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Bathroom Shower Enclosures Suppliers: How to Choose the Right One

A Bathroom Shower Enclosures Suppliers is an integral part of every bathroom in your home. Because of that, shower enclosures need to be in good condition, have a pleasing style, and of course, need to be very durable. When choosing the best bathroom shower enclosures suppliers, there are many things you need to consider. If you want to learn more, read on.

Why choose Crown?

We Are Your First Choice Of Bathroom Supplier

Crown has 18 years of experience in manufacturing and producing sanitary ware. Crown has a wide range of products, including shower rooms, integrated rooms, simple rooms, shower screens, bathtubs, jacuzzi and other furniture, allowing you to have more choices. Crown’s products have been sold to more than 100 countries so far, and can meet the needs of various markets. You don’t need to worry about the quality of the products. Crown’s products have passed the ISO90001 production quality standard, and each product is produced in strict accordance with the production standards.

Manufacturer Of High-Quality Bathroom Products

Crown additionally has two factories, and uses green production. Additionally, Crown is a family-owned company that is constantly innovating and creating hygiene products in line with the vision that the entire family has. Our manufacturing expertise that spans over 18 years allows us to react quickly to your needs and provide the most efficient solution.

An Outstanding Team

Crown is a team of workers that is accessible. The development of units with sales and engineers will guarantee the effectiveness of your business’s strategies and you will not have to think about the design of your marketplace or the structure of it. Crown will offer you an online-based layout for packaging to help expand the retail market on the internet.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Shower Enclosure Supplier?

To ensure that your bathroom is done perfectly, you must have the right supplier of shower enclosures. Here are a few tips that can help you make the right decision.


Browse Your Options

You would need to do your research to choose the right manufacturer of shower doors and Shower Enclosures for you.


How are these bathroom shower enclosures suppliers being viewed by others? Can you trust them? It is important to check the supplier’s reputation to avoid getting scammed.


Reliable vendors provide insurance and fraud defense. Work with vendors who safeguard your company at all costs.

Checking recommendations from other customers is crucial when looking for a reliable supplier of shower enclosures. More than anything else, this may help you understand how a supplier will live up to your expectations.

Set Your Standards

Roman Ltd6

Make a list of requirements bathroom shower enclosures suppliers must adhere to fulfill your needs. Here are some things to think about:

Ideal Delivery Time:

It is important to consider the supplier’s delivery time frame to ensure you are satisfied.

Product Quality:

The supplier must have the capacity to provide high-quality shower enclosures to you. They should take time to assure product quality through quality assurance methods.

Payment Guidelines: 

The methods and techniques by which you pay for your purchases are important to note. You should also know their return policy if you are unhappy with the service provided.

Communication Standards:

You should know the mode of communication the supplier prefers so you can contact them anytime you have questions or need to check with them.

By establishing the criteria in advance, you may evaluate possible providers based on each of the stated factors and make sure you don’t forget any crucial requirements.

Top 5 Benefits of Hiring Bathroom Shower Enclosures Suppliers

Roman Ltd7

Better Quality Control

When you hire a bathroom shower enclosure supplier working on the same standard, you can expect only high-quality products. A bathroom enclosure supplier would ensure that the shower enclosures are exactly what you want and in great condition.

Reduced Costs

A shower enclosure supplier can help you get great deals on your shower enclosure. They come in handy when you are doing a full home or office renovation and need to get shower enclosures in bulk.

Generally, a shower enclosure supplier you have been working with and can trust is essential. You will spend less than needed when you hire a trusted bathroom shower enclosure supplier. 

Customer Support for Product Improvement

When you work with a bathroom shower enclosure supplier, over time, they start to understand what you like and would recommend what they think would suit you more. There would be an overall improvement in the type of shower enclosure you get, how you get them, the cost, and the quality of the shower enclosure.

supplier of shower enclosures 1

Saves You Time 

A shower enclosure supplier takes all the stress of looking for a vendor that sells the perfect shower enclosure for you. 

All you need to do is tell the bathroom shower enclosure supplier what you want it to look like and how you want it to function. Maybe you’re interested in a glass shower enclosure from Heat and plumb. Suppliers can get your shower enclosures from well-known brands like Romam Ltd as well.

Experts in the Field 

A shower enclosure supplier is a professional at what they do. They have the qualifications needed to help ensure that they get you what you want, and because of that, you can place your focus on other important things.

A supplier would handle everything concerning the shower enclosure, giving you more room to focus on other aspects of your renovation or the construction of your bathroom. 

What You Need to Look for in Shower Enclosure Suppliers 

supplier of shower enclosures 8

Follows Local Laws

A bathroom enclosure supplier should be familiar with the local laws of the state they are in and the other states they distribute to. This means that they have you covered in that aspect. They know the right procedures to eliminate stress and ensure you get your shower enclosure in peak condition.

Dependable and Trustworthy

A bathroom enclosure supplier should be dependable. You should be able to trust that they will deliver on time and will not come up with excuses when it is time for you to get your shower enclosure. 

A trustworthy and dependable shower enclosure supplier would stick to the timeframe and notify you if there are any changes.

Good Communication

The bathroom shower enclosure supplier should always communicate with you. They should be honest and let you know if there would be a delay in you getting your shower enclosure. 

Bathroom shower enclosure suppliers should be able to be completely honest with you and give you real-time updates on your products and orders.

Provides the Best Deals

People often go through a supply service because they often have the best deals. The price of a shower enclosure from a supplier would be cheaper than that from a store. Additionally, the bathroom shower enclosure supplier would have connections that can help get you discounts during your purchase.

What are the best types of shower enclosures to get?

manufacturer of shower doors2

Different kinds of shower enclosures can be installed in your home. These include the following: 

Frameless Shower Enclosure: 

This shower enclosure has no framework and shows exposed glass edges. The frameless shower enclosure usually costs $800 – $2,200 (installation included).

Framed Shower Enclosure:

These shower enclosures are the most popular ones used in many homes. They have a chrome or aluminum metal frame around the door. The framed shower enclosure costs $150 – $2000 ( installation included).

Semi-Frameless Shower Enclosure: 

This shower enclosure has a minimal framework and glass edges. It is a mix of frameless and framed shower enclosures. The semi-frameless shower enclosure costs about $300 – $2,400 (installation included).

What do you consider when choosing a shower enclosure?

eastbrook volente shower enclosure2

It is crucial to consider the following when choosing a shower enclosure:

  • The size of the shower’s accessible space in the bathroom
  • Which design of shower enclosure (alcove, corner, quadrant, etc.) is required
  • Preferences or restrictions regarding the type of shower door (hinged, sliding, or bi-fold)
  • Consider circumstances that might prevent the installation of certain configurations

How do you take measurements for the shower enclosure?

To ensure that you get precise measurements, buy the shower enclosure after the walls have been tiled. Otherwise, provide the bathroom shower enclosures suppliers with the dimensions of the area where the shower will be installed, the tile thickness, and the recommended adhesive thickness. 

Remember to state the size of the unfinished shower space clearly. Additionally, providing a photo of the unfinished shower area where you took the measurements would be a good idea.

1. What are the top bathroom shower enclosure suppliers in the market?

When it comes to bathroom renovations or setting up new homes, finding the best suppliers for shower enclosures can be a challenge. Here's an overview of the most sought-after bathroom shower enclosure suppliers in the market:

  1. Basco Shower Doors: Known for their durable designs and premium build quality.
  2. DreamLine Shower Door: Offers a wide range of modern and stylish designs.
  3. Kohler: A reputable brand in the bathroom industry, providing a variety of shower enclosures.
  4. Delta: Offers a range of shower and tub enclosures with innovative designs.
  5. American Standard: Another market leader known for their reliability.
  6. MAAX: Popular for their luxurious designs and quality.
  7. Sterling: A Kohler company that brings innovative designs.
  8. OVE Decors: Focuses on modern and stylish shower enclosure designs.
  9. Aston: Known for their frameless shower doors and premium enclosures.
  10. VIGO: Combines style with functionality, offering a range of shower enclosures.

2. Why are Basco Shower Doors considered a top choice?

Basco, an established name in the world of shower enclosures, is often the first choice for many homeowners and contractors. Here are reasons for their popularity:

  1. Durability: Basco Shower Doors are built with high-quality materials ensuring they last for years.
  2. Variety: Whether you are looking for a framed or frameless design, Basco has something for everyone.
  3. Customization: Basco offers custom shower doors tailored to your specific needs.
  4. Aesthetics: The designs are sleek and contemporary, adding a touch of elegance to any bathroom.
  5. Ease of Installation: Their doors are designed for hassle-free installation.
  6. Affordability: Despite their high quality, Basco doors are competitively priced.
  7. Customer Service: Their after-sales service and support are commendable.
  8. Innovative Features: Many of their shower doors come with added features like anti-leak technology and easy-clean glass.
  9. Safety: The use of tempered glass in their products ensures the safety of users.
  10. Environmental Responsibility: Basco focuses on sustainable practices, ensuring their products are environmentally friendly.

3. How does DreamLine Shower Door compare to other suppliers?

DreamLine is another leading name in the Shower Door industry. Here's a comparison:

  1. Design: DreamLine offers a plethora of modern designs, from frameless to sliding doors.
  2. Price: Often more affordable than other premium brands, making it accessible to a broader audience.
  3. Quality: The build quality is commendable and comparable to top-tier brands.
  4. Installation: DreamLine offers DIY-friendly products which are easy to install.
  5. Innovation: They often introduce unique features like clearMax water repellent and stain-resistant glass coating.
  6. Variety: They cater to both small and large bathrooms, offering a wide range of sizes.
  7. Customer Reviews: DreamLine generally receives positive reviews for both their products and customer service.
  8. Warranty: Their warranty is competitive, ensuring customers feel secure in their purchase.
  9. Global Presence: DreamLine products are available globally, making them accessible to a wide range of customers.
  10. Environmental Commitment:Just like Basco, DreamLine also has a commitment to sustainability. Their manufacturing processes are designed to minimize waste and they make conscious efforts to use materials that are environmentally friendly.

4. What should one look for when choosing a shower enclosure for their bathroom?

Selecting the right shower enclosure for your Bathroom can transform the space. Here's a guide on what to consider:

  1. Size of the Bathroom: Measure the available space to ensure the shower enclosure fits perfectly.
  2. Design: Decide between framed, semi-framed, or frameless designs. Each has its unique aesthetic appeal.
  3. Door Type: Swing-open, sliding, bi-fold – choose what suits your space and convenience.
  4. Material: Tempered glass is a popular choice due to its durability and safety features.
  5. Finish: Chrome, brushed nickel, matte black – pick a finish that complements your bathroom decor.
  6. Features: Look for added features like anti-leak technology or easy-clean glass treatments.
  7. Budget: Shower enclosures vary in price. Set a budget and find the best option within that range.
  8. Brand Reputation: Brands like Basco Shower Door and DreamLine Shower Door are trusted for a reason.
  9. Installation: Some enclosures are easier to DIY, while others might require professional installation.
  10. Warranty and Customer Support: Always ensure the product comes with a good warranty and the brand offers reliable customer support.

Tub enclosures are making a significant comeback, and here’s why:

  1. Space-saving: In bathrooms where space is a premium, a tub with an enclosure can serve the dual purpose of bathing and showering.
  2. Aesthetic Appeal: Modern tub enclosures are sleek and elevate the overall look of a bathroom.
  3. Safety: Tub enclosures can prevent water spillage, reducing the risk of slips and falls.
  4. Privacy: They offer more privacy, especially in shared bathrooms.
  5. Versatility: They're suitable for both quick showers and long, relaxing baths.
  6. Energy Efficient: Enclosures trap steam, which can lead to quicker and more enjoyable warm baths or showers during colder months.
  7. Added Features: Many come with features like fog-resistant glass or built-in shelves.
  8. Maintenance: Enclosures keep the rest of the bathroom dry, making cleaning easier.
  9. Variety: There's a wide range of designs available to suit various bathroom styles.
  10. Value: They can add value to a home, making it more appealing to potential buyers.

6. How to maintain and clean a Shower Door for longevity?

To ensure the longevity of your Shower Door, proper maintenance and cleaning are essential:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Use a squeegee after every shower to remove water spots.
  2. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: They can damage the door's finish. Use mild detergents or specialized shower door cleaners.
  3. Soft Cloth:Use a soft cloth or sponge to clean the surface. Avoid abrasive materials like scouring pads as they can scratch the glass or metal finish.
  4. Natural Cleaners: Solutions like a mix of white vinegar and water can effectively remove soap scum and water stains.
  5. Check for Mold: Especially in the corners and hinges. If spotted, a mix of equal parts water and bleach can help eliminate it.
  6. Regularly Inspect Hardware: Make sure handles, hinges, and other hardware are tightly secured. Over time, they may become loose and need tightening.
  7. Lubricate Moving Parts: If you have a sliding shower door, ensure that the tracks are free from debris and occasionally lubricate them for smooth operation.
  8. Protective Coatings: Consider applying a protective glass treatment. It can make cleaning easier and prevent hard water stains.
  9. Seals & Gaskets: Inspect rubber seals and gaskets regularly. If they're worn out, replace them to prevent leaks.
  10. Professional Cleaning: Once in a while, consider professional cleaning services that can deep-clean and restore your shower door to a near-new state.

7. Are there specific brands known for environmentally-friendly shower enclosures?

Yes, with increasing emphasis on sustainability, some brands stand out for their green practices in the realm of shower enclosures:

  1. DreamLine: Uses eco-friendly materials and emphasizes waste reduction in their manufacturing process.
  2. Basco: Besides offering durable products that last longer (thus reducing replacement waste), they also focus on environmentally responsible manufacturing.
  3. Kohler: Renowned for its sustainability initiatives, from water conservation to waste reduction.
  4. American Standard: Incorporates sustainable practices in production and offers eco-friendly product choices.
  5. MAAX: Strives to create products that conserve water and has energy-efficient manufacturing processes.
  6. Sterling: Uses recyclable materials wherever possible in their product line.
  7. Delta: Implements water-saving technologies in many of their products.
  8. OVE Decors: Prioritizes eco-friendly packaging and product designs that minimize waste.
  9. Aston: Their frameless designs not only look good but are also produced with sustainability in mind.
  10. VIGO: Invests in research to produce more eco-friendly products while maintaining quality and aesthetics.

8. How do shower enclosures contribute to bathroom safety?

Shower enclosures are more than just stylish additions; they contribute significantly to bathroom safety. Here's how:

  1. Reduced Slips: Enclosures prevent water from spilling onto the bathroom floor, reducing the risk of slips.
  2. Tempered Glass: Most modern shower enclosures use tempered glass which, if broken, shatters into small, less harmful pieces.
  3. Stable Handles: Provide support and balance for users, especially when the floor is wet.
  4. Anti-leak Technology: Ensures water stays within the enclosure, further preventing slippery floors.
  5. Anti-shatter Films: Some brands offer an added layer on the glass, ensuring that even if the glass breaks, it doesn’t scatter.
  6. Non-slip Bases: Many shower enclosures come with textured bases designed to minimize slipping, providing a safer surface underfoot.
  7. Clear Visibility: Transparent enclosures allow users to see their surroundings clearly, reducing the chances of accidents caused by sudden movements or surprises.
  8. Reinforced Frames: The structural integrity of well-designed enclosures ensures they don’t collapse under pressure.
  9. Barrier-free Access: Some enclosures are designed for easy access, especially beneficial for seniors or those with mobility challenges.
  10. Emergency Exit: Many enclosures come with quick-release mechanisms or features that allow for swift exits in case of emergencies.

9. How can you customize a shower enclosure to match a bathroom's aesthetic?

Ensuring your shower enclosure complements the bathroom's aesthetic can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel. Here's how you can customize it:

  1. Glass Tint: Choose from clear, frosted, tinted, or patterned glass based on your preference.
  2. Hardware Finish: Opt for finishes like chrome, matte black, brushed nickel, or gold to match other fixtures in the bathroom.
  3. Door Style: Pick between pivot, hinged, sliding, or bi-fold doors depending on space and design considerations.
  4. Frame Design: Decide between framed, semi-frameless, or frameless enclosures for different visual impacts.
  5. Integrated Features: Consider shelves or built-in towel racks for functionality and style.
  6. Personalized Patterns: Some suppliers offer the ability to add personalized patterns or designs on the glass.
  7. Lighting: Add LED lights within or around the enclosure to enhance the mood and atmosphere.
  8. Digital Interfaces: High-end enclosures can come with digital controls for steam, music, or lighting.
  9. Custom Dimensions: Tailor the size and shape of the enclosure to fit perfectly within your bathroom space.
  10. Unique Materials: Consider enclosures with bamboo, wood, or other unique materials for a distinct look.

The world of bathroom shower enclosures is evolving with time. Let's delve into the anticipated trends:

  1. Smart Showers: Integrating digital tech for personalized water temperatures, flow rates, and more.
  2. Spa-like Experience: Enclosures designed for therapeutic experiences, including aromatherapy and chromotherapy.
  3. Minimalist Designs: Frameless designs and clean lines will continue to dominate for a sleek, modern look.
  4. Eco-friendly Materials: As sustainability becomes a global focus, expect to see more recyclable and green materials.
  5. Multipurpose Spaces: Enclosures integrated with seating, steam rooms, or even exercise spaces.
  6. Enhanced Accessibility: Features catering to the aging population or those with mobility challenges.
  7. Integrated Greenery: Incorporation of plants within enclosures for a touch of nature.
  8. Voice Control: Integration with smart home systems to control various shower functions using voice commands.
  9. Mood Lighting: Adjustable LED lighting to set the mood or sync with music.
  10. Water Conservation: Advanced technology that helps conserve water without compromising the shower experience.

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