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Product Overview: Aqualux Shower Screen

If you’re frustrated with water splashing around your bathroom floor, then the Aqualux shower screen is here to solve your problem. A shower screen is a glass panel that separates your bathroom area from the rest. Water can’t get out of the tub since this screen fits tightly between the wall and the edge. You may choose different sizes, shapes, and designs.

Why choose Crown?

We Are Your First Choice Of Bathroom Supplier

Crown offers a complete bathroom enclosure that can be walked into. Crown has two manufacturing facilities for the production of shower enclosures. Crown’s production process is flexible and allows you to quickly modify production schedules to meet your needs, which allows you to market your product and aid in establishing your product on the market quickly. Crown is a group of highly skilled designers that can make a product that is in line with the specifications you have set.

Manufacturer Of High-Quality Bathroom Products

Crown also has two factories that use green production. Furthermore, Crown is a family-owned company that is always developing and innovating hygiene products which are based on concepts of the whole family shares. Our manufacturing experience that spans more than 18 years lets us respond rapidly to your needs and offer the most effective solution.

An Outstanding Team

Crown is an organization that is easily accessible. The creation of units that include engineers and sales will ensure the efficiency of your business’s strategy. This means you don’t have to consider the appearance of your company or its structure. Crown will provide you with an online-based packaging design that will help you expand your market for retail on the internet.

The Qualities Of An Aqualux Shower Screen

Shower screens prevent water from flooding your bathroom and improve the aesthetic of your space at the same time. Glass panels provide several advantages that can help you live in style, and cleanliness, whether you have a shower installed in your bathtub or a separate walk-in shower screen. 

Below are the qualities of having a shower screen:

aqua bath screen 5

Aqualux Shower Enclosure

It’s impossible to keep your bathroom dry when somebody uses the shower without an enclosure. You may save time and energy by placing a Shower Enclosure to hold water. These structures feature waterproof bases.

Aqualux Hinged Shower Door

The Aqualux Hinged Shower Door is a classic design for shower doors. The door operates normally, similar to any other door in a home. You’ll find this feature on the standalone shower enclosure. The hinge is typically installed between two shower panels, but you may also fasten it to a wall profile or another part of the enclosure.

Aqua Bath Screen

Bath screens are ideal for those who enjoy lounging in the tub. When installed around the circumferences of a bathtub, a bath screen converts the space into a shower and a place to relax and can also prevent unwanted water from escaping. A glass protection system can keep the bath screen’s shine and newness after years of use from limescale and soap scum, leaving a surface built to last.

Pros Of Having An Aqualux Shower Screen

Many individuals, especially those with smaller bathrooms, prefer to have a shower installed in the bathtub because of its convenience.

Installing a shower screen gives the impression of a standalone enclosure and provides the convenience of a bathtub when you feel like soaking in the water. You can expect the following benefits from using this product.

aqualux shower enclosure

Easily Installation

Aqualux shower enclosure is straightforward, making them a good option whether you prefer the do-it-yourself way or would rather have a professional install your new screen. The installation of this product is simple and takes little time. It is also possible to select the necessary fittings in a way that efficiently uses the available area and guarantees a smooth movement from one section to another. 

Outstanding Safety Measures

The safety features built into aqualux uk shower screens can help put homeowners’ worries at ease. Tempered glass is utilized for the screens that surround showers. When hit by an object of sufficient force, window glass shatters, while tempered glass will not.


You may change a shower screen in a snap to fit your needs. You can use any size, shape, and kind of door or material for your custom shower screen. Shop the Aqualux range of screens to choose a shower screen that perfectly matches your bathroom. A screen comes in various colors and textures, and you can choose from a wide range of frame forms, from 90-degree enclosures to single fixed panels.

Makes The Bathroom More Cozy

Shower screens are designed to make daily showering more pleasant. When installed, shower screens soften the visual impact of any other design details in the bathroom, creating a more refined and unified overall effect. 

Durable And High-Quality Materials

Tempering and treatment are applied to the glass before it is used to produce shower screens to be more durable. The glass in shower screens is strong enough to withstand scratches and breaking.

A Wide Selections Of Aqualux Shower Screen

aqualux shower enclosure reviews

A shower screen is an important investment, but it doesn’t have to be challenging. You may update your bathroom with these modern shower screen-wide selections.

Bi-fold Shower Screens

The bi-fold shower screen is simple to install, takes up little room, and is perfect for a bathroom with limited floor space or where opening and conventional closing doors could be difficult. The panels of the bi-fold shower door open inward into the shower and fold into each other to provide full access to the shower area.

Pivot Shower Screens

No matter how big or little your bathroom is, improving access to the shower should be the top priority throughout your bathroom’s redesign. Pivoting screen hinges let the glass door panel swing through or out of the shower for maximum flexibility.

Sliding Door Screens

Sliding door screens are an option to update your Aqua bath screen. There are several reasons why these screens are a perfect purchase for your bathroom, including their space-saving layout and simple maintenance. A wide variety of types and designs are available, so you may pick one that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Hinge Door Screens

The Aqualux hinged shower door has the excellent capability of preventing water leakage from shower tubs. These screens can also slide inwards, outwards, or in both directions, making it easier to reach fixtures and fittings, and maintain them. 

Is there a standard size for shower screens?

It is important to remember that most Aqualux shower enclosures are manufactured in standard sizes ranging from 66 to 140 centimeters in width and 100 to 210 centimeters in height. On the other hand, it is possible to contract a design that is specifically tailored to a specific area.

aqualux quadrant shower enclosure

What is the safest thickness of a shower screen?

If your shower screen is framed, the minimum thickness is 5 millimeters. When the shower screen is partially framed, the thickness should be 6 millimeters. Lastly, the thickness must be 10 millimeters if the shower screen has no frames.

How is the shower screen secured and attached to the wall?

aqualux shower enclosure installation instructions

The element that secures the aqua bath screens to the wall is called the wall channel, and you can find it in most bathrooms. When a glass panel is installed, it slips the bracket over the support bar to install a glass panel and then secures it to the wall. Adjusting the screws attached to the wall bracket and the glass bracket to secure them in their right place.

The last thing in securing a shower screen is applying silicone sealant throughout the shower. Only the exterior of the shower has a silicone sealant. 

What type of glass is suitable for a shower screen?

These days, there is a wide variety of Aqualux hinged shower door designs from which a typical homeowner can choose. Crystal clear low iron glass, with a green tinge that will offer elegance to your bathroom decorum, is one of the most popular options.

The etched glass’ distinctive embossing provides increased privacy when combined with a privacy restriction. You can spice things up by including beautiful patterns. Numerous patterned glass types are available for showers, and acid wash, often known as frosted glass, is an excellent choice for those who value privacy.

What makes Aqualux Shower Screens stand out in the market?

Aqualux has always been a frontrunner when it comes to providing impeccable shower screens. Their dedication to crafting top-notch products stems from their desire to create a luxurious bathing experience. But what truly sets them apart?

  • Material Quality: Aqualux uses premium materials ensuring longevity.

  • Design: A modern look is blended with functionality to offer elegance in every bathroom.

  • Flexibility: A range of sizes and styles, ensuring a fit for every bathroom layout.

  • Safety: Enhanced safety features reduce risks related to glass breakages.

  • Affordability: High-quality products at competitive prices.

Remember, a shower screen isn't just a barrier; it's a statement of your style.

How do glass shower screens compare to Aqualux Shower Screens in terms of durability?

When we dive into the realm of shower screens, durability is paramount. Many homeowners lean towards glass shower screens, but here's why Aqualux stands tall:

  • Thickness: Aqualux screens often come with a thicker profile, promising robustness.

  • Coating: Their protective coating ensures resistance against common threats like hard water stains.

  • Seals: Aqualux ensures watertight seals, preventing leakages and prolonging the screen's life.

  • Hardware: Crafted from corrosion-resistant materials, longevity is a guarantee.

Choosing Aqualux translates to a commitment to endurance.

Why are aqualux 4 fold bath screens gaining popularity?

Homeowners nowadays seek versatility, and the aqualux 4 fold bath screen brings just that. Here's why:

  • Space Efficiency: Easily fold back when not in use, maximizing space.

  • Design: Delivers a modern touch to any bathroom ambiance.

  • Functionality: Each panel moves independently, allowing various configurations.

  • Safety: Designed keeping user safety in focus, minimizing accidents.

With the 4 fold screen, Aqualux proves its dedication to innovation.

What are the primary maintenance tips for Aqualux Shower Screens?

Keeping your Aqualux Shower Screen shining isn't cumbersome. Follow these steps:

  1. Use a squeegee after every use to prevent water spots.
  2. Mild detergent and warm water can tackle most stains.
  3. Avoid abrasive materials.
  4. Ensure regular check-ups of the seals.
  5. Address minor damages immediately to prevent them from escalating.

Are Aqualux bathroom accessories compatible with other brands?

Aqualux crafts its accessories with universality in mind. However, always ensure:

  • Size Matching: Check dimensions before any purchase.

  • Style Sync: While Aqualux products have a distinct style, many accessories are designed to be versatile to complement other brands.

  • Functionality: Ensure the accessory's purpose aligns with your existing setup.

  • Installation: Compatibility is not just about fit but also about how seamlessly an accessory can be installed with non-Aqualux products.

Being cautious while shopping will enhance your bathroom’s functionality and aesthetics.

How does Aqualux compare to Aqata co uk in terms of product range?

Aqualux and Aqata co uk, both have their unique offerings in the shower screen market. Here’s a quick comparison:

Feature Aqualux Aqata co uk
Variety of Styles Extensive Diverse
Customization Highly customizable Limited custom options
Accessory Range Broad spectrum Focused offerings
Price Range Affordable to premium Mostly premium

While both brands promise quality, Aqualux offers a broader spectrum catering to a larger audience.

Why is a 4 panel bath screen a preferable choice for many homeowners?

The 4 panel bath screen isn't just about appearance; it's about maximizing utility. Here's why many choose it:

  • Adaptability: Can adjust to various bathtub lengths and widths.

  • Ease of Cleaning: Individual panels mean easier access and cleaning.

  • Safety: Less risk of damage as smaller panels are less likely to face heavy impact.

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Offers a modern, sleek look enhancing the bathroom’s decor.

For those who seek a mix of elegance and efficiency, the 4 panel bath screen is the answer.

What warranty is offered with an Aqualux Shower Screen purchase?

Aqualux believes in its product quality, which reflects in its warranty policies. Key points include:

  • Duration: A standard warranty covering potential manufacturing defects.

  • Terms: Coverage often excludes damages due to improper installation or misuse.

  • Support: A dedicated customer service team ensures any warranty claim is addressed promptly.

  • Extended Warranty: Some premium products might offer extended warranty periods.

Purchasing an Aqualux product means peace of mind with reliable after-sales support.

How easy is it to install an Aqualux Shower Screen?

Aqualux designs its products with user-friendliness in mind. Installation pointers:

  • Guidance: Each product comes with a detailed instruction manual.

  • Tools: Standard tools suffice for most installations.

  • Support: Aqualux's customer service can guide through tricky steps.

  • Professional Help: For complex setups, consider hiring a professional.

With the right tools and guidance, installing an Aqualux shower screen is a breeze.

Can I customize the design of my Aqualux Shower Screen?

Absolutely! Aqualux is renowned for its:

  • Variety: Multiple design templates to kick start your customization journey.

  • Flexibility: Options to tweak sizes, finishes, and panel counts to your liking.

  • Personal Touch: Add unique patterns or finishes for that extra touch of individuality.

  • Consultation: Expert designers are available to guide you through the customization process.

  • Digital Previews: Visualize your custom design before it's manufactured.

With Aqualux, turning your vision into reality is just a few steps away.

What are the benefits of using Aqualux's 4 fold bath screen?

The aqualux 4 fold bath screen has carved its niche in the market. Delving into its benefits:

  • Space-saving: Foldable design means less obstruction when not in use.

  • Durability: Engineered for long-lasting use, ensuring value for money.

  • Ease of Use: Independent panels allow for smooth operation.

  • Design Versatility: Aesthetically pleasing and matches various bathroom decors.

Whether you have a compact or spacious bathroom, the 4 fold bath screen offers optimal functionality and style.

How can I ensure the longevity of my Aqualux Shower Screen?

Proper care ensures your Aqualux Shower Screen stands the test of time. Consider these tips:

  1. Avoid harsh chemicals; opt for gentle cleaners.
  2. Schedule regular checks to detect and fix minor issues.
  3. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent mold and mildew.
  4. Always use soft cloths for cleaning to prevent scratches.
  5. Follow maintenance guidelines provided in the product manual.

By dedicating a little time to care, you can enjoy a pristine shower screen for years to come.

How do Aqualux bathroom accessories complement the Aqualux Shower Screen?

Aqualux doesn't just specialize in shower screens; their accessory line is designed to synergize perfectly with their screens. Here's how:

  • Design Consistency: Accessories are crafted to match the style and finish of Aqualux screens.

  • Functional Harmony: Every accessory is optimized for seamless functionality with the screens.

  • Installation Ease: Combined installations of screens and accessories are straightforward.

  • Durability Match: The life expectancy of accessories mirrors that of the screens.

Investing in Aqualux's cohesive suite ensures an elevated, synchronized bathroom experience.

How does Aqualux ensure product quality in line with international standards?

Aqualux's commitment to quality is unwavering. Here's a glimpse into their assurance process:

  • Standards Adherence: Products are in compliance with major international standards like ANSI, IEC, IEEE, and CSA.

  • Rigorous Testing: Every product undergoes strict quality checks before leaving the factory.

  • Technical Expertise: A seasoned team constantly refines the production process for superior outcomes.

  • Feedback Loop: Customer feedback is incorporated to continually elevate product standards.

  • Third-Party Collaboration: Coordination with independent laboratories guarantees consistent quality.

Choosing Aqualux means investing in world-class quality, assured by global benchmarks.

Are there any eco-friendly initiatives associated with Aqualux Shower Screens?

Sustainability is a modern concern, and Aqualux is on board. Key green initiatives include:

  • Recyclable Materials: Most components of Aqualux screens are recyclable, emphasizing waste reduction.

  • Eco-Friendly Manufacturing: Processes are constantly refined to minimize carbon footprint.

  • Water Conservation: Some screens are designed to prevent water spillage, promoting water conservation.

  • Sustainable Packaging: Aqualux employs biodegradable and eco-friendly packaging solutions.

By opting for Aqualux, customers are also making an environmentally-conscious choice.

How does Aqualux handle after-sales support?

Understanding customers' needs post-purchase is vital for Aqualux. Their robust after-sales support encompasses:

  • Dedicated Helpline: A direct line for any product-related queries or issues.

  • Warranty Claims: A streamlined process for swift resolution.

  • Installation Guidance: Assistance available for those opting for DIY installation.

  • Global Presence: With branches in various countries, global customers are never left unsupported.

With Aqualux, the relationship doesn’t end after purchase—it’s just the beginning.

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