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Product Overview: 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure

Bathrooms and showers should be designed with functionality, elegance, and comfort. Installing a 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure is a simple and easy way to update the look of your bathroom, giving it the impression that it is more elegant and spacious. A pentagonal shower enclosure is a must-have in today’s bathrooms, providing space, style, and functionality. 

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Product Description: 1200 x 900 Shower Enclosure

1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure 1

Elegant and sophisticated, this 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure perfectly fits any modern home. Pentagon shower enclosures are a great way to add style and character to your bathroom. Because of their space-saving, corner-fitting design, they are an excellent choice for bathrooms of any size. 

Product Features: 1200 x 900 Shower Enclosure

Pentagon Panels 1200 x 900mm2

This 1200mm x 900mm Pentagon Shower Panel Kit features a clean and minimal design thanks to its hidden hinges, concealed fixings, and screw caps. You can get this product with either a bi-fold or pivot door depending on your preference. Both options give you complete privacy. As a bonus, the glass coating makes the enclosure almost maintenance-free and keeps it looking new for a longer time.

Key Benefits: 1200 x 900 Shower Enclosure

A glass shower enclosure is an attractive and practical addition to any bathroom. Read on to learn why purchasing this shower enclosure is a good idea.

1200 shower enclosure

A Minimalistic Look

This 900mm pentagon shower enclosure is the epitome of minimalism. These enclosures give your bathroom an air of simple minimalism because a visible framework does not support them. The enclosure’s hardware, including its knobs, frame, and bolts, can be customized to complement the theme of the rest of the bathroom.

A Well-Defined Bathroom

Glass in a shower enclosure can also match or go with other design elements. The glass won’t cover up the tile work around the edge of the bathroom, so it’s a great way to show off your bathroom’s features. This makes your shower a show-stopping focal point that takes the design of your bathroom to the next level.

Unrivaled Flexibility

This enclosure can be tailored to your preferences, compared to shower rods which only come in one universal size. No matter how oddly shaped your corner wall bathroom is, a glass shower enclosure may be custom-made to fit. 


Since most of you probably live in apartments, you need to make good use of the space you have. This 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure is the best way to make your bathroom look bigger without taking up more space. The glass construction makes it seem like there is a lot of room inside. 

But if you use a shower curtain or some other kind of enclosure, it will divide the space in your bathroom and make it look much smaller than it is.


Glass in this shower enclosure is more sturdy than standard window glass, which may surprise some. The glass of this thickness will not shatter as quickly as a glass of a thinner variety. In addition, the enclosure is resistant to corrosion due to the fact that it contains hardly any metal at all.

Completely Waterproof

If the shower isn’t enclosed, the whole bathroom will become wet when you use it. However, the enclosure, which includes Pentagon Panels 1200 x 900mm, keeps water in one place when in use, so it’s easy to clean up and doesn’t take long to dry. The enclosures are entirely waterproof at their bases so that no water can seep. Consequently, you won’t have to clean the shower floor constantly.

Less Maintenance

After the enclosure is set up, you can use it in peace and comfort without worrying about maintenance. The tempered glass in these enclosures makes them sturdy and hard to break. This enclosure also has an optional protective coating that helps conceal soap and watermarks.

Safe Features

Wet floors are a significant cause of accidental injuries, especially in families with small children and the elderly. Many of these accidents can be avoided by installing a 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure in your bathroom. It ensures that your toilet is always dry. Also, the tempered glass in this enclosure won’t break into dangerously sharp pieces if it ever breaks.

A More Hygienic Environment

It’s no surprise that germs thrive in restrooms, given the constant moisture and humidity. Over time, mildew can form on the surface of a shower curtain. All of these can cause different health problems. But if you have a 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure, you won’t have to worry about any of that.

The glass in this enclosure has a non-porous surface, making it impossible for bacteria to grow on it as they can on shower curtains. With a quick disinfectant spray and wipe cloth, your enclosure will be spotless and germ-free.

Increased Home Value

This shower enclosure is an excellent alternative to a traditional shower curtain or an additional border around an existing open shower. This investment could make your home’s bathroom more valuable when you sell it. Even if you don’t plan to sell, updating your bathroom will make your home worth more.

Safety Information: 1200 x 900 Pentagon Shower Enclosure

The glass panels should only be moved with the assistance of at least two people, and the protective packing should be left on for as much time as possible to reduce the risk of breaking or scratching the glass. Doors and side panels can also be heavy, so ensure you have plenty of help moving them into place. 

offset pentagonal shower enclosure4

Fitting The Enclosure: 1200 x 900 Shower Enclosure

Ensure the tray is level and the sides are straight and square. You should install your shower so the water flows down the middle of the tub or across the top of your shower enclosure. The shower door and side panels are not intended to spray water. The water may splash out of the enclosure if this happens. 

In addition, make sure the door opening is in the right place and large enough for everyone to use. Finally, the enclosure’s wall channels should be mounted on a level, even, and tiled wall. If you skip this step, the seal won’t be effective, which could mean you have to pay for costly repairs.

Also, strong products like tile and grout cleaners, lime scale removers, scouring pads, drain unblockers, and other similar products can corrode metal, chrome, and plastic surfaces. So, make sure the installation site is clean before you start.

How can I keep the enclosure clean and well-maintained?

After you shower, always rinse the glass and frame with clear water. Wipe away any water drops with a dry cloth. When cleaning, use a mild cleanser. Cleaning regularly will prevent stubborn stains and prolong the surface’s cleanliness. 

Make it a point to steer clear of any abrasive or acidic cleaners, as these kinds of products have the potential to damage the surface of the plastic components, the glass, or the frame.

Are there things to know before installation?

Before installation, you first need to consider the shower area. Ensure that your shower has enough room for the enclosure you want to install. Check that it satisfies your demands in terms of comfort, functionality, longevity, ease of maintenance, and excellent appearance and delivers the results you anticipate. From there, you can proceed to choose a suitable shower enclosure.

You should once again clean the area where the installation will occur before beginning since harsh chemicals found in bathroom cleaners can corrode metal, chrome, and plastic.

Are there other sizes and styles?

Yes. This 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure isn’t the only one. There are various designs of shower stalls available, some of which are:

  • Offset pentagonal shower enclosure
  • Pentagonal shower enclosure 800mm
  • 1200 x 900 quadrant shower enclosure

Are there any other products like this shower enclosure?

Yes. The Mira Pentagon Shower Enclosure and the Mira pentangle shower enclosure are similar to this product. The products have sleek, modern designs with concealed hinges and sharp corners. The glass is coated using state-of-the-art technology.

1. What are the benefits of choosing a 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure?

Pentagon shower enclosures, particularly the 1200 x 900 dimension, have grown in popularity for numerous reasons:

  1. Space-saving: Their unique pentagon shape fits snugly into corners, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms where space is a premium.
  2. Modern Aesthetic: The geometric design offers a sleek and contemporary look, adding a touch of luxury to any bathroom.
  3. Ease of Cleaning: With fewer crevices and less surface area than rectangular enclosures, they are typically easier to maintain.
  4. Versatility: They are suitable for both wet room installations and for use with shower trays.
  5. Durability: Many of these enclosures are made with high-quality tempered glass, ensuring long-term durability.
  6. Customizable: Many manufacturers offer various glass types, frame finishes, and door styles, allowing homeowners to tailor the look to their tastes.

It's worth noting, however, that while pentagon enclosures save space, they might not offer as much internal showering area as some other shapes. But, for many, the benefits far outweigh this minor drawback.

2. How do you maintain and clean a 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure?

Maintaining a pentagonal shower enclosure in top condition involves regular cleaning and occasional checks:

  1. Daily Wipe Down: After every use, it's a good idea to wipe down the glass to prevent water spots and soap scum.
  2. Use Appropriate Cleaners: Avoid harsh chemicals that can damage the glass or frame. Opt for vinegar, baking soda, or commercial cleaners designed for glass shower enclosures.
  3. Squeegee: Use a squeegee to swipe away excess water after each shower. This simple step can significantly reduce water spot accumulation.
  4. Check for Mildew: The corners and edges of shower enclosures are prone to mildew. Regularly inspect these areas and clean as needed.
  5. Silicone Seals: Check the silicone seals for any signs of wear, tear, or mold. Replace if necessary.
  6. Adjust Doors: Over time, the doors may get out of alignment. Check them periodically and adjust as needed to ensure a tight seal.

Remember, the key to maintaining a pristine shower enclosure is consistent upkeep.

3. How does a 1200 x 900 pentagon shower differ from an 800×800 pentagon shower enclosure?

The differences between a 1200 x 900 pentagon shower and an 800×800 variant, aside from size, primarily relate to the area and space utilization:

  1. Showering Space: Naturally, a 1200 x 900 enclosure offers more internal space than an 800×800 model. This makes it more comfortable for larger individuals or those who want a bit more room to move.
  2. Placement Options: The smaller 800×800 might fit into tinier bathroom spaces where the larger model would be too cumbersome.
  3. Price Points: Typically, larger enclosures come at a higher price point, both for the initial purchase and installation.
  4. Installation Complexity: Larger enclosures might require more intricate installation processes, especially if the bathroom's existing design isn't already suited for such a size.

Regardless of size, it's crucial to measure your bathroom space carefully and consult with a professional before making a purchase.

4. Are there specific design considerations when opting for a pentagonal shower enclosure?

When considering a pentagonal shower enclosure, particularly in the 1200 x 900 size, several design elements come into play:

  1. Space Management: Ensure that the chosen enclosure doesn't overwhelm the bathroom or obstruct other functionalities.
  2. Style Consistency: The enclosure's style, be it modern, traditional, or transitional, should align with the bathroom's overall theme.
  3. Door Opening: Make sure that the door, when opened, doesn't interfere with other bathroom fixtures or furnishings.
  4. Glass Type: Frosted, clear, patterned? The choice affects privacy levels and aesthetics.
  5. Hardware: From handles to hinges, the hardware's style and finish can significantly impact the look.
  6. Flooring Transition: If you're opting for a wet room installation, consider how the flooring will transition from the wet area to the dry area.

An interior designer or bathroom specialist can provide invaluable insights when navigating these considerations.

5. What are the price variations among different sizes of pentagon shower enclosures?

Prices for pentagon shower enclosures can vary based on size, brand, features, and more. Below is a general table to give an idea:

Size Average Price Range (in GBP)
1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure £300 – £800
pentagon shower enclosure 1200 x 800 £280 – £750
800×800 pentagon shower enclosure £200 – £600
pentagonal shower enclosure 900mm £250 – £700

Remember, these are average prices and can vary based on location, brand, features, and current market conditions.

6. How does the offset pentagon shower enclosure differ from the standard one?

Offset pentagon shower enclosures usually refer to designs that are not symmetrical. One side might be longer than the other, offering a unique design and sometimes more showering space. Here's how they compare:

  1. Design Aesthetics: Offset designs can offer a more dynamic look, breaking the traditional symmetry.
  2. Space Utilization: An offset design might fit better in certain bathroom layouts, making better use of available space.
  3. Price: Offset models might be priced slightly higher due to their unique design and potentially more complex installation requirements.
  4. Internal Area: Depending on the offset's degree, it might offer more internal space than a traditional pentagon shower enclosure.
  5. Installation: Ensure that the bathroom's design can accommodate an offset, as it might require specific placement or adjustments.

Offset designs are perfect for those looking to break away from traditional bathroom aesthetics.

7. What are the common installation challenges for a 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosure?

Installing a pentagon shower enclosure, especially of larger sizes like 1200 x 900, can present challenges:

  1. Space Calculation: Ensuring the bathroom can accommodate the size without compromising other functionalities.
  2. Leveling: The floor and walls must be perfectly level for a proper fit.
  3. Waterproofing: Ensuring that all seals are tight to prevent any water leakage.
  4. Door Adjustment: Doors need to be correctly aligned to open and close smoothly.
  5. Glass Handling: Handling and installing large glass panels require care to avoid breakage or injury.
  6. Drainage: Ensuring proper drainage, especially if installed as a wet room.

Always consult with a professional or expert before attempting a DIY installation.

8. How do pentagon shower enclosures compare to quadrant shower enclosures?

While both pentagon and quadrant enclosures are corner-fitting designs, there are differences:

  1. Shape: Pentagon enclosures have five sides, while quadrant enclosures are typically curved, quarter-circle designs.
  1. Space Utilization: Quadrants might offer slightly more internal space due to their curved nature.
  2. Aesthetics: Quadrants provide a softer look, while pentagons are more geometric.
  3. Price: Quadrants, especially sizes like the 1200 x 1200 quadrant shower enclosure, might be priced slightly higher due to their larger size and the curved glass's cost.
  4. Maintenance: Quadrants might have more challenging areas to clean due to their curve, whereas pentagons are more straightforward.

Both designs offer unique aesthetics and advantages, and the best choice often boils down to personal preference and bathroom layout.

9. How energy efficient are 1200 x 900 pentagon shower enclosures?

Energy efficiency in shower enclosures relates mostly to heat retention:

  1. Glass Thickness: Thicker glass tends to retain heat better. Most premium enclosures use tempered glass, which offers good heat retention.
  2. Seals: Properly sealed enclosures prevent cold drafts and help maintain a warm internal temperature.
  3. Frame Material: Frames, especially metallic ones, can conduct heat. Ensure they are insulated or designed to minimize heat loss.
  4. Showerhead: While not directly related to the enclosure, water-saving showerheads can contribute to overall energy efficiency.
  5. Ventilation: Proper ventilation reduces condensation, preventing temperature fluctuations inside the enclosure.

While the enclosure itself plays a role, other factors, like room insulation and heating, also impact energy efficiency.

In the UK, bathroom design trends evolve rapidly. For pentagon shower enclosures:

  1. Frameless Designs: Minimalist frameless enclosures offer a sleek, modern look.
  2. Black Frames: Contrasting black frames against clear glass has become a trendsetter.
  3. Industrial Look: Exposed hardware and grid designs contribute to an industrial aesthetic.
  4. Integrated Handles: Instead of external handles, some designs integrate them into the door for a smoother look.
  5. Matte Finishes: Matte finishes on frames and hardware provide a subtle, sophisticated touch.

Staying updated with design trends ensures that your bathroom remains stylish and contemporary.

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