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Product Overview: Tinted Shower Screens

Shower curtains come with a lot of disadvantages because mildew, mold, and other bacterias thrive in shower curtains. Tinted shower screens are the best alternatives to protect your privacy when taking a shower. Generally, a tinted shower screen elevates your bathroom’s decor and increases seclusion.

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Tinted Shower Screens Defined

Any type of glass that has tinting put to it is referred to as tinted shower glass. The tinting can be used as a coating or film, for example. This reduces the quantity of light that can pass through the screen. While other colors can be utilized for tinting, the most popular ones are varied green, blue, and blue-green tones.

Tinting is a fantastic option for your shower glass screen because it will enable you to achieve various levels of seclusion depending on the tint’s darkness. This implies that you can upgrade your shower enclosure from a plain clear glass shade to one with more interesting features.

You can choose to tint the shower door or the entire Shower Enclosure. The tinted shower glass can appear extremely exquisite, and the concept is similar to that of frosted glass.

blue tinted glass shower doors 4 (1)

Key Features of Tinted Shower Screens

To provide you with the finest possible showering experience, this lovely colored shower screen was created. You can have a private, secluded escape in the comfort of your own home, thanks to its tinted design. This contemporary unit’s straightforward yet cutting-edge design makes it perfect for luxurious, trendy bathroom suites.

It Has A Sparkle Finish

The frameless tinted shower screen is ideal for giving your well-designed bathroom a sparkling finishing touch. It allows you to access your shower effortlessly and fully enjoy your everyday bathroom rituals, unlike other options on the market. The tinted shower screen is the best model available for this dazzling form of shower screen, which is quickly emerging as the next big thing.

Reduces Risk Of Property Damage

Smoked glass shower screen3 (1)

Tinted glass is created by incorporating trace amounts of metal oxide into the composition of the glass. Without affecting the glass’s fundamental qualities, this adjusts the color and the transfer of solar radiation. The procedure finally lessens the effects of sunshine, reducing the risk of interior and furniture damage.

Uses Less Energy

If you opt to tint your windows, tinted glass is the ideal way to save energy costs. As a result of this glass’s ability to absorb heat, your home or place of business will require less heating.

Protection From Ultraviolet Rays

In addition to being a terrific way to protect furniture, tinted glass is also a great way to protect your health. This kind of glass cuts down ultraviolet rays by 99% when exposed to them when seated near a window.

Enhanced Security And Privacy

Toughened glass can also be used to protect people from easily accessing you when you shower. Thanks to the anti-sun glass, it will be more challenging to see inside. Tinted glass is the ideal solution for hiding if you need privacy. 

Benefits of Tinted Shower Screens

The tinted shower screen’s straightforward yet elegant design is undoubtedly a great advantage, but it’s not the only one you’ll get from this high-quality item. This shower screen offers a variety of benefits and functions because it was designed to meet the requirements of a modern home.

Here are the top benefits of getting a tinted shower screen in your home.

tinted glass shower screens2

Easy to Clean

This tinted shower screen is made of glass that is simple to clean and makes using the bathroom much more pleasant. Water stains, bathroom products, and other flaws simply slide off the glass without leaving behind any serious or intense maintenance, leaving your bathroom suite to appear clean and fresh.


These tinted glass shower screens are built to provide long-lasting beauty and functionality, starting with the strong metal mounting brackets that secure them to the wall. This shower screen won’t rust, lose its elegance, or need constant maintenance like other shower screens on the market.

Space Saving

Although this unit serves as a shower screen and is firmly fastened to the wall, it does not need to be moved or opened to access your shower. It is ideal for both small and large bathrooms because it doesn’t take up extra space and has an open exterior door.

The advantages and the lovely design and feel it provides make it the perfect choice for a modern home. You may fully take advantage of your soothing bathroom routines with the help of this premium tinted shower screen.

Different Types of Tinted Shower Screens

Tinted Shower Screen2

Double-panel Bifold

The double-panel bifold incorporates a hinge in the middle of the screen, enabling it to open in various directions for simple access to the restroom. It works well in situations where there is little bathroom space available or if you have a longer bathtub.


Single panel displays, however, just feature one glass window. Most of them are frameless, and their designs are straightforward. You can move the glass panel thanks to a hinge on them.

Before purchasing a tinted shower screen, carefully evaluate your bathroom. The evaluation will identify the shower screen type that best suits your requirements.

Tinted glass is a kind of translucent-colored glass, and it has a smooth surface that is similar to the surface of a clear class. The color options of the tinted glass vary depending on where you are getting it from. 

Generally, the colors available include bronze, black, gray, and blue tinted glass shower doors. You can get other options and even request that it be customized.

Does choosing a glass type affect whether it is framed or frameless?

There is a distinction between frameless and framed shower designs in the kind of glass you select. Depending on your preferences, you might only have a limited selection of glass styles or textures. 

Additionally, the hardware could alter how the glass appears. The difference may influence your selection of glass patterns, colors, or textures in the thickness of the glass between framed and frameless showers. 

What is a framed shower?

The design is timeless because glass showers have been around for as long as framed showers. This is the greatest design option for traditional bathrooms. Don’t forget how the frame will affect the way your shower looks. 

When using framed showers, you have a wide range of options for glass and finishes because you may select the hardware’s finish. Because there are so many options available, you may more easily match the framed showers to the color scheme of your bathroom.

What makes smoked shower enclosures popular?

Walk-in showers made of black or smoked glass are a stunning way to give your bathroom a more industrial feel. 

The smoked glass shower screen is made of strong 8mm premium glass for enduring durability, and the black tint adds privacy for crowded family restrooms. They also look fantastic.

What are the benefits of Tinted Shower Screens over clear screens?

Tinted Shower Screens provide a unique aesthetic appeal to bathrooms. The addition of color, or a smoked tint, can complement other bathroom decor and give a more luxurious feel. Additionally, these screens offer a layer of privacy that clear screens can't match. This is particularly useful in shared or family bathrooms.

Compared to their counterparts, Tinted Shower Screens also can reduce the visibility of watermarks or smudges, which means fewer cleaning sessions. Opting for them means marrying functionality with style.

Why choose Tinted Shower Screens over Glass Shower Doors?

While Glass Shower Doors are a popular choice, Tinted Shower Screens offer benefits beyond aesthetics. The tinting provides added privacy, especially beneficial in ensuite or family bathrooms. Moreover, tinted versions can minimize the appearance of water streaks or spots, leading to a cleaner look with less maintenance.

For those looking to make their bathroom a statement room, these screens can be a centerpiece, especially when used with colored or ambient lighting.

How do tinted shower screens compare in terms of durability?

When it comes to durability, Tinted Shower Screens can hold their own. The tinting process doesn't compromise the strength of the glass. Instead, it offers the same robustness as Glass Shower Doors. Proper care ensures they last for years, delivering both style and function. Additionally, smoked glass shower doors, a type of tinted screen, can often resist scratches better due to their darkened nature.

Are there different styles and tints available?

Absolutely! Tinted Shower Screens come in various tints ranging from lightly smoked to deep black. There are even blue tinted glass shower doors for those wanting a splash of color. For a touch of luxury, you might consider modern frosted glass shower doors or even stained glass shower doors for a distinctive look. These provide both privacy and a unique design element.

How do you clean and maintain Tinted Shower Screens?

Maintenance for Tinted Shower Screens is straightforward. It's akin to taking care of standard Glass Shower Doors. Use a soft cloth and a mild detergent or a glass cleaner to wipe down the screens. To keep them looking their best, avoid abrasive cleaners which can scratch the surface. For added protection, consider a glass protector to repel water and reduce spots.

Can I get custom designs with Tinted Shower Screens?

Certainly. Many manufacturers offer customization options for Tinted Shower Screens. This means you can get a design tailored to the specific size and shape of your bathroom. Additionally, with modern technologies, you can even get designs, patterns, or logos embedded into your tinted shower glass.

Are Tinted Shower Screens safe?

Safety is paramount when it comes to bathroom fixtures. Tinted Shower Screens, including smoked glass sliding shower doors, are made from tempered glass. This means they're designed to shatter into small, harmless pieces if broken, reducing the risk of injury. As with any glass product, proper installation and handling are crucial to ensure safety.

How do Tinted Shower Screens affect bathroom lighting?

The tint in these screens can influence the overall lighting of your bathroom. While they provide privacy, they can also absorb or block some natural light. It's essential to consider your bathroom's lighting when choosing the tint level. For darker tints, consider augmenting with additional lighting or opting for ambient lighting to create a mood.

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