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Product Overview: 760x760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure

Looking for an efficient and spacious shower area but want to know if it might fit the size of your bathroom? The solution for you is a 760×760 quadrant shower enclosure.

This type of model will enable you to have a shower experience that is spacious and comforting without having to take up all the areas of your bathroom. Let’s dive deep into this more.

Why choose Crown?

We Are Your First Choice Of Bathroom Supplier

Crown is a manufacturer that has 18 years of working experience designing and manufacturing of shower enclosures. The company was once a single family manufacturing unit to a facility that has two production locations and more than 20 expert bathroom designers. Crown’s products include CE, TUV, CSI, ISO9001 and many other certifications that guarantee the quality of the product you buy.

Crown Is A Quality Manufacturer

Crown has two manufacturing facilities and more than 100 production employees. Our production facilities are environmentally friendly and monitored from concept until sales to ensure steady quality of production.

Crown Has An Excellent Team

Crown is a group of talented and experienced designers who can customize their services to meet your requirements. Crown’s sales representatives are accessible 24 hours a day to address your concerns

760x760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure Definition

Quadrant Shower Enclosures1

This model shows two straight sides in the frame’s corner and a gently curved front screen. A hinged 760×760 quadrant shower enclosure is a clearer vision for you to imagine better what it is.

Quadrant Shower Enclosures have been a sure option for a classic and standard design in a shower enclosure. It has altogether pivoted sliding doors and glass panels for the entry.

760x760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure Inclusions

760 x 760mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure 6mm2

A 760 x 760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure 6mm has many types, models, and additional specifications. But in general, these particular enclosures have similarities in their features.

With these features, your space will become a more personalized shower experience customized to your preference. Here are some general features you may see in this type:

  • Glass Panels
  • Pivot doors
  • 760 quadrant shower enclosure and tray
  • Showerhead
  • Handles/Handlebars
  • Shower Hose

Advantages Of A Quadrant Shower Enclosures

hinged shower enclosure 760 x 7603

These types of products have lots of benefits for their users. A 760×760 quadrant shower enclosure offers these to show why it’s good to shift into a hinged shower enclosure 760 x 760.

These are some of the notable advantages you can experience once you choose to use a crown 760mm quadrant corner shower enclosure:

Very Contained

Like a crown 760mm quadrant corner shower enclosure, an enclosure must be in their shower areas. Since this has panels and hinged doors, they are contained more.

In containing the water as you shower, having a curtain alone as a barrier is less effective than having a 760 quadrant shower enclosure and tray with a solid glass panel to contain the water.

A Space Saver

Usually, a 760 quadrant shower enclosure black is lesser in panels used and is square or rectangular still but is designed to fit in the corner of your bathroom snugly.

This 760 x 760mm Quadrant Shower Enclosure 6mm is still capable of providing a spacious room that banks on the sideways movement and less of the front and behind the direction.

Lesser Glass To Maintain Or Clean

Since this is a smaller option, your cleaning and everyday maintenance will be more efficient with less effort. Imagine now that you may not need to exceed more to fill up the space needed to clean.

This also helps save more water and gives you a better result in budgeting bills for water usage. Since the space is so compact, everything you need to reach is within arm’s length.

Very Sustainable

In making these types of enclosures, the manufacturers of these products usually use recycled and refurbished glasses, thus making a lesser impact on the world’s carbon footprint.

Most environmentally conscious individuals often choose these products to support their cause. You can also contribute to this purpose if you choose to use a quadrant shower stall.

Safer To Use

You can bank on your safety with this type of enclosure as it eliminates bacteria that thrive in water, such as mold and mildew, as the most common hazard to your health.

Avoiding water splashes in your shower space is better handled as a solid barrier is present to guide you into where it is supposed to be drained and needed. It avoids accidents like slipping.

Very Versatile and Aesthetically Capable

You can’t deny that the huge influence of movies and media has triggered many into using these products. Apart from being versatile when decorated, it is a sure style status and statement.

If you need your shower space to be elevated and styled to be up-to-date or modern, then a shower enclosure is what you need for that extra push of aesthetics for your space.

Different Designs For A 760x760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure

760 quadrant shower enclosure black4

Your 760 quadrant shower enclosure black deserves a little burst of creativity and sometimes not just a plain-looking stall. No limits and issues will happen when you want to design it.

Here are some of the most awesome design tips you can try for your shower quadrant:

The Classic and Timeless: Going Frameless

Your shower quadrant can be placed in the very corner and can be frameless in design. This way, you may move forward with the illusion that your stall is much more spacious than it is.

Aluminum and Glass Combination

This is the usual material used to make a French window pane enclosure style. With this design, you can embrace a more European, modern chic style in your shower area.

Tile and Glass Enclosure

A basic but comforting design for your bathroom stall. Enjoy pairing a plain shower quadrant with your tiles of choice ranging from different options versatile enough to go with your stall.

Walk-In Shower and Tub Combination

Right from the corner of your shower stall, you can opt for having your enclosure stuck with a tub for a vintage and pop culture feel. Make it all neutral in color for a neutral aesthetic and take.

Slate Bathroom Shower

Capitalizing on rugged and slate textured tiles slapped onto the corner of your shower quadrant is always a good idea aesthetically. This induces the feel of a relaxing spa and outdoor-natural vibe.

Now that you have been briefed with the notable information, you need to know more about this product. In elevating your shower stall, here are some helpful questions answered for guidance.

What Is The Difference Of An Enclosure To A Quadrant?

760 quadrant shower enclosure and tray5

There are many different types of shower areas that have been modernized from your typical shower curtain. Now, you’d notice a quadrant for a shower stall being used these days.

To differentiate it, here are some general info you can turn to for better knowledge about it:


Your typical enclosure is a cubicle showering space that is either framed or frameless. A shower enclosure comprises one or more glass panels enclosing the space with a door and handles.


When talking about a quadrant is a more distinct form of the stall that can only be placed strategically in the corner of your bathroom area. It is curved in shape and has two flat sides.

Where Is It Usually Installed?

crown 760mm quadrant corner shower enclosure6

Since a quadrant is curved, it is fitting to be installed in the corner. You must choose the best area for a two-way entrance if it is in a more modern design, such as a single panel.

It can be installed near your sink or tub area for a more ergonomic and seamless transfer of places you need whenever you shower.

Why Is It Considered As A Standard Model For Shower Enclosures By Some?

When you are mostly into pop culture media and movies, you will notice that ever since the 60s, people have already had their take on using these types of products.

Over time, they have been modernized and had a standard look for this type of model; thus, it is what many have followed. Later on, customizations are presented, leading it to be innovated since.

What are the Basics Of Installing It?

Aside from having it done by a professional, unit owners of this product can install their shower quadrant independently through proper information and guidance.

Here are some of the basic processes and legitimate tools you need when attaching and installing your shower enclosure or quadrant at home:

What You Need?

crown 760mm quadrant corner shower enclosure7

Have these tools prepared for an easy flow of completion for this project:

  • Hammer
  • Safety gear
  • Screws, bolts, and nuts
  • Saw and nails
  • Sealant and Sealant gun
  • Tape Measure
  • Chisel
  • Wrench
  • Drill
  • Standard screwdriver
  • Handles and rods

The Basics of How To Do It

Here goes the process of how you can install or attach your shower inclusion:

Plan It Out

Try to visualize first what you want your quadrant to be. How you want it to look and where it is to be placed must be pre-planned for a smoother installation process.

Install The Shower Brackets

By following the plan you have, you may now install the brackets in the preferred location you want. Remember to consider how the door will be opened, where ventilation will flow, and the water.

Fit The Shower Enclosure Frame

Now you may directly post your frames against the newly pressed glass panels for a better seal and finishing touch. Leave an open space for that last panel comprising your door. Otherwise, it’s done.

Assemble Your Doors And Panels

Since your open space panel is without the last panel needed, which is the door, you may now install it securely with the hinges and nuts or bolts you have.

Secure The Door Panel Onto The Frame

Place a seal and screw to finalize the door panels’ hinges and tighten them. Attach the handles to it as well for the final touch. Design all you want for your quadrant as the process is done.

What is the significance of the 760×760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure in modern bathrooms?

A Quadrant Shower Enclosure, especially the 760×760 size, is an essential piece for compact yet luxurious bathrooms. This size is not only space-saving but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the bathroom. Below are some insights.

Why choose a 760×760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure over other sizes?

A 760×760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure offers a perfect balance between space and utility. Unlike larger enclosures, it doesn’t dominate a bathroom but provides ample space for a comfortable shower. The Quadrant Shower Tray 760 x 760mm perfectly complements it, ensuring no water spillage.

How does the installation process differ from other enclosures?

The installation process of a 760×760 shower enclosure is straightforward. The key lies in ensuring the base, often the 760mm quadrant shower enclosure and tray, is perfectly level. Hiring a professional for installation can guarantee precision and longevity.

Are there any specific maintenance tips for a 760×760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure?

To maintain the shine and clarity of the 760×760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure, it’s advisable to clean it regularly using non-abrasive cleaners. After each use, wiping it down with a squeegee helps prevent water spots and mineral buildup.

What are the design variations available?

There are numerous design variations available for the 760×760 shower enclosure. From frameless designs to chrome-finished frames, and from clear to frosted glass panels, the options are plentiful. Depending on your bathroom decor, you can choose a design that seamlessly blends in.

How does the 760×760 size compare to the 860×860 quadrant shower tray and enclosure?

While the 760×760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure is compact and perfect for smaller bathrooms, the 860×860 size offers a bit more space, suitable for those who prefer a larger shower area. However, both sizes uphold modern bathroom aesthetics with their sleek designs.

What are the benefits of pairing it with a nuie shower enclosure?

Pairing your 760×760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure with a nuie shower enclosure ensures premium quality and durability. Nuie is renowned for its craftsmanship and innovative designs, making your bathroom not just functional but also a style statement.

Are there any alternatives for those seeking smaller sizes?

Yes, for those with extremely compact bathrooms, options like the 660mm shower tray or the 700mm quadrant shower tray can be considered. These sizes, though smaller, don’t compromise on the luxury and efficiency of a quadrant shower enclosure.

How does the 760 shower door enhance the enclosure’s functionality?

The 760 shower door is tailored for the 760×760 quadrant shower enclosure. It ensures smooth functionality, easy access, and optimal water sealing, preventing any leaks or spills outside the enclosure.

Why is the 700×700 quadrant shower enclosure and tray considered an alternative?

The 700×700 quadrant shower enclosure and tray offer a slightly more compact solution than the 760×760 Quadrant Shower Enclosure. For homeowners looking for a snug fit or having a tinier bathroom space, this could be an ideal alternative.

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