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Product Overview: Brushed Brass Shower Enclosure

The Brushed Brass Shower Enclosure has all the advantages of modern materials, while the sleek design conveys opulence, providing design and color flexibility to meet your preferred area with ease. Appropriate for corner installations, with the glass panel creating the opposite side and additional shield panels to prevent excessive water spray. 

Brushed brass shower enclosures, fixtures, and bathroom accessories appear at the top of many bathroom wish lists. Additionally, the matte appearance of brushed brass showers makes them easier to maintain than, for example, polished chrome showers. A 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar cleans bathroom hardware.

Why choose Crown?

We Are Your First Choice Of Bathroom Supplier

Crown provides a complete bathroom enclosure that doubles as an entrance. Crown has two manufacturing facilities to manufacture shower enclosures. Crown’s manufacturing process is flexible, allowing customers to alter production schedules swiftly to meet the needs of your business. This lets you increase the sales of your product as well as assist in getting your product on the market in a short time. Crown is a group of skilled designers who are able to design a product to meet your requirements.

Manufacturer Of High-Quality Bathroom Products

Crown is also home of two manufacturing facilities which employ environmentally-friendly manufacturing methods. Additionally, Crown is a family-owned company that is constantly creating new products and developments for hygiene that are a reflection of the vision that the entire family shares. Our manufacturing experience of over 18 years will enable us to swiftly respond to your requirements and offer the most efficient solution.

An Outstanding Team

Crown is a team of employees who are easily available. Establishing teams that comprise sales and engineers will help ensure the effectiveness of your business’s strategies. That means that you don’t need to worry about the design of your business or the structure of your company. Crown will offer you an online-based packaging design which will allow you to increase your business via the internet.

Key Features of the  Brushed Brass Shower Enclosure 

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Here are some essential things about a brushed brass shower enclosure.

Gold & Brass Shower Enclosures

There are standard shower enclosures and also gold and brass shower enclosures. Altering fashions have reintroduced this brown-colored finish alongside the prevalent chrome, silver, and black. 

Attractive brass and gold Shower Enclosures in our online store are an excellent choice for bathrooms needing a style upgrade and nearly little maintenance in the shower area. Complement it with elegant brass or gold-finished fixtures for a fundamental transformation.

Brushed Brass Shower Enclosure With Door

The contemporary bathroom benefits significantly from the addition of this sliding door. Use it as a standalone door, or connect it with the other panels to make a complete shower enclosure. 

Achieving a more spaced-out appearance while maintaining a streamlined appearance. A glass that is both universally held and simple to clean comes equipped with a handle of solid brass and a profile of aluminum.

Antique Brass Shower Enclosure

Substituting typical stainless steel shower fittings with these antique brass shower fixtures can give your shower area a distinct individuality. These antique brass shower enclosure fixtures come in various appealing designs and are available in both brushed and polished brass. Comparable to taking a shower aboard a nineteenth-century ocean liner.

Brass Shower Enclosure2

Brushed Brass Bi-Fold Shower Door

A brushed brass bi-fold shower door provides your bathroom with superior utility and also lends an air of refined sophistication to the space. You have the option of selecting a glass in the color of your choice. The enclosures of our showers are not complicated to operate, and they do not consist of several panels. Only one door is there in this contemporary shower.

Benefits of the Brushed Brass Shower Enclosure

brushed brass in Enclosures3

Brushed brass shower enclosures are one of the industry’s standard materials due to their durability and adaptability, among other qualities. Brass taps, attachments, and other bathroom components have a reputation for surviving for decades, far longer than those made from different materials.

Look Fantastic

There is virtually no other alternative that is more attractive than a shower enclosure with large glass doors. The only other option that comes close is showering underneath the perfectly proportioned waterfall stream surrounded by a lush jungle.

You owe it to yourself to enjoy a shower that looks so good that you can’t wait to go on it each morning. If you put an attractive shower enclosure in one of the corners of your bathroom, you’ll have more room to concentrate on making the rest of the space more appealing.


Simple to maintain and adaptable to fit in with a variety of other bathroom fittings and accessories, the material can withstand the significant wear and tear of that bathroom faucet. Other components are subject to for decades. Brass fixtures are typically more resistant to hot water corrosion and other corrosive environmental characteristics than other materials.


Brushed brass shower enclosures have several benefits, one of which is their versatility; you might be amazed at how well it sparkles next to colors like gray, green, and blue. Copper, zinc, and lead are the other elements typically found in brass.

Simplicity of use

People also know that solid brass plumbing fittings and bathroom fixtures are easy to bend and shape. Even though it costs more upfront because it is so simple to deal with, building and It is expected that the costs associated with maintaining a bathroom that is constructed using this material will be reduced.

Different Types of Brushed Brass Shower Enclosure

Gold & Brass Shower Enclosures4

Personalized Shower

User preferences can determine the dimensions, contours, and overall appearance of a customized shower. When constructed correctly and with high-quality materials, custom showers have the potential to raise a home’s market value. You should prepare to invest hundreds of dollars in this type of shower.

Most of the time, professionals build custom showers to the homeowner’s exact specifications. Usually, natural stone or porcelain tiles are applied to make custom showers.

Curved Enclosure Shower

Curved enclosure showers often comprise a portion of the bathroom and have curved doors that swing in an elegant arc to enable entry. These showers are also known as “wet rooms.” Even though they are more expensive, curved shower enclosures better use the available space than their rectangular counterparts.

Neo-Angle Shower

A neo-angle enclosure shower might be a nice compromise for homeowners looking for something between a corner enclosure and a curved enclosure. The square shower is in a corner, and two flat panes of tempered glass form its sides. 

Body Shower

A body shower consists of a shower head located at shoulder height and several holes drilled into one or more walls to accommodate water jets of various sizes, from knees to shoulders. Rather than letting the water run down the drain, a body shower directs the water flow to some areas of the body, which can be more efficient and conserve moisture. 

This kind of fixture, when put into use, creates a vibrant soaking environment.

Shower Tower

A metal column known as a shower tower houses controls the shower head, hand shower, jets of various heights, and the shower. The requirement for several shower wall penetrations is away with these devices. Shower towers work best in bathrooms with a contemporary aesthetic because of their streamlined appearance. 

A shower tower is a column constructed of metal that includes handles, the faucet, a tile shower surround, jets of varying heights, and the ability to modify the size of the jets. The shower tower also allows the jets’ size to be adjusted.

How should an old shower made of brass be kept clean?

brushed brass shower enclosure uk5

Fill a soft cloth (like a baby wipe) with hot water and wring it out. On the surface of the brass, apply a foamy cleanser of your choice, and then wipe it off with the towel. To clean the interior components, use foam and a toothbrush or paintbrush with soft bristles. After giving the shower head a good cleaning with warm water, reinstall it.

How can I stop the water from leaking through my shower screen?

Fill a soft cloth (like a baby wipe) with hot water and wring it out. On the surface of the brass, apply a foamy cleanser of your choice, and then wipe it off with the towel. To clean the interior components, use foam and a toothbrush or paintbrush with soft bristles. After giving the shower head a good cleaning with warm water, reinstall it.

Should I consider a shower screen before constructing or remodeling my bathroom?

Arranging your shower screen before building or renovating your bathroom enables you to organize your bathroom designs to accommodate our standard packages, which saves you money. The following are some suggestions to help you reduce the expense of renovating your bathroom.

How do I clean the shower valve/head?

The only method recommended for cleaning brassware products is using warm soapy water and a gentle cloth. We do not suggest using any of the specialized cleaners that are available for use in bathrooms since many of them include strong chemicals that have the potential to inflict irreparable damage to the chrome plating.

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