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Product Overview: 900 x 800 Shower Enclosure and Tray

A once-isolated space can become a perfectly functioning and accessible bathroom by installing a shower enclosure. This determines the size, shape, and look of your bathroom.

A 900 x 800 shower enclosure and tray fit perfectly in confined bathroom areas. Generally, the shower enclosure’s sleek, contemporary design partnered with a modern designed tray is ideal if you have ample floor space.

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Crown is a manufacturing facility that has 18 years of expertise in designing and manufacturing of shower enclosures. It was once a single family factory to one that has two production facilities and more than 20 skilled bathroom designers. Crown’s products include CE, TUV, CSI, ISO9001 and many other certifications that guarantee that the quality of the products that you purchase.

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crown operates two production centers and close to 100 production workers. Our facilities are eco-friendly and are monitored from conception until sales to ensure production quality.

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Crown is a group of skilled and knowledgeable designers who can customize their services to meet your requirements. Crown’s sales representatives are accessible 24 hours a day to address your needs.

Definition of 900 x 800 Shower Enclosure and Tray

900 x 800 shower enclosure and tray 1

Shower Enclosures are popular and offer an excellent showering experience because of their large space and sleek look. They are the ultimate solution for bathrooms’ wasted space and can add a design element. A quadrant shower enclosure and tray can be the best choice for customers with limited mobility, given their generous space for movement.

Modern shower trays are also incredibly lightweight and durable, thanks to technological improvements. Additionally, contemporary shower trays are much slimmer than those from the past.

900 mm 800 mm Shower Enclosure and Tray Benefits

Shower enclosure 900 x 800 2

It would be best to consider comfort, aesthetics, and usefulness when constructing a bathroom. The 900 x 800 shower enclosure and tray is a  fantastic choice for achieving this objective due to their attractive designs and distinctive adaptability. Most people use the shower to wind down after a long day; it is much more than just a place to take a bath.

These are only a handful of the numerous benefits of shower enclosure and tray:

Improves the Appearance of Your Bathroom

900 x 800 Pivot Shower Enclosure3

The smooth glass is the traditional material for shower enclosures, which you may customize to fit any bathroom decor. It can easily attain a sophisticated, one-of-a-kind design by walking a fine line between simplicity and grandeur, much like a 900 x 800 shower enclosure black framed. To complement the design, you can alter bathroom accessories, including handles and frames.

Encourages a Clean and Hygienic Environment

900mm x 800mm Double Door Offset Quadrant Shower4

Shower curtains can contribute to the growth of mold and mildew, which can have detrimental long-term health implications in the moist, humid atmosphere of the bathroom. Installing a glass shower enclosure 900 x 800 could ease your worries because glass is a non-porous material and won’t support the growth of germs and other microbes. Combining it with a straightforward, clean-looking shower tray.

Easily Maintained

Given that most people have busy lives, any fashionable element you add to your home must also be useful. Not only does a 900 x 800 shower enclosure and tray give your bathroom a hint of urban glitz, but it also takes little to no maintenance. 

Once installed, you may take advantage of the added luxury it provides without having to give upkeep a second thought. These enclosures are scratch and crack resistant because the glassware used for them is tempered.

Excellent Safety Precautions and Total Water Tightness

Increased safety is one of the most obvious benefits of adding a shower enclosure since it stops spills and keeps the bathroom floors dry. Every time an individual uses the shower, the bathroom will almost certainly become wet if there isn’t an enclosure.

Additionally, shower trays and enclosures have waterproof bases to stop water from leaking and lessen the risk of accidents, slips, and crashes, which is essential for children and the elderly.

Types of Door Frames for 900 x 800 Shower Enclosure and Tray

Shower enclosure 900 x 800 glass doors make access easy, preventing fluids from escaping the space. If your existing shower doors need to be improved, think about upgrading or installing new ones.

Here are a few illustrations of typical door designs:

Pivot Door

Another type of shower door with the best access is the 900 x 800 pivot shower enclosure. Shower doors can swing outward because they are hinged at the top and bottom. These doors are sometimes mistaken for hinged shower doors due to their resemblance. 

The hinges on a pivot shower door are not fastened to the wall, which makes it different. As a result, there is less space required for clearance than with a hinged door because the far side of the door moves back into the bathroom area.

Bi-fold Door

Two or more screens are present in bi-fold shower doors. In a small bathroom, it won’t take up much space because one panel is attached to the frame while the other panel folds backward on hinges. 

A 900 x 800 bifold shower enclosure is great for compact bathrooms. The shower door may be folded so that it doesn’t take up any room outside the shower when used. These doors are heartily advised if you have a small en suite or spare bathroom.

Bypass Shower Door

Like sliding French doors, bypass shower doors are placed on the wall. Two glass panels move along horizontal rails fixed to the shower enclosure. You may use only tracks or motorized rollers to aid doors in opening and shutting.

Style Options of Shower Enclosure 900 X 800

800 x 900 shower enclosure corner entry6

Here are some of the several styles of showers available to you:

Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures

The best type of quadrant shower enclosure is the offset one. It has additional space and handling options, and the doors glide easily on rollers, allowing you to install it almost anywhere.

Compared to standard quadrant models, offset quadrant shower stalls are on the roomier side. Because they occupy a bigger amount of one wall, 900mm x 800mm double door offset quadrant showers are ideal as a focal point of your bathroom.

Walk-In Shower Enclosure

One of the most modern bathroom options is a walk-in shower, which measures 900 x 800 and has no doors. Even in small bathrooms, they provide a touch of style and class. But in addition to having a great appearance, several alternatives incorporate hardened safety glass. When paired with an exquisite shower tray, it appears elegant.

A walk-in shower enclosure can help create a luxurious spa-like ambiance in your home. These enclosures are fantastic for those with a larger bathroom because of the decreased step and lack of a door, making them ideal for persons with mobility issues.

Corner Shower Enclosure

The 800 x 900 shower enclosure corner entry is one of the most conventional designs. In fact, the layout cleverly divides your dry and damp parts to make the most of the available space.

You have many alternatives when building your shower enclosure in a corner among the many possible arrangements. With an enclosure, you might be able to make the most of the area in your bathroom while still using a roomier, nicer shower. Additionally, it will appear more lavish and spectacular if you mix it with a straightforward yet exquisite tray.

How simple is the 900 x 800 shower enclosure to install?

900 x 800 bifold shower enclosure7

While building the shower enclosure is relatively easy, it could be challenging if you need to learn how to do it or have no knowledge of basic plumbing. Don’t hesitate to contact a plumber in your area if you have further inquiries. They’ll be in a position to help you.

Depending on the sort of tray you select, there are various methods for mounting the tray you have chosen. Since you will be required to access the area below the floor, getting trays flat with the flooring will require a lot of work. 

Legs connected to the tray allow the enclosure to be elevated, allowing pipes to be put underneath the tray without removing any flooring.

T6he pipes are then hidden with a panel to prevent further visibility. If you try to handle this issue independently, ensure the tray is silicone-sealed snugly to prevent it from coming loose. If you don’t, you might endanger yourself.

Is it worth buying a 900 x 800 quadrant tray and shower enclosure?

It is worth buying because it should meet your standards for comfort, effectiveness, durability, ease of maintenance, and aesthetics while producing the desired effects. A shower enclosure is simple to enter and depart and comes in various designs to match any bathroom.

Why Choose a 900 x 800 Shower Enclosure and Tray for My Bathroom?

The decision to install a 900 x 800 shower enclosure and tray in your bathroom can be influenced by several compelling reasons.

Space-Saving Design

First and foremost, this size is ideal for bathrooms where space is at a premium. The compact design ensures that you maximize the use of your space without compromising on comfort.

Modern Appeal

The sleek design of the 900 x 800 pivot shower enclosure, a popular choice, adds a contemporary touch to any bathroom.

Wide Range of Styles

From the stylish 900 x 800 offset quadrant shower enclosure and tray to the unique left hand offset quadrant shower enclosure 800 x 900, there's a design that caters to every aesthetic preference.

Easy Installation

Most 900 x 800 shower trays are designed for straightforward installation, making it a favorite among DIY enthusiasts.


Investing in a shower enclosure of this size is often more affordable than larger enclosures, offering excellent value for money.


High-quality materials ensure that your 900 x 800 shower tray and enclosure will stand the test of time, ensuring years of use.


For those seeking a personal touch, many manufacturers offer customizable options to make your shower space truly unique.

Efficient Drainage

The design of most 900 x 800 shower trays promotes efficient water drainage, ensuring a slip-free surface.

Warranty and Support

Leading brands often offer warranties and excellent after-sales service, giving you peace of mind about your purchase.

How Does the 900 x 800 Pivot Shower Enclosure Differ from Other Types?

The 900 x 800 pivot shower enclosure stands out in its functionality and design.

Pivot Mechanism

The central feature is the pivot mechanism, which allows the door to swing outwards, providing a wide entry space.

Elegant Design

The pivot design is minimalist and sleek, adding a touch of modern elegance to any bathroom.

Easy Accessibility

With the door opening wide, accessibility becomes effortless, making it a suitable choice for all users.

Reduced Water Spillage

The tight seal of the pivot door ensures minimal water spillage, keeping the rest of your bathroom dry.


Whether it's a left or right opening, the 900 x 800 pivot shower enclosure can be installed as per user preference.


Constructed with high-quality materials, pivot shower enclosures are designed to last, ensuring long-term functionality.

Customization Options

From frosted glass to tinted options, there's a variety of customizations available to make the enclosure align with your aesthetic choices.

Safety Features

Many pivot shower enclosures come with tempered safety glass, ensuring protection against accidental breakage.

Cost Efficiency

While providing a luxurious look, pivot shower enclosures are often competitively priced, ensuring you don't have to break the bank for quality.

What Are the Benefits of an 800 x 900 Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

Quadrant shower enclosures, especially the 800 x 900 quadrant shower enclosure, are becoming increasingly popular due to their myriad of benefits.

Space Optimization

Their curved design fits snugly into bathroom corners, making the most of available space.

Modern Appearance

The sleek curves offer a contemporary design, enhancing the overall bathroom look.

Smooth Sliding Doors

Most quadrant enclosures come with smooth sliding doors, ensuring easy access without taking up additional space.

Reduced Water Leakage

The tight-sealing doors of the quadrant design minimize water leakage, ensuring a dry and safe bathroom floor.

Sturdy Construction

These enclosures often feature reinforced glass and strong frames, ensuring durability and safety.

Easy Cleaning

The curved design reduces sharp corners, making cleaning more straightforward and efficient.

Versatile Design

Whether it's the left hand offset quadrant shower enclosure 800 x 900 or its right-hand counterpart, there's a quadrant design for every bathroom layout.

Improved Aesthetics

The combination of the enclosure and the 900 x 800 shower tray creates a harmonious look, elevating the overall bathroom design.

Installation Flexibility

They can be fitted with both low-profile trays or raised trays depending on plumbing requirements.


Are There Different Installation Methods for 900 x 800 Shower Trays?

The 900 x 800 shower tray is a pivotal component of any enclosure, and understanding the installation methods is crucial for optimal performance.

Low-Profile Installation

This is the most common method where the shower tray sits directly on the floor, resulting in a sleek and modern look.

Raised Installation

Ideal for bathrooms with uneven floors or complex plumbing, this method elevates the tray using adjustable legs.

Embedded Installation

Here, the tray is set into the floor, ensuring a flush finish. It's ideal for achieving a minimalist design.

Wet Room Installation

The 900 x 800 shower tray can also be installed within wet rooms, integrating seamlessly with the floor tiling.

Using a Base Frame

In cases where added support is needed, a sturdy base frame can be used beneath the shower tray.

Sealing and Waterproofing

After installation, it's essential to seal and waterproof the tray edges to prevent water leakage.

Waste Positioning

Ensure the waste hole is correctly positioned to facilitate efficient drainage and avoid water pooling.

Using Support Boards

Support boards can be added beneath the tray to provide extra stability and weight distribution.

Testing Before Finalizing

Before sealing everything, it's a good practice to test the drainage and check for any leaks.

Following Manufacturer Guidelines

Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions when installing the Shower Enclosure 900 x 800mm tray to ensure longevity and optimal functionality.

How Does a Right Hand Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosure 800 x 900 Differ from the Left Hand Version?

Distinguishing between the right hand offset quadrant shower enclosure 800 x 900 and its left-hand counterpart can be subtle but vital.


The primary difference lies in the orientation. The 'right-hand' or 'left-hand' refers to the position of the larger quadrant when facing the enclosure.

Bathroom Layout

Choose the variant based on your bathroom's layout. A right-hand version suits bathrooms where space on the right is ample.

Door Positioning

In a right-hand enclosure, the door is typically on the right side, while in the left-hand version, it's on the left.

Plumbing Considerations

Ensure that the chosen model aligns with your bathroom's plumbing setup to avoid complex reconfigurations.

Aesthetic Flow

The choice between right and left can influence the visual flow of the bathroom, enhancing its overall design.


Depending on the bathroom's layout, one version might offer better accessibility than the other, making entry and exit easier.

Space Utilization

While both versions utilize space efficiently, the right choice ensures optimal use of available space without hindrances.

Shower Tray Compatibility

Ensure the 900 x 800 shower tray you choose matches the orientation of your offset quadrant shower enclosure.

Installation Process

Both versions have a similar installation process, but it's essential to follow manufacturer guidelines specific to the chosen orientation.


Maintenance is relatively consistent between the two, though access points might differ based on orientation, affecting cleaning ease.

What to Look for in an 800 x 900 Frameless Shower Enclosure?

The 800 x 900 frameless shower enclosure is a modern bathroom favorite due to its clean lines and minimalistic design.

Quality of Glass

Ensure the glass is tempered and of high quality for durability and safety.

Hardware Robustness

The hinges and supports should be of premium quality since there's no frame to hold the glass.

Sealing Efficiency

With frameless designs, ensure seals are effective to prevent water leakage.

Installation Support

Opt for brands offering clear installation guidelines and customer support.

Customization Options

Frameless designs offer a myriad of customization, from glass tinting to hardware finishes.

Cleaning Ease

Without frames, cleaning should be effortless. However, ensure the design doesn't have hard-to-reach spots.

Space Considerations

Evaluate your bathroom's size. Frameless designs often give an illusion of more space.

Door Mechanism

Choose between sliding or pivot doors based on your preference and bathroom layout.

Safety Features

Though frameless, ensure safety features like shatterproof glass are present.

Price Point

While frameless designs tend to be more expensive, ensure you're getting value for your money.

How to Ensure the Longevity of an 800 x 900 Shower Enclosure Corner Entry?

Maintaining the 800 x 900 shower enclosure corner entry is crucial for its longevity.

Regular Cleaning

Use mild detergents to clean the glass and avoid build-up.

Check Seals

Inspect the seals regularly to prevent water leakage.

Avoid Force

Handle doors gently. Avoid slamming, which might damage the enclosure or its hardware.

Monitor Drainage

Ensure that water drains efficiently to prevent standing water, which can damage the tray and enclosure.

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