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How Much Does a Shower Enclosure 800 x 800 Cost?

When it comes to bathroom renovations, the cost of the shower enclosure is a significant factor to consider. In this article, we will explore the different types of 800 x 800 shower enclosures and their prices.

shower enclosure 800 x 800

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Cost of Different Types of Shower Enclosures

There are several types of 800 x 800 shower enclosures available in the market, each with its own price range. Here are some of them:

  1. 800 x 800 Quadrant Shower Enclosures – prices range from £99.95 to £1,099.95
  2. Lillie 1100 x 760mm Twin Sliding Door Quadrant Enclosure – £604.80
  3. Sliding Door Bathroom Shower Enclosures 1200 x 800 For Star Rated Hotels – price not specified
  4. K2 1200×800 Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure – €499.00
  5. 800 x 800 Shower Enclosures – prices range from £99.95 to £1,099.95

Price Range of Different Types of Shower Enclosures

The price of a shower enclosure can vary based on factors such as design, material, and brand. Here is a bar chart that illustrates the price range of different types of 800 x 800 shower enclosures:

shower enclosure 800 x 800 price trend chart
shower enclosure 800 x 800 price trend chart

For a more detailed breakdown, refer to the table below:

Type of Shower EnclosurePrice Range (GBP)
800 x 800 Quadrant Shower Enclosures£99.95 – £1,099.95
Lillie 1100 x 760mm Twin Sliding Door Quadrant Enclosure£604.80
Sliding Door Bathroom Shower Enclosures 1200 x 800 For Star Rated HotelsPrice not specified
K2 1200×800 Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure€499.00
800 x 800 Shower Enclosures£99.95 – £1,099.95

Note: Prices may vary depending on the retailer, the type of shower enclosure, and any promotions or discounts that may be available.

When choosing a shower enclosure, the brand can be an important factor to consider. Here are some of the popular brands for quadrant shower enclosures in the 800 x 800 size:

  1. Crosswater
  2. Mira
  3. Newark
  4. Nuie
  5. April
  6. Aqata
  7. Aquadart
  8. Casa Bano
  9. Elle Showers
  10. Roman Showers

Note: There may be other popular brands for quadrant shower enclosures in the 800 x 800 size, and the popularity of brands may vary depending on the retailer and the region.

In conclusion, the cost and design of a shower enclosure can significantly influence the overall aesthetics and functionality of a bathroom. Therefore, it’s important to consider various factors such as price, design, and brand when choosing a shower enclosure.

1. What are the key features to look for in a Shower Enclosure 800 x 800?

The Shower Enclosure 800 x 800 is increasingly becoming a popular choice among homeowners and interior designers due to its compact and efficient design. Here are some of the top features you should consider:

  1. Material Quality: Opt for enclosures made of high-quality tempered glass. It ensures durability and safety.
  2. Frame Design: The frame can either be framed, semi-framed, or frameless. A frameless shower enclosure gives a modern and spacious feel.
  3. Type of Door: There are various types like pivot, hinged, or 800 x 800 sliding door shower enclosure. The choice depends on your bathroom layout and preference.
  4. Ease of Installation: Some enclosures are easier to install than others. Check if professional assistance is needed.
  5. Water Sealing: Ensure there's a proper water seal to prevent leaks.
  6. Adjustability: It's beneficial if the enclosure allows some adjustment for imperfect wall conditions.
  7. Ventilation: Good ventilation prevents mold growth and maintains glass clarity.
  8. Hardware Quality: The handles, hinges, and other hardware should be rust-resistant.
  9. Shower Tray: Some come with an 800 x 800 shower tray, while others don't. Depending on your need, you may want to buy them together.
  10. Aesthetics: Finally, consider the design and aesthetics to ensure it complements your bathroom décor.

2. How does the Quadrant Sliding Shower Enclosure differ from the regular ones?

The Quadrant Sliding Shower Enclosure, a synonym for the 800 x 800 shower enclosure, is unique in several ways:

  1. Shape: Quadrant enclosures are generally quarter-circle shaped, making them perfect for corner installations.
  2. Space-saving: Their design makes them ideal for smaller bathrooms, providing a spacious showering space without occupying much room.
  3. Sliding Doors: The doors slide seamlessly within the frame, reducing the need for additional bathroom space.
  4. Curved Aesthetics: Unlike the regular straight-lined enclosures, these add a touch of elegance with their curved design.
  5. Efficient Water Draining: The curvature ensures efficient water draining towards the 800 x 800 shower tray.
  6. Double Access Point: Most quadrant enclosures have double sliding doors, allowing entry from the left or right.
  7. Variety: They come in various sizes, not just 800 x 800. There's also the 800 x 900 shower enclosure for those wanting a slightly larger space.
  8. Safety: These enclosures usually come with toughened safety glass as standard.
  9. Easy Maintenance: Their design makes them relatively easy to clean, with fewer nooks and crannies.
  10. Price Range: Quadrant enclosures are available in various price ranges, suitable for both budget and luxury bathrooms.

3. What are the benefits of choosing an 800 x 800 shower enclosure corner entry?

Opting for an 800 x 800 shower enclosure corner entry offers numerous advantages:

  1. Maximized Space: This design is perfect for maximizing space in smaller bathrooms or en-suites.
  2. Easy Access: A corner entry allows for a larger entry space, making it convenient.
  3. Modern Look: Such enclosures add a contemporary touch to the bathroom.
  4. Versatile: They can fit into various bathroom layouts, not just those limited on space.
  5. Easy Cleaning: The structure and design simplify the cleaning process.
  6. Safety: With reinforced glass, these enclosures are designed keeping safety in mind.
  7. Better Water Containment: The design ensures better water containment, reducing the chances of water splashing outside.
  8. Durability: With high-quality materials and construction, these enclosures are built to last.
  9. Customization: Some brands offer customization options for the 800 x 800 shower tray and door.
  10. Affordability: Despite the features, many corner entry enclosures are quite affordable.

4. Why is the 800 x 800 sliding door shower enclosure gaining popularity?

The 800 x 800 sliding door shower enclosure is rapidly becoming a preferred choice:

  1. Space-Efficient: Sliding doors don't need additional space to open, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms.
  2. Sleek Design: They provide a sleek, uninterrupted look, enhancing the bathroom's aesthetics.
  3. Safety: Sliding doors reduce the risk of accidentally hitting or knocking the door.
  4. Water-Tight Seal: These enclosures often offer a better water-tight seal compared to pivot doors.
  5. Easy Maintenance: The sliding mechanism is often easy to detach, making cleaning more straightforward.
  6. Versatility: They can be installed in various settings, not just confined spaces.
  7. Smooth Operation: Modern sliding mechanisms ensure smooth and quiet door operation.
  8. Customization: You can often choose the frame's finish, glass type, and handle design.
  9. Increased Resale Value: Installing such a modern feature can enhance your home's resale value.
  10. Affordable Options: Numerous brands offer affordable options without compromising on quality.

5. How important is the shower tray in the 800 x 800 shower enclosure?

The importance of the 800 x 800 shower tray cannot be overstated:

  1. Water Management: The primary purpose is to collect and direct water towards the drain, preventing bathroom floods.
  2. Stability: It provides a stable and flat surface to stand on while showering.
  3. Aesthetic Appeal: A well-chosen shower tray can elevate the overall look of the shower enclosure.
  4. Safety: Anti-slip trays reduce the risk of accidents in the shower.
  5. Durability: A good quality shower tray can last years, ensuring you don't have to replace it frequently.
  6. Insulation: Some trays offer insulation, ensuring the floor underneath doesn't get too cold.
  7. Customizability: There's a variety to choose from, including low profile trays, raised trays, and those with hidden wastes.
  8. Compatibility: Ensure the tray is compatible with the 800 x 800 sliding door shower enclosure or any other type you choose.
  9. Maintenance: Most modern trays are designed to be low maintenance and easy to clean.
  10. Material Choices: From acrylic to stone resin, there's a range of materials to choose from based on your preference and budget.

6. Are there significant differences between an 800 x 1000 and 800 x 900 shower enclosure?

Comparing the 800 x 1000 and 800 x 900 shower enclosures:

  1. Size Difference: The obvious distinction is in dimensions. The 800 x 1000 enclosure is wider, providing more room horizontally.
  2. Space Requirement: The 800 x 1000 requires more wall width, which might not be feasible in smaller bathrooms.
  3. Price Point: Typically, the 800 x 1000 is slightly pricier due to the increased material and size.
  4. Visual Appeal: Depending on bathroom dimensions, one might aesthetically fit better than the other.
  1. Installation: The installation process for both sizes is relatively similar, though the 800 x 1000 might need more hands due to its size.
  2. Popularity: The 800 x 900 shower enclosure is more common in standard-sized bathrooms.
  3. Customization: Both sizes offer a range of customization options, from frame color to type of door.
  4. Compatibility with Trays: Ensure the tray size matches the enclosure size.
  5. Resale Value: Both sizes can enhance your bathroom's appeal and potentially increase your home's resale value.
  6. Cleaning: The cleaning process is relatively the same for both, though the 800 x 1000 might take a tad longer due to its size.

7. Why consider a frameless shower enclosure for your bathroom?

Choosing a frameless shower enclosure offers numerous advantages:

  1. Minimalist Design: The absence of frames provides a clean and uninterrupted view, offering a minimalist look.
  2. Easier Cleaning: Without frames, there are fewer places for mold and grime to accumulate.
  3. Durability: Contrary to belief, frameless enclosures use thicker glass to compensate for the lack of a frame, making them durable.
  4. Versatility: They can be custom-fitted to almost any bathroom space and design.
  5. Increased Resale Value: Homes with modern bathrooms often fetch better prices, and frameless enclosures can be a selling point.
  6. Space Illusion: They give an illusion of more space, making the bathroom appear larger.
  7. Better Lighting: Without frames obstructing, there's better natural light flow.
  8. Customization: From choosing different glass textures to hardware finishes, customization options are vast.
  9. Safety: Most frameless enclosures use tempered glass, reducing the risk of injury in case of breakage.
  10. Long-Lasting: With fewer parts to wear out or corrode, frameless enclosures tend to have a longer lifespan.

8. How does the 900 x 900 shower enclosure compare with the 800 x 800 variant?

When comparing the 900 x 900 and 800 x 800 shower enclosures:

  1. Size: The 900 x 900 is slightly larger, offering more interior space for showering.
  2. Bathroom Space: The larger variant requires more bathroom space, making the 800 x 800 more suitable for smaller bathrooms.
  3. Price: Typically, larger enclosures like the 900 x 900 might be slightly more expensive.
  4. Appearance: While both can be aesthetically pleasing, the choice often boils down to personal preference and bathroom design.
  5. Installation: Both require professional installation, but the process remains largely the same.
  6. Customization: Both sizes offer a range of customizable features, from doors to frames.
  7. Compatibility with Trays: It's vital to match the tray size with the enclosure size, so a 900 x 900 shower tray for the 900 x 900 enclosure.
  8. Market Availability: Both sizes are popular, ensuring a variety of designs and brands to choose from.
  9. Durability: The durability mainly depends on the material and build quality, not necessarily the size.
  10. Maintenance: Maintenance procedures are similar for both sizes.

9. How to ensure the longevity of your 800 x 800 shower enclosure?

To maximize the lifespan of your 800 x 800 shower enclosure:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Use a squeegee post every shower to prevent water spots and reduce mineral buildup.
  2. Gentle Cleaners: Avoid abrasive cleaners. Instead, use mild detergents or specially formulated glass cleaners.
  3. Check Hardware: Periodically check and tighten any loose screws or fittings.
  4. Sealant Inspection: Ensure the sealant or caulking is intact. Replace if it starts to deteriorate.
  5. Avoid Force: When opening or closing the door, especially sliding doors, use gentle force.
  6. Water Quality: If you have hard water, consider installing a water softener to prevent excessive mineral buildup.
  7. Ventilate: Ensure your bathroom is well-ventilated to reduce mold and mildew growth.
  8. Protective Coatings: Some enclosures come with protective coatings that resist staining and water spots. Consider reapplying when necessary.
  9. Professional Inspection: Have a professional inspect the enclosure every few years to ensure everything is in top shape.
  10. Immediate Repairs: If you notice any cracks or issues, address them immediately to prevent further damage.

Staying updated with the latest trends in shower enclosures ensures your bathroom remains stylish:

  1. Frameless Designs: As previously mentioned, frameless shower enclosures are all the rage for their sleek appearance.
  2. Black Frames: Contrasting the clear glass, black frames are becoming a trendy choice.
  3. Industrial Style: Inspired by warehouse designs, these feature steel frames and grids.
  4. Smart Showers: Integrating technology, such as digital controls or Bluetooth speakers.
  5. Sliding Barn Doors: Inspired by barn doors, these add a rustic touch.
  6. Curved Glass: Moving away from the traditional square or rectangle, curved glass is gaining traction.
  7. Tinted Glass: Offering a bit of privacy and design flair, tinted glass in shades like gray or bronze is in vogue.
  8. Textured Glass: Whether it's frosted, rain, or bubble pattern, textured glass is both functional and stylish.
  9. Integrated Seats: Especially useful for elderly or those who like to relax, built-in seats are becoming popular.
  10. Gold and Brass: Moving away from the usual chrome, gold, and brass hardware are making a comeback.

11. How to accessorize and enhance the look of your 800 x 800 shower enclosure?

Accessories can significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of your shower enclosure:

  1. Shower Caddies: Organize your shampoos, conditioners, and body wash using stylish caddies.
  2. Upgraded Hardware: Switching to brass or gold handles and hinges can elevate the look.
  3. Shower Heads: Opt for rainfall or multi-functional showerheads for a luxurious experience.
  4. Foot Rest: For those who shave their legs, a footrest can be a practical addition.
  5. Integrated Speakers: Make your showering experience musical with waterproof Bluetooth speakers.
  6. LED Lighting: Enhance the mood with waterproof LED lights in various colors.
  7. Glass Shelves: For added storage without compromising aesthetics.
  8. Decorative Tiles: Elevate the interior with decorative tiles for a unique look.
  9. Plants: Incorporate waterproof plants like ferns or aloe vera for a touch of greenery.
  10. Flooring: Consider non-slip tiles or pebble flooring for both safety and style.