in the corner of a bathroom. In addition, a corner entry shower enclosure 1200 x 700 optimizes space utilization. This compact and efficient showering solution makes it an ideal choice for smaller bathrooms.

Sliding Door Options for 1200 X 700 Shower Enclosure

A 1200 x 700 shower enclosure sliding door is a popular choice. It saves space, allows easy access, and is simple to operate. The sliding door opens and closes, taking up less room than a swinging door. This is especially true in small bathrooms where every square inch matters.

Because of the unique proportions, the 1200 x 700 shower enclosure sliding also offers easy access to the shower. Which then makes it simple to enter and depart.

1200 X 700 Walk in Shower Enclosure

Offering a spacious and open showering experience, the 1200 x 700 walk-in shower enclosure gives your bathroom luxury and a contemporary vibe. You may use this to create a sleek and pleasant shower area in your bathroom, allowing for simple mobility and access.

Frameless Design Possibilities at 1200 X 700 Size

The 1200 x 700 frame-less shower enclosure provides a sleek and minimalist look, enhancing the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. A  1200 x 700 frame-less shower enclosure‘s design offers a continuous appearance, which makes your bathroom appear larger and more open. 

Find Your Ideal Shower Enclosure Today

Take the time to explore the wide range of options available and make an informed decision that suits your unique bathroom needs. Remember, your shower enclosure is an investment that will enhance your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics.

So, take the opportunity to create a shower space that reflects your personal style and provides convenient functionality. Start browsing today so you can enjoy a luxurious shower experience sooner!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What does 1200 x 700 refer to in a shower enclosure?

The measurement refers to the 1200 x 700 shower enclosure mm dimensions.  The horizontal dimension is the width, while the vertical measurement is the depth. This information is essential when selecting a 1200 x 700 shower enclosure mm since it ensures it will fit correctly in the given area.

2. Can I install a 1200 x 700 shower enclosure in the corner of my bathroom?

Yes, that’s right! Many 1200 x 700 shower enclosures are intended to be fitted in corners, conserving space. These corner entry enclosures may efficiently maximize the arrangement of your bathroom.

Because they take up less space than a standard shower, they are ideal for compact bathrooms. They’re also a fantastic choice for bathrooms with restricted access since the corner entry makes getting in and out of the shower simple.

3. How do I maintain a 1200 x 700 shower enclosure?

Regular cleaning is essential to maintain the appearance and functionality of your shower enclosure. Use mild cleaning agents and avoid abrasive materials that could damage the glass. Additionally, ensure proper ventilation to prevent mold or mildew growth.

1. What are the main benefits of a 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure?

A 1200 x 700 shower enclosure is a popular choice for many homeowners, and for good reasons:

  1. Space-saving design: This dimension fits comfortably in many bathrooms without overwhelming the space.
  2. Variety of styles: Whether you prefer a sliding door shower enclosure or a hinge door, there's a style to match every preference.
  3. Spacious feel: Despite its compact size, it provides ample space for a comfortable shower experience.
  4. Durable: Made with high-quality materials, these shower enclosures are built to last.
  5. Easier maintenance: With fewer crevices and joints, cleaning is a breeze.
  6. Flexible installation: Whether you're refitting an old bathroom or creating a new one, it's versatile for various layouts.
  7. Water-efficient: The confined space ensures water is used more efficiently, leading to reduced water bills.
  8. Increased home value: A modern shower enclosure can boost the overall value of your home.
  9. Safety: Built with tempered glass, these enclosures are designed to break into small, harmless pieces if shattered.
  10. Customization: Many manufacturers offer customizable options, such as the type of glass finish or frame color.

2. How do 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosures compare to other sizes?

The comparison between 1200 x 700 shower enclosures and other sizes often revolves around space, style, and functionality:

  1. Space Consideration: A 1200 x 700 enclosure fits snugly in medium-sized bathrooms. Larger enclosures might dominate smaller bathrooms, while smaller ones may not provide enough showering space.
  2. Style Variety: The 1200 x 700 size offers a vast array of styles, including the popular sliding door shower enclosure.
  3. Functionality: This size strikes a balance between providing ample shower space without taking up too much room.
  4. Price Point: Generally, 1200 x 700 enclosures fall in a mid-price range, offering value for money.
Size Price Range Best For
800 x 800 $ Small Bathrooms
1200 x 700 $$ Medium Bathrooms
1500 x 900 $$$ Large Bathrooms
  1. Installation Ease: While size can affect installation difficulty, 1200 x 700 enclosures are manageable for many professional installers.
  2. Customization: Other sizes might offer fewer customization options compared to the versatile 1200 x 700 size.
  3. Maintenance: Like its counterparts, the 1200 x 700 size requires regular cleaning to prevent mold and scum.
  4. Resale Value: Sizeable enclosures can appeal to potential home buyers looking for luxury, but the 1200 x 700 size offers broad appeal.
  5. Safety Features: Safety is consistent across sizes, with most modern enclosures having tempered glass and non-slip bases.
  6. Durability: Size doesn't usually impact durability, which is more about the build quality and materials used.

Design trends for the 1200 x 700 shower enclosure often mirror broader bathroom trends:

  1. Frameless Designs: This trend offers a sleek, minimalistic look, emphasizing the shower enclosure's rectangular shape.
  2. Black Frames: A stark contrast to traditional chrome, black frames give a modern, edgy feel to the bathroom.
  3. Tinted Glass: Offering more privacy, tinted glass is becoming increasingly popular.
  4. Textured Glass: Glass with patterns or textures obscures the view while adding a design element.
  5. Integrated Shelves: Built-in shelves or niches are functional and aesthetically pleasing.
  6. Digital Controls: Tech integration allows users to control temperature and flow with a touch of a button.
  7. Recessed Lighting: LED lights can be integrated into the enclosure, setting the mood or providing brightness as required.
  8. Eco-friendly Features: With sustainability in mind, many are opting for water-saving shower heads.
  9. Seamless Transitions: The move towards barrier-free bathrooms means more enclosures are being designed without raised thresholds.
  10. Natural Materials: Incorporating stone or wooden elements provides a touch of nature, blending the shower surrounds enclosures with natural elements.

4. What materials are commonly used in 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosures?

The choice of materials is crucial for the longevity, safety, and aesthetics of the shower enclosure:

  1. Tempered Glass: This is a safety glass that's heat-treated to increase its strength. If it breaks, it shatters into small, less harmful pieces.
  2. Acrylic: Lightweight and durable, acrylic is often used for shower trays. It's warm to the touch and retains heat well.
  3. Aluminum Frames: Rust-resistant and lightweight, aluminum is commonly used for framing.
  4. Stainless Steel: Offering a sleek, modern look, stainless steel is durable and resistant to corrosion.
  5. Stone Resin: This is a mixture of natural stone and resin, giving a solid, durable base for shower trays.
  6. Ceramic: While heavier, ceramic is hard-wearing and retains its shine for years.
  7. PVC: Used in some budget options, PVC can be a cost-effective solution for shower panels.
  8. Silicone Seals: These ensure the shower is watertight, preventing leaks.
  9. Brass: Often used for fixtures and fittings, brass is durable and can be finished in various styles.
  10. Tile: Some choose to tile the inside of their enclosures for a seamless look with the rest of the bathroom.

5. How do you maintain and clean a 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure?

Maintaining your shower enclosure ensures it looks good and lasts long:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Use a squeegee after every shower to remove water spots and reduce mineral deposits.
  2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Strong chemicals can damage seals and corrode metal parts. Use a mild detergent or a mixture of vinegar and water.
  3. Check Seals: Ensure the seals are intact. Over time, they can wear out, leading to potential leaks.
  4. Ventilation: Ensure good airflow to prevent mold and mildew. If your bathroom doesn't have a window, consider installing an exhaust fan.
  5. Deep Clean: Every month, give your shower enclosure a thorough cleaning. Focus on areas that accumulate scum or calcium deposits.
  6. Replace Worn Parts: If you notice rust or corrosion on any metal parts, consider replacing them before they become a significant issue.
  7. Avoid Scratches: Use a soft cloth for cleaning. Avoid brushes or scouring pads, especially on glass or acrylic surfaces, to prevent scratches.
  8. Water Softener: If you live in a hard water area, consider using a water softener. This will reduce mineral deposits on the glass and other surfaces.
  9. Regular Inspections: Periodically check for any issues. This includes checking the drainage, looking for any signs of water leakage, and ensuring that sliding doors or hinges function smoothly.
  10. Consult Professionals: If you notice significant issues, it might be a good idea to consult with a professional. They can offer guidance on repairs or replacements.

6. What are the cost considerations for a 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure?

When contemplating purchasing a 1200 x 700 shower enclosure, there are several cost factors to take into account:

  1. Base Price: This is the starting point and generally covers a basic model without any additional features.
  2. Material Choices: Opting for high-end materials like thick tempered glass or stainless steel fixtures can increase the cost.
  3. Customization: Custom designs, such as tinted glass or unique framing, may come with a higher price tag.
  4. Installation: Professional installation ensures safety and durability but adds to the overall cost.
  5. Brands: Established brands known for quality might be more expensive than lesser-known brands.
  6. Additional Features: Elements like digital controls, integrated lighting, or eco-friendly features can bump up the price.
  7. Maintenance Costs: Consider the longevity of the materials and any potential maintenance or replacement costs down the line.
  8. Warranty: Some high-end models come with extended warranties, which can be a cost-saving factor in the long run.
  9. Sales and Discounts: Look out for sales or discounts which can significantly reduce the overall cost.
  10. Resale Value: Investing in a quality shower enclosure can increase the resale value of your home.

7. How do you install a 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure?

The installation process for a 1200 x 700 shower enclosure requires careful planning and precision:

  1. Measurements: Start by accurately measuring the space. Double-check to ensure the enclosure will fit perfectly.
  2. Gather Tools: Basic tools include a drill, level, screwdrivers, silicone sealant, and possibly a saw for any adjustments.
  3. Follow Instructions: Most enclosures come with a manufacturer's manual. Adhere to the guidelines closely.
  4. Seal Properly: Ensure that all joints and edges are sealed correctly to prevent any water leakage.
  5. Check Alignment: Before securing any fixtures, check the alignment using a level. This ensures that doors slide or swing correctly.
  6. Test: Once installed, test the enclosure. Look for any leaks or issues with the door mechanism.
  7. Ventilation: Ensure there's adequate ventilation during installation, especially when using sealants.
  8. Safety First: If you're unsure at any stage, consider hiring a professional. Incorrect installation can lead to leaks or even accidents.
  9. Maintenance: After installation, ensure you maintain the enclosure properly to prolong its lifespan.
  10. Warranty:Ensure you have all the warranty documents in order. Some warranties might require professional installation, so it's crucial to keep any related paperwork.

8. What are the pros and cons of a sliding door for a 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure?

Sliding doors are a popular choice for many, but like any design, they come with their set of advantages and disadvantages:


  1. Space-Saving: Sliding doors don't require any extra space to open, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms.
  2. Sleek Design: They offer a modern and streamlined appearance, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.
  3. Safety: There's no risk of a sliding door accidentally swinging open and causing injuries.
  4. Water Containment: With their design, sliding doors often have better water containment, reducing the chance of leaks.
  5. Accessibility: Easier to operate, especially for kids and the elderly.


  1. Cleaning: The tracks of sliding doors can accumulate water, soap scum, and debris, requiring regular cleaning.
  2. Maintenance: Over time, the rollers might need replacement due to wear and tear.
  3. Size Limitation: Sliding doors might not be suitable for very wide enclosures as they require a track length.
  4. Potential for Derailing: If not maintained, the doors can sometimes come off their tracks.
  5. Limited Customization: There might be fewer customization options compared to hinged or pivot doors.

9. Are there any safety concerns with 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosures?

Like all bathroom fixtures, safety is paramount. Here are some considerations:

  1. Tempered Glass: Ensure that the glass used is tempered. It's designed to break into granular chunks rather than jagged shards, reducing the risk of injury.
  2. Slip-Resistant Base: The floor of the shower should be slip-resistant to prevent falls.
  3. Sturdy Hardware: Ensure that all hardware, like handles and hinges, are securely attached.
  4. Regular Checks: Periodically inspect for any signs of damage or wear. A chipped or cracked enclosure might require immediate attention.
  5. Proper Installation: An incorrectly installed enclosure can lead to accidents. Always ensure it's correctly anchored and sealed.
  6. Avoiding Chemicals: When cleaning, avoid harsh chemicals that can weaken the seals or corrode fixtures.
  7. Safe Accessibility: Consider adding grab bars for added safety, especially for seniors or those with mobility issues.
  8. Ventilation: Proper ventilation reduces mold growth, a slip hazard when it accumulates on the floor.
  9. Child Safety: If children are using the shower, ensure that the door locks are not too tight and that there's a way for them to alert adults if needed.
  10. Emergency Access: In the rare event of an accident, ensure there's a way to access the enclosure from the outside.

10. How can I ensure longevity for my 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosure?

Ensuring the longevity of your shower enclosure is a mix of proper installation, maintenance, and usage:

  1. Quality Materials: Invest in an enclosure made of high-quality materials. This ensures durability from the outset.
  2. Regular Cleaning: Clean the enclosure regularly to prevent build-ups of soap scum, which can damage the glass and fixtures over time.
  3. Avoid Physical Damage: Be gentle while using the shower. Avoid slamming doors or placing heavy items on the tray.
  4. Periodic Inspections: Check for any signs of wear or damage periodically. This can help in addressing minor issues before they escalate.
  5. Professional Installation: Ensure that the enclosure is installed correctly. A poorly installed shower can lead to multiple issues down the line.
  6. Water Quality: In areas with hard water, consider installing a water softener to prevent mineral deposits on the glass and fixtures.
  7. Replace Worn Parts: Don't wait for parts to break down completely. If you notice a hinge or roller wearing out, replace it promptly.
  8. Use Recommended Cleaning Products: Use cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer. Some products might be too abrasive or corrosive for specific materials.
  9. Seal Maintenance: Ensure that the seals around the enclosure remain intact. Replace them if they start to wear out.
  10. Ventilation: A well-ventilated bathroom prevents mold growth, which can damage seals and other parts of the enclosure.

11. How do 1200 x 700 Shower Enclosures fare in terms of resale value for homes?

When considering home renovations, many homeowners look at the potential return on investment. Here's how the 1200 x 700 shower enclosure might impact your home's resale value:

  1. Modern Appeal: A contemporary and stylish shower enclosure can make your bathroom look updated, appealing to potential buyers.
  2. Space Efficiency: The 1200 x 700 size is versatile, fitting in most bathrooms comfortably. Buyers might appreciate the efficient use of space.
  3. Durability: If you've invested in a high-quality shower enclosure, it will likely stand the test of time, making it a selling point.
  4. Eco-friendly Features: Features like water-saving fixtures can be a draw for environmentally conscious buyers.
  5. Maintenance: A well-maintained shower enclosure without signs of wear or damage can be a selling point.
  6. Brand Recognition: If your enclosure is from a well-known brand, it might add to the perceived value.
  7. Customization: Unique customizations can either be a hit or miss. While some buyers might appreciate them, others might see them as a renovation project.
  8. General Bathroom Appeal: The shower enclosure is just one part of the bathroom. Ensure the rest of the bathroom is also updated and appealing.
  9. Market Trends: Homebuyer preferences change over time. Stay updated with current bathroom trends to ensure your enclosure remains a selling point.
  10. Pricing: While a modern shower enclosure can increase your home's value, ensure the price increase is in line with market rates for similar properties in your area.

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