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Product Overview: Smallest Shower Enclosure

If you think that the need for bathing must always be dependent on the size of your shower enclosure, think again. Even if your shower is less spacious and open, it will still fit you.

Bathing areas or spaces with the smallest shower enclosure are a good idea. Here’s a deep dive into what it is all about and help you look at this type differently.

Why choose Crown?

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Crown offers an entire bathroom enclosure which is an entryway. Crown offers two manufacturing locations for shower enclosures. Crown’s production process is flexible, which allows the customer to change production schedules quickly to accommodate your needs which lets you speed up the sales of your product and aid in getting your product to the market quickly. Crown has a team of experienced designers who can create a product that can fulfill your needs.

Manufacturer Of High-Quality Bathroom Products

Crown is also the location of two production plants that use environmentally friendly production methods. Furthermore, Crown is a family-owned company that is always making new products and innovations for hygiene that reflect the vision that the whole family shares. Our manufacturing experience that spans more than 18 years will allow us to quickly respond to your needs and provide the most effective solution.

An Outstanding Team

Crown is a group of employees who are readily accessible. The creation of units that include engineers and sales will ensure the efficiency of your company’s strategies. This means you don’t have to worry about the style of your company or its structure. Crown will provide you with an online-based design for packaging that will help you expand your sales through the internet.

What Does The Smallest Shower Enclosure Look Like?

smallest shower enclosure 1

Small Shower Stalls may be the same visual as this type of enclosure. This can also be seen as a small shower stall 30 inch in size only.

A small shower stall enclosure still has the look of luxury due to it being capable of looking sleek, modern, and sophisticated though it may be on the budgeted side as it is cut down on size. 

Key Features: Smallest Shower Enclosure

A corner Shower For Small Bathroom has the same feature as this type of product. You may see the same features that comprise the most basic type. 

A good example of this is lowe’s small shower stalls. It has a base, wall, and door with a center drain. Small shower ideas have 4 glass panels usually. Three panels are used in this case, but it is effective.

What's Good About Having The Smallest Shower Enclosure?

Small Shower Stalls2

Just because size is an issue for some does not mean it will give fewer benefits to your shower experience. Small Shower Stalls are usually used for innovative purposes, such as:

The Lesser Area To Clean Maintain

A Corner Shower For Small Bathroom is a solution for those who want an easier way to clean and maintain their enclosures as they are compact, just like small shower stalls 30 inch.

Small Shower Stalls will enable you to spend more time bathing and relaxing than cleaning and ensuring your space is presentable, like your small shower enclosure kits. 

More Sustainable

Small shower stalls only use a few items and glass to manufacture them. This means you are highly contributing to the environment by lessening the carbon footprint the world is making today.

This product will be a good option for those who are environmentally conscious and want to contribute to making the environment better and not feel guilty about their impact. 

It Is Budget Friendly 

Small shower stall3

For the most obvious reason, if you choose lowe’s small shower stalls, there will be a fit budget for you as they only use a few materials to manufacture this type of product for your needs.
Once they cut off on manufacturing the raw materials, the budget to create and buy it will be lowered and serve as a budget-friendly option for you.

It Is Ergonomically Better

Going back to how this is maintained, these types of products are ergonomically best to clean and maintain when eliminating molds and mildew are needed. 

For the most basic purpose, having to shower with everything you need is ergonomically better as this can lessen the effort you put into storing and reaching for your most needed shower items.

Different Aesthetics Is Given

In contrast, this type of product has many possible design options. You’ll be surprised at how large the variations are to choose from with a few small shower ideas. 

In some countries and lifestyles, this shower space with small shower enclosure kits is the more popular option by many. You can be as creative and free when designing this product.

How Did The Smallest Shower Enclosure Come About?

Corner Shower For Small Bathroom4

Coming from the influences of what we see in movies and media, this type of shower space started to gain traction in how it has been accepted by many since then. 

In the usual setting of these widely known media influences, a rise in opting for smaller, space-savvy options for your shower enclosures has become accepted. 

If you are still having some issues about buying your own shower space that is different in size than usual, a few questions to help you out in deciding and clarifying your queries are listed here:

How Many Can Fit in This Enclosure?

small shower enclosure kits5

It is okay to think if this type of product can accommodate more than one person. If you are in a co-living space and are planning to share this shower experience, you can do so.

This enables you to be able to maximize the available space it has should you need to have also some materials stored in your enclosure, such as:

  • Body wash
  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Scrub kits 
  • Soaps 
  • Vanity Kits

What Are Shower Design Ideas For This Type of Size?

small showers ideas6

Just as it is mentioned, this small space is big in accommodating designs and aesthetics. This is the most exciting part of a shower enclosure, making it personalized and fun.

Here are some of the designs you can experiment on and choose from so you can appreciate your purchase of a small shower enclosure type of bathing space:

Frameless Designs

This timeless and simple piece can make any bathing more modern and crisp. This will also give the impression that your enclosure is as spacious as it can seem.

Gold or Stainless Accents

Having a frame with a stainless or Gold accent can elevate any bathing space as it exudes a more classy and sophisticated feel for you. 

Vintage Style

This can be either a sliding door, a bi-fold type, or perhaps a corner type of small shower enclosure. This is your recommended enclosure, as it can fit into all spaces.

French Window Pane Style

A more European take on this type of shower enclosure. This French-style enclosure prides itself on big squares and solid black frames per cube, displaying a more aesthetic and hipster design. 

Frosted Glass 

This design and style provide a more secure and private view of your glass panel as you shower. A frosted glass design may be in different colors, not just faded white.

Embossed Tile and Engraved

You can choose to have a design or print in your glass panel if you feel it is boring for your taste and needs a quick makeover. This style will instantly add a touch of creativity to your glass panel.

How Can It Be Installed?

lowe's small shower stalls7

In a more direct context, you may easily call an expert or professional to have your shower enclosure installed. You may direct them to where it will be placed in your studio or loft.

However, should you want to have it your own, there are simple ways to do it. Here’s how:

What It Is You Need

  • Drill
  • Hammer
  • Screwdriver
  • Wrench
  • Safety Gears
  • Knife
  • Caulk gun
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Screw
  • Sealant
  • Hacksaw
  • Silicone Caulk

How To Set It Up

Here’s a step-by-step guide to installing your shower enclosure and making the building process smoother and more efficient.

1. Think Of Where You Want The Shower To Face

The first thing to settle is where your showerhead will face so that the flow of your water will not have any obstructions and other issues.

2. Fit Your Frame

Assemble your enclosure now and estimate how you want it to look before sealing it together. Plan it out first on the blueprint and make measurements before finalizing it all.

3. Apply Your Cover

Water must be trapped and stored before being drained into your shower enclosure. Always ensure you have a cover over it by pushing each top of the bracket. 

4. Secure your Shower Frame And Brackets Together

Once you are content with your enclosure’s setup, You can now secure it to make a solid base for the enclosure to stand erect. Pop the correct screw and placements, then the cap to cover it.

Why Is This Type Usually Used?

small shower stalls 30 inch7

For some individuals, having a smaller, space-savvy shower enclosure is a more practical and smart option. This type of product’s versatility and functionality appeals to its audience.

It can ensure the same privacy and convenience altogether, even though it is less spacious and open. This product has a few more benefits to offer you against the issue it has with size.

1. What are the benefits of having the smallest shower enclosure?

Smallest shower enclosures are becoming increasingly popular, especially in urban settings where space is a premium. Let's explore the benefits of having the smallest shower enclosure.

  1. Space-saving: Naturally, the most significant advantage is that they save space. They're perfect for tiny apartments or homes with small bathrooms.
  2. Cost-effective: Generally, smaller enclosures are more affordable than their larger counterparts.
  3. Easy to clean: With less surface area, they are easier and quicker to clean.
  4. Efficient: Smaller spaces mean quicker heating, translating to faster warm showers and potential energy savings.
  5. Stylish: Many small shower stalls, especially those like the Newark Quadrant Shower Enclosure, come in modern designs that add style to a bathroom.
  6. Versatility: They fit in almost any corner of a bathroom, allowing for flexible design.
  7. Increased property value: Modern, efficient, and space-saving features in a home can increase its market value.
  8. Environmentally Friendly: Using less water and requiring less energy to heat means they can be more eco-friendly.
  9. Customization: Many small shower stall kits come with customizable features.
  10. Ideal for guest bathrooms: They're perfect for guest or secondary bathrooms where a full-sized shower might not be necessary.

2. What are the key features to look for in a small shower stall?

When considering a small shower stall for your bathroom, it's essential to know what features are available and how they can benefit you.

  1. Size and Shape: Ensure it fits your space. Consider small shower stalls 30 inches or 28×28 shower stalls depending on your bathroom size.
  2. Material: Materials like acrylic or tempered glass are popular due to their durability.
  3. Doors: Some stalls come without doors, while others, like the small shower stall with door, offer added privacy and water containment.
  4. Flooring: Non-slip floors are crucial for safety.
  5. Seating: Some small shower stalls come with seats for added comfort.
  6. Shelving and Storage: Look for niches or shelves for toiletries.
  7. Ventilation: Good airflow prevents mold and mildew.
  8. Drainage: Ensure efficient and clog-resistant drains.
  9. Hardware: Consider the style and finish of handles, faucets, and showerheads.
  10. Installation: Decide whether you want a DIY-friendly stall kit or professional installation.

3. How do you install a small shower stall kit?

Installing a small shower stall can seem daunting, but with a bit of preparation and the right tools, it's manageable.

  1. Measure your space: Before purchasing, measure your bathroom space to ensure your 30×30 shower stall or other size fits perfectly.
  2. Prepare the area: Remove any old tiles, fixtures, or shower parts.
  3. Check plumbing: Ensure water inlets are accessible and correctly positioned.
  4. Set the base: Ensure it's level for proper drainage.
  5. Assemble the walls: Typically, they snap or screw into place. Use sealants to prevent water leaks.
  6. Install the door: If your small shower stall comes with a door, fit it according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  7. Attach fixtures: This includes showerheads, handles, and other hardware.
  8. Seal everything: Use waterproof sealants around all edges to prevent leaks.
  9. Test the shower: Turn on the water and check for any leaks or drainage issues.
  10. Finishing touches: Add any additional features like shelves or shower curtains if necessary.

4. Are there corner solutions for tiny bathrooms?

Yes, small corner shower stalls are an excellent solution for bathrooms with limited space. Here's why:

  1. Maximizing Space: They utilize bathroom corners, which might otherwise go unused.
  2. Versatile Designs: Many corner shower stalls come in stylish designs, enhancing the bathroom's aesthetics.
  3. Easy Installation: These stalls are designed to fit snugly into corners, simplifying the installation process.
  4. Cost-Effective: They are generally more affordable than larger or freestanding options.
  5. Customization: You can choose from various features, including doors, seats, and fixtures, to suit your needs.
  6. Efficient: Their compact design means faster heating times.
  7. Durable: Many are made from high-quality materials that ensure longevity.
  8. Easy Maintenance: Their design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.
  9. Improved Functionality: A corner shower stall can make a small bathroom feel more functional and less cramped.
  10. Increased Resale Value: Adding a shower, even in a small bathroom, can enhance a home's market appeal.

5. What are the best materials for small shower stalls?

Choosing the right material for your shower stall is crucial for its durability, look, and maintenance. Here are some recommended materials:

  1. Acrylic: Durable, lightweight, and retains heat well. It's also easy to clean.
  2. Fiberglass: Affordable and lightweight, but might not be as durable as other materials.
  3. Tempered Glass: Common for doors and walls, it's strong and provides a modern look.
  4. Tile: Allows for customization in design but requires more maintenance.
  5. Stone Resin: Durable and offers a luxurious feel.
  6. Cultured Marble: A mix of marble dust and resin, it gives a sophisticated look without the high price.
  7. Ceramic: Easy to clean and resistant to moisture and stains.
  8. Porcelain: A type of ceramic that's denser and offers better water resistance.
  9. Solid Surface: Made from a blend of natural minerals and acrylic, it's durable and easy to maintain.
  10. Stainless Steel: Durable and gives a contemporary look, but can feel cold.

6. Are there shower stalls designed specifically for elderly or disabled persons?

Yes, there are specially designed shower stalls to cater to the elderly or disabled, ensuring safety and convenience. Here's what to look for:

  1. Non-slip flooring: Crucial for preventing slips and falls.
  2. Grab bars: Provide support and balance.
  3. Seating: Allows users to sit while showering, offering comfort and safety.
  4. Thresholds: Low or no-threshold designs ensure easy access, especially for wheelchair users.
  5. Handheld showerheads: Offers flexibility in directing water flow.
  6. Easy-to-use controls: Large buttons or lever handles can assist those with limited hand strength or dexterity.
  7. Shelves at arm's length: Prevents the need to bend or reach too far.
  8. Spacious interiors: Even in small stalls, it's essential to have enough space to move comfortably.
  9. Emergency buttons: In case of a fall or other emergencies.
  10. Temperature control: Thermostatic controls to prevent scalding.

7. How do you maintain and clean small shower enclosures?

Keeping your shower enclosure clean not only ensures it looks good but also increases its lifespan. Here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. Daily Rinsing: After each use,

    rinse the enclosure to remove soap scum and water spots.

  2. Weekly Cleaning: Use a bathroom cleaner or a mixture of vinegar and water. Spray and let it sit for a few minutes before rinsing.
  3. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: They can damage the materials of your shower stall.
  4. Clean Shower Doors: Use a squeegee to prevent water spots on glass doors.
  5. Drain Maintenance: Regularly clean the drain to prevent clogs.
  6. Check Sealants: Ensure that caulking and sealants are intact. Replace if they show signs of wear or damage.
  7. Descale Showerheads: If you have hard water, regularly soak showerheads in a vinegar solution to remove buildup.
  8. Ventilation: Ensure good ventilation to prevent mold and mildew.
  9. Check Fixtures: Ensure fixtures are tight and in good working condition.
  10. Regular Inspections: Look for signs of damage or wear and address them promptly.

8. How do you maximize space in small bathrooms?

Even with a compact shower stall, there are ways to further maximize your bathroom space. Here are some tips:

  1. Wall-mounted fixtures: They free up floor space and make the room feel more open.
  2. Floating vanities: Provide a sense of space beneath.
  3. Large tiles: Fewer grout lines give an illusion of a larger space.
  4. Clear shower doors: They allow you to see the entire bathroom, making it feel larger.
  5. Use light colors: Bright and light colors tend to make a room feel airy and open.
  6. Mirrors: Reflect light and give the illusion of more space.
  7. Recessed shelves: Use the space inside the walls for storage.
  8. Towel racks on doors: Makes use of often-overlooked storage spaces.
  9. Extend tiles: Extend tiles from the shower to the rest of the bathroom to create a visual continuity.
  10. Keep it minimal: Declutter and only keep essentials in the bathroom.

9. How do you customize small shower enclosures for a unique look?

While small, your shower enclosure can still reflect your style and taste. Here's how:

  1. Tiles: Choose a unique design or color for your tiles.
  2. Fixture finishes: Go beyond the usual chrome. Consider brass, bronze, or matte black.
  3. Shower doors: Consider frosted or patterned glass for a unique touch.
  4. Lighting: Add LED lights or a unique pendant light for ambiance.
  5. Niche designs: Customize the look of your recessed shelves with unique tiles or patterns.
  6. Accent walls: Use a contrasting tile or material for one of the shower walls.
  7. Flooring: Opt for a unique pattern or color for the shower floor.
  8. Showerhead: Consider rain showers, waterfall styles, or other unique designs.
  9. Hardware: Customize knobs, handles, and bars for a unique touch.
  10. Add plants: A small plant can add a touch of nature and freshness to your enclosure.

10. Are there innovative technologies available for small shower stalls?

With advancements in technology, even small shower stalls can boast innovative features:

  1. Digital controls: Allow you to set the exact temperature and water flow.
  2. Chromatherapy: LED lights that change color, offering therapeutic benefits.
  3. Steam features: Turn your shower into a steam room.
  4. Water-saving technologies: Reduce water usage without compromising on pressure.
  5. Anti-fog mirrors: Stay clear even after a hot shower.
  6. Bluetooth speakers: Listen to music or take calls while showering.
  7. Touchless controls: Start or stop the water flow with just a wave.
  8. Thermostatic valves: Maintain a constant temperature, preventing scalding.
  9. UV disinfection: Uses UV light to kill bacteria and germs.
  10. Self-cleaning technologies: Reduce the need for regular manual cleaning.

11. How do you ensure safety in small shower enclosures?

Safety is paramount, especially in wet areas like showers. Here are some tips to enhance safety:

  1. Non-slip flooring: Always opt for textured floors to prevent slips.
  2. Grab bars: Install them, especially if you have elderly family members.
  3. Temperature controls: Ensure that your shower has thermostatic controls to prevent sudden temperature spikes.
  4. Glass safety: If using glass, ensure it's tempered to prevent injury in case of breakage.
  5. Adequate lighting: Ensure the shower is well-lit to prevent accidents.
  6. Regular checks: Frequently check fixtures to ensure they're securely fastened.
  7. Keep it clutter-free: Limit the number of bottles and accessories to prevent tripping.
  8. Ventilation: Proper ventilation prevents mold, which can make floors slippery.
  9. Easy access: Consider walk-in or low-threshold designs for easy entry and exit.
  10. Emergency protocols: Ensure family members know what to do in case of an accident or fall.

The world of small shower enclosures is vast, with options catering to every need and style preference. Whether you're looking to maximize space, achieve a unique design, or incorporate advanced technologies, the solutions available today ensure your small bathroom is both functional and stylish.

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