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Product Overview: Wickes Shower Screen

Upgrading from shower curtains to shower screens should be on your list. We have a wide range of Wickes Shower Screen styles, sizes, and designs. Your ideas and safety are what we aim to serve. Wickes is your partner for your bathroom improvement needs.

Why choose Crown?

We Are Your First Choice Of Bathroom Supplier

Crown is very socially responsible. It participates in student aid projects every year to provide more opportunities for young people to receive education, and can sincerely treat every customer and take every project seriously. Since the establishment of the factory in 2004, it has grown together with Crown. Having been a customer for 18 years now, Crown has the experience to handle your needs.

Manufacturer Of High-Quality Bathroom Products

Crown additionally has two factories, and uses green production. Additionally, Crown is a family-owned company that is constantly innovating and creating hygiene products in line with the vision that the entire family has. Our manufacturing expertise that spans over 18 years allows us to react quickly to your needs and provide the most efficient solution.

An Outstanding Team

Crown is a team of workers that is accessible. The development of units with sales and engineers will guarantee the effectiveness of your business’s strategies and you will not have to think about the design of your marketplace or the structure of it. Crown will offer you an online-based layout for packaging to help expand the retail market on the internet.

Screen Configurations That You Need To Know

A bespoke enclosure creates more details in a wet room shower. Wickes Shower Enclosures can be created by having two or more shower screens together and use of extra optional fittings. Learn more about different configurations for wet room screens.

screwfix shower screen 3

Single Shower Door

A bespoke enclosure creates more details in a wet room shower. Wickes Shower Screen enclosures can be created by having two or more shower screens together and use of extra optional fittings. Learn more about different configurations for wet room screens.

Single Shower Door

Simple enclosures may only consist of a glass door with a maximum width of 1000mm and a height of 250mm. Wickes Shower Screens range in colors and thicknesses from 6mm to 12mm. The glass door would need a door knob or handle. You may also use seals for simple bath shower screens with single shower doors in attics, basements, or loft conversions.

A pair or three hinges are required to access the shower for glass doors. Configuration style can vary from:

  • Door Hinge Right
  • Door Hinge is Right with a sloped cut
  • Door Hinge Left
  • Door Hinge Left with a sloped cut

At the same time, if you want to prevent water sprays and keep a minimalist style, you can use the screen or glass as a foldable panel. You can remove the door knob from the glass door and have it as accessible as a diverter panel.

Single Fixed Shower Screens

Wet Room Screens 1

You can install a single fixed shower screen on the floor and wall or floors only with supporting bars. You can also install it from floor to ceiling, adding a bespoke and stylish design to your wet room.

You will need supporting arms and fixing clamps, and you may also need to get a U-channel. Another, you may have a glass door with a thickness of 8mm to 12mm, a width of 1800mm, and a height of 2800mm. There are typical variations you can install, including:

  • Fixed Panel with wall-to-glass clamp
  • Fixed Panel with U-channel
  • Free Standing Fixed panel with U-channel

Inline Shower Door

Inline shower doors are great for larger wet rooms or if you prefer to have a larger space or your shower area. The ideal configuration for this type is to have the door opposite or away from the water source. The showerhead’s location and access from the door are a priority in this configuration type. You will also need to consider things like; ceiling height and if you have a sloped ceiling.

You may need a pair of hinges or more and a glass door with handles in this configuration. The typical glass width can be 2700mm and a height of 2500mm with a thickness of 8mm to 12mm. A fixed glass panel with supporting arms, fixing clamps, or a U-channel may also be required. There could be three variations for this configuration which are:

  • Inline fixed panel with hinged door
  • Inline panel with hinged door
  • Inline panel with a hinged door shaped

Two or Three sided Shower Enclosures

A more bespoke shower screen configuration is two or three-sided enclosures with different styles and sizes. With this configuration, you can get more natural light and save from making a wall, reducing electricity and construction bills. 

Like other configurations, you will need hinges, supporting arms, U-channel, fixing clamps, and a glass door with a handle. You can try some of the variations like: 

  • three-sided enclosure
  • Inline with fixed return panel
  • In line with fixed return ½ panel

Shower Screens with Notches and Cutouts

There will be instances of uneven or irregular structures and ceilings. You can have custom-cut glasses to fit in your desired installation area. In making notches, cutouts, and rakes, you may need fixing clamps,  supporting arms, U-channel, and toughened glass. Possible cutouts and notches may vary from designs like:

  • Fixed panel with cutout
  • fixed panel with a notch cutout
  • fixed panel with shape cut

Advantages of Installing Wet Room Screens

Installing wet room screens can give a great transformation for your bathroom. The overall look will not only upgrade your every bath time but also give you freedom or save you some costs and time.

b and q shower screen 4


Since bath shower screens are made of toughened safety glasses, you can expect them to last for years. Its durability is a better choice than constantly replacing or cleaning shower curtains.

Need less maintenance care

Bathroom moisture can make curtains soak in water for a long time and make them prone to germs and bacteria. You will have to keep your shower curtain clean, which costs time and effort, or replace it, which costs more. Bath shower screens need a minimal cleaning routine and will look good as new even after a few years.

Customizable and versatile

Shower screens are easier to customize and would fit into your shower area. The basics and other accessories help you organize your bathroom with your preference. Wickes Shower Screens are versatile and can fit almost every style and design, from modern to traditional.

Enhance your bathroom

Shower screens enhance the design and ambiance of your bathroom. The glass can make a room appear bigger and more stylistic rather than having curtain rails.

Trending Wickes Shower Screen Styles

bath shower screens2

There is a range of styles that would fit your area  and design preferences which include:

Color and metallics

From black, white, and more interesting colors, you can have more freedom to customize your wet room area. The hardware parts for shower screens are also popular: bronze, aged bronze, gunmetal, brass, and copper. Wickes Shower Screen have a wide range of available colors and hardware that you can choose from.


Curves can give off a soft and comforting style which is perfect for bathtime relaxation. Wickes shower screen allows you to achieve a perfect balance of sophistication and ambiance.

Fully frameless

Fully frameless screens create a minimalist look that could create a floating look in your wet room. That is why glass screens are typically fixed to a wall with metal clamps or slim aluminum channel frames. The screens are thick, unobstructed glass that can be cut depending on your bathroom shape.

You can also have a little cleaning time, as it’s easier to clean with more exposed panels. There are also no edges to frameless glass screens that can accumulate dirt. You can choose various sizes of fully frameless from Wickes at reasonable prices. 

Semi-frameless shower screen

The style has plastic or metal frames installed together with the glass screens to maintain structural support. You still get that minimalist look with a more secure outer edge enclosure. Screwfix shower screen or b and q shower screen are products you can check for semi-frameless shower screens.

Framed shower screens

Framed shower screens are installed with full metal and plastic edges. The glasses, including the glass door, are fully structured, keeping your shower area interesting and in a different style. You can choose from the range of home base shower screen or argos shower screen that would fit your needs.

Do I need to plan out before installing a shower screen?

homebase shower screen 5 (2)

Whether you want to renovate or install shower screens you need planning to ensure the accuracy and styles you can do. Measuring your shower area will help you decide on the materials and design. Having a plan can also help you save additional expenses from mistakes and saves you time.

Should I remove the old shower screens before measuring for a new one?

Depending on the type of shower screens, for example, semi-frameless and customized frameless panels need to be removed first. Accurate measuring of walls and floors is needed,  especially if you have an irregularly shaped bath. 

How can a shower screen upgrade your bathroom?

Shower screens are a good choice if you want to remove your shower curtain completely. Glass will never be out of style, which upgrades your bathroom. Even more, glass shower screens can be inexpensive and prevent water from splashing outside your shower area.

You have a wide range of options from screwfix shower screen, b and q shower screen, home base shower screen, and argos shower screen. There are different styles, sizes, and designs that you can choose from brands in the market. 

What is the recommended thickness of a shower screen?

If you have frameless shower doors and panels, it is recommended that you should get at least ½ inches thickness. At the same time, framed panels and doors can be from ⅜ inches to ½ inches of thickness.

1. What are the benefits of using a Wickes Shower Screen?

Wickes Shower Screens, also known as bath screens, are a staple in modern bathrooms. They offer several advantages:

  • Durability: Wickes is known for high-quality products. Their shower screens are no exception.
  • Design Variety: Whether you want a minimalist design or something ornate, Wickes has options.
  • Water Barrier: They effectively prevent water from splashing outside the shower area.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean and maintain, keeping your bathroom looking fresh.

2. How does Wickes Shower Screen compare with other brands?

Comparing Wickes Shower Screen to other brands:

Feature Wickes Shower Screen Other Brands
Quality High Varies
Price Range Medium-High Varies
Designs Wide variety Varies
Maintenance Low Varies

3. How do I maintain my Wickes Shower Screen?

Maintaining your bath screen is straightforward. Here are some steps:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Use a squeegee after every shower to prevent water spots.
  2. Deep Clean: Weekly, use a mixture of water and vinegar. Spray it on, let it sit for 10 minutes, then rinse.
  3. Seal Inspection: Check the Wickes shower screen seal regularly. Replace if worn out.
  4. Hardware Check: Ensure that the support bar and other hardware are secure.

4. Are there customizable options for the Wickes Shower Screen?

Absolutely! Wickes offers:

  • Multiple Sizes: To fit various bathroom sizes and layouts.
  • Design Choices: From the classic to the contemporary.
  • Color Variants: Including the popular Wickes shower screen black.

5. Can I install a Wickes Shower Screen by myself?

While it's possible to DIY, consider:

  • Skill Level: Familiarity with tools and installations is crucial.
  • Instructions: Wickes provides clear instructions with their products.
  • Help: Sometimes, having an extra pair of hands can simplify the process.

6. What safety features does the Wickes Shower Screen offer?

Safety is a priority for Wickes:

  • Tempered Glass: Resistant to breakage.
  • Sealed Edges: Prevents water leakage and slips.
  • Support Bars: The Wickes shower screen support bar ensures stability.

7. Where can I buy Wickes Shower Screens?

Apart from the Wickes official store:

  • Local hardware stores might carry their products.
  • Online platforms, such as Argos, might offer them.

8. What do customers generally say about Wickes Shower Screen?

Feedback about Wickes Shower Screen is generally positive:

  • Durability: Many users highlight the screen's longevity.
  • Design: Its modern aesthetics receive appreciation.
  • Functionality: The effective water barrier pleases many.
  • Installation: Some users find the setup process straightforward, while others recommend professional installation.

9. Are there any common issues with the Wickes Shower Screen?

While Wickes maintains high-quality standards, some common concerns are:

  • Seal Wear: Over time, the Wickes shower screen seal might need replacement.
  • Cleaning: Water spots can be an issue if not cleaned regularly.
  • Size Mismatch: Some users suggest double-checking measurements before purchase.

10. How does Wickes handle after-sales service?

Wickes prides itself on exemplary after-sales service:

  • Warranty: Their products come with a standard warranty.
  • Support: Their customer service team can address concerns and offer guidance.
  • Replacements: In the rare case of a defective product, Wickes usually provides a hassle-free replacement.

11. Can the Wickes Shower Screen be used with any type of shower?

Yes, the versatility of Wickes Shower Screens allows:

  • Compatibility: They fit well with both traditional and modern shower setups.
  • Variety: Whether it's a rain shower, hand-held, or multi-jet system, Wickes has a screen to suit.
  • Customization: Specific screens can be tailored for unique shower configurations.

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