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Product Overview: Wickes Showers Enclosures 

Wickes showers enclosures are a leading brand in the shower enclosure industry. They offer everything you need to create your dream bathroom space. This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a reliable shower enclosure. 

They have a versatile design and are easy to install, so you can easily go through the process even if you’ve never done any home improvement work before.

Why choose Crown?

We Are Your First Choice Of Bathroom Supplier

Crown is a factory with 18 years experience in the design and production of showers enclosure, which has grown from a family factory to a factory with two production sites and over 20 experienced bathroom designers. Crown’s products are CE, TUV, CSI, ISO9001 and many other certifications to ensure the quality of the products you purchase.

Crown is a quality manufacturer

crown has two production bases and nearly 100 production staff. Our factories are green and monitored from design to sales to ensure stable production quality.

Crown has an excellent team

Crown has a team of experienced and talented designers who can tailor their services to your needs. Crown’s sales team is available 24 hours a day to respond to your needs

What Are Wickes Showers Enclosures?

wickes showers enclosures 1

As the name suggests, Shower Enclosures are the panels you put in your bathroom to create a private space for getting ready and soaking. These are made of glass, acrylic, or a combination of both. They can be installed on top of the existing tiles in your bathroom, or they can be replaced altogether with an entirely new set.

The most common material today is acrylic with a high gloss finish that makes it look like glass but doesn’t have any associated health risks. 

Polycarbonate (PC) is also an alternative option if you want something more durable than acrylic but don’t want to spend too much money. Surely, it will last longer than other materials, such as wood or metal.

Generally, the main purpose behind having an enclosure is to prevent water from leaking outside the bathroom. This will also save you money because replacing damaged tiles could cost hundreds of pounds!

Key Features of Wickes Showers Enclosures

Walk In Shower Enclosures2

Shower enclosures are available in various styles and colors to suit any bathroom decor. The key features to consider when purchasing a shower enclosure include the following:

Choice of materials 

The materials used to make the enclosures are all high quality, including glass, acrylic, and PVC

Size of the Shower Enclosure

Ranges of shower enclosures come in various sizes, from small corner enclosures to large freestanding ones.

The Showerhead 

All Wickes’ showers have high-quality shower heads for added convenience and style. Their installation is easy, with a fitting system that allows you to install your new enclosure within minutes without any extra tools or parts needed.

Height of the Shower Enclosure

Depending on your requirements, you can choose an enclosure that suits your space perfectly.

Frameless Design

The frameless design exudes a tropical-like energy that’ll brighten your bathroom. You also get unhinged doors designed from quality material, making them incredibly durable, so you won’t have to worry about the hinges coming loose. Most models also have an in-built support arm to hold the unit upright. 

Different Types of Wickes Showers Enclosures

Quadrant Shower Enclosure3

There are many shower enclosures, each with unique features and benefits. You can choose from a frameless or framed enclosure to suit your needs or choose one that suits your space and budget.

Here are the different types of shower enclosures you can choose from:

Traditional Enclosures

These are the most common type of enclosures in homes today. They’re made from a metal frame covered with glass or acrylic panels to keep water from seeping into your bathroom floor and walls.

Modern Enclosures

Modern enclosures are made with solid wood frames covered with tempered glass or acrylic panels for added protection against leaks or splashing water when you take a shower. They also come standard with drain holes, so that excess water drains away from your home easily after use (this helps prevent mold buildup).

Frameless Shower Enclosure

Frameless shower enclosures are the most basic type of shower enclosure available at Wickes; they have no frame and rely solely on waterproofing to keep water out of the room. 

They’re ideal for small bathrooms as there’s no need for structural support. This means they’re easy to install and maintain, but they won’t last long if used regularly by children or hard-working adults who tend not to use their showers properly!

Framed Shower Enclosure

These include some frames around them (usually just felt), even though they’re lightweight enough not to cause any damage during use. This is especially useful if someone has arthritis in their hands or knees – they won’t budge under pressure from heavy objects like soap bottles falling onto them from above, etc.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures

Wickes Chrome Quadrant Sliding Shower Enclosure4

If you’re looking for a simple way to add more space and functionality to your shower, a quadrant shower enclosure is the perfect solution. They come in various styles and sizes, so there’s sure to be one that suits your needs—whether for a small bathroom or an awkward-shaped space.

The key feature of these enclosures is their simplicity. Generally, they’re designed with four walls surrounding the tub or shower base (or some other water source), which means less work is required when installing them. This also makes them easy to clean up after use!

When it comes to maintenance or cleaning, you have a few things to be aware of. That’s because there are only three sides instead of four, like traditional corner showers have. 

Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures 

These are a good choice for bathrooms with high ceilings. They’re more expensive than other types of enclosures, and they require more installation time. However, they can be worth the extra cost if you have an area that needs to be maximized or if your bathroom is large enough to accommodate them.

The offset design means that each side of the enclosure has its own opening to allow ventilation and light into your bathroom. A Wickes chrome quadrant sliding shower enclosure is ideal for larger bathrooms without enough space for one complete wall-mounted unit. 

You can also use them in smaller bathrooms where one wall would look odd without some window treatment installed overtop. 

Walk-in Shower Enclosures 

Walk-in-type enclosures are designed to be as wide as possible, which makes them ideal for people with mobility issues. 

They can also be adjusted to suit people with special needs: e.g., parents with young children. In that case, you might want the type of walk in shower enclosures that are wider than usual to accommodate your kids’ needs.

Walk-in showers come in all shapes and sizes—from simple rectangular boxes to more complex designs with curved walls and rounded corners. Getting the right size for your space means you can fit all your other things, like bathroom cabinets.

Benefits of Wickes Showers Enclosures

Victorian Plumbing5

Shower enclosures are a great way to upgrade the look of your bathroom. Here are all the reasons you should invest in a showers enclosure today: 

  • Easy to install with no need for any drilling or cutting
  • Made from durable materials
  • Streamlined design with a modern feel
  • Comes in a wide range of styles and sizes
  • Offers greater flexibility and can be adjusted according to your needs,
  • A great option for small single-room bathrooms to large open-plan family bathrooms

What’s the difference between a shower screen and a shower enclosure?

shower cabin

A standard shower enclosure is a wall-hung unit that encloses all sides of your bathtub. The enclosure limits access to the tub and its plumbing, be it victorian plumbing or any other. This makes it ideal for those with limited bathroom space, giving you space to include other bathroom furniture like a bathroom cabinet UK.

Meanwhile, a shower screen is a sheet of glass set over an existing tub or bath. Generally, it blocks any overhead light while allowing you to see the room. It’s not technically considered an “enclosure” because it doesn’t surround your space.

The Distinction of Wickes Shower Enclosures

Wickes shower enclosures are highly esteemed, but what sets them apart?

Superior Craftsmanship

Wickes boasts a rich tradition of designing elegant and durable enclosures. Their attention to detail ensures a stylish yet functional piece for every bathroom.

Aesthetically Pleasing Designs

They seamlessly blend with any bathroom aesthetic, enhancing the overall appeal. From modern to classic styles, Wickes has you covered.

Spacious Interior

The spacious interiors of the enclosures guarantee a luxurious showering experience. One feels more at ease and rejuvenated after every bath.

Screwfix Shower Enclosures Comparison

When compared to screwfix shower enclosures, Wickes offers a broader variety of designs and sizes. They ensure versatility for every bathroom size and design.

Enhanced Safety Features

Safety is paramount. Wickes enclosures come with reinforced glass and sturdy handles, ensuring minimal risks of accidents.

Easy Installation

Wickes prioritizes user convenience. Their enclosures are designed for swift and hassle-free installations. They also offer guidelines to assist even those new to DIY projects.

Cost-Effective Solutions

While quality is unmatched, Wickes ensures their products remain affordable. This balance between cost and quality makes them a top choice.

Pairs Well with Various Accessories

Be it the Shower Panel or the 800mm quadrant shower tray, Wickes enclosures are compatible with a range of bathroom accessories, enhancing functionality.

Unrivaled Customer Support

Their commitment doesn't end at the sale. Wickes provides robust after-sales service, ensuring any queries or concerns are promptly addressed.

Concluding Thoughts

In the realm of shower enclosures, Wickes stands as a beacon of excellence. Their commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction remains unrivaled

Walk-in Shower Enclosures vs. Wickes

How do Wickes showers fare when juxtaposed with walk-in shower enclosures? Let's delve deeper.

Space Utilization

Walk-in shower enclosures are often celebrated for their space-saving designs. However, Wickes showers are ingeniously designed to offer similar benefits without compromising on the shower space.

Design Versatility

While walk-in enclosures offer a minimalist appeal, Wickes brings a plethora of design options to the table. Whether you favor a modern or traditional look, Wickes has an option for you.


Walk-in enclosures are often praised for their seamless entry and exit. However, Wickes ensures their showers are just as accessible, with low thresholds and wide doors for easy access.

Safety Standards

Safety remains a top concern. While both offer safety features, Wickes steps up by ensuring its enclosures have reinforced glass and non-slip bases. This focus on safety makes them a preferred choice for many.

Customization Options

One edge Wickes has over many walk-in enclosures is its customization. From the size of the enclosures to the type of glass or frame, Wickes offers more personalized options.

Installation Ease

While both types are known for straightforward installations, Wickes provides comprehensive guides and customer support. This backup ensures that even a novice can set up their shower enclosure without much hassle.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Wickes showers have been designed with easy maintenance in mind. Their smooth surfaces and minimal crevices prevent the buildup of mold and dirt, making cleaning a breeze compared to some walk-in enclosures.

Price Point

Both walk-in and Wickes shower enclosures come in various price ranges. However, with Wickes, you are assured of getting top-quality products at competitive prices.

After-Sales Support

Where Wickes truly shines is its after-sales service. With branches across different countries, they ensure that any post-purchase concerns are addressed promptly, making them stand out in the industry.

Wickes Installation Benefits

Wickes shower enclosures are not just about beauty and durability. They also bring a slew of installation benefits.

User-Friendly Manuals

Each Wickes shower enclosure comes with a detailed manual. These guides, enriched with visuals, make the installation process straightforward even for first-timers.

Compatibility with Shower Panel

For those looking to enhance their shower experience, Wickes enclosures are compatible with various Shower Panels, allowing for a more personalized showering experience.

Quick Set-Up

Time is of the essence. Recognizing this, Wickes has designed their enclosures for swift installations. Most can be set up in just a few hours.

No Need for Professionals

Though professional installation is always an option, Wickes shower enclosures are designed in a way that even a DIY enthusiast can install them without much fuss.

Comprehensive Kits

To further ease the installation process, Wickes often provides complete kits. These kits include all necessary components, eliminating the need to purchase additional parts.

Adjustable Frames

Uneven walls can be a challenge during installations. Wickes counters this by offering adjustable frames, ensuring a snug fit even in challenging scenarios.

Sealed for Protection

Post-installation, it's crucial to ensure no water seepage occurs. Wickes enclosures come with quality seals to prevent any leaks.

Integration with 800mm Quadrant Shower Tray

For those who prefer quadrant showers, Wickes enclosures seamlessly integrate with the 800mm quadrant shower tray, ensuring a perfect fit.

Minimal Tools Required

You don't need a vast tool collection. Basic tools are enough to get your Wickes shower enclosure up and ready.

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