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Product Review: 1200 shower screen

A shower screen, also known as a shower partitioner, is a glass panel that encloses the shower. Installing a shower screen in your bathtub is a great way to prevent water from splashing all over the bathroom floor while you’re in the shower. The 1200 shower screen is typically constructed from glass of differing thicknesses and attached to the wall using a hinge to prevent water leakage. 

You can enhance the appearance of your bathroom with minimal effort and expense by purchasing a shower screen. Find helpful details and options for 1200 shower screens for your bathroom here. 

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Key Features of 1200 shower screen

Shower Enclosures, wet room panels, and bath screens are available in various styles and materials to meet your specific demands for your contemporary bathroom. This set was designed with the understanding that the bathroom has several functions beyond just creating a tranquil setting.

Best 1200 shower enclosure

1200 Shower Tray

A 1200 shower tray is a good choice for a spacious bathroom. 1200 shower trays are available in a range of widths to ensure a perfect fit regardless of the size of your bathroom.

Product features:

  • 1200mm in length
  • 1200mm in width
  • 40mm in height
  • Slim profile
  • Resistant to scratches, chips and fading

1200 mm Shower Enclosures

The 1200 mm shower enclosure range is a terrific addition to your bathroom since it adds attractiveness with its functionality, shape, and features. This 1200 mm shower enclosure has a reversible design. As a result, 1200 shower enclosures can be oriented such that the longer side faces either the left or right wall. 

1200 x 1200 Shower Enclosure

The 1200 x 1200 shower enclosure will be fitted with all necessary fixtures. This high shower enclosure is built to last and features 6mm thick safety glass and quick-closing doors for ease of use and maintenance.

Product Features:

  • 1200mm in length
  • 1200mm in width
  • 1850mm in height
  • Modification (1180x1200mm) x (1180-1200mm)
  • Magnetic clasp
  • Waterproof sealing on all hinged and sliding panels with a flap design
  • Handles made of stainless steel bars
  • Quick-release rollers
  • Reversible glass panels can be installed in either the left or right orientation

Benefits of 1200 Shower screen

A shower screen is an upgrade to your bathroom, making it feel fresher and more modern. Here are some of the benefits you get with shower screens:

1200 x 700 shower enclosure

Convenient Upkeep

Maintaining a shower screen is far less of a hassle than a standard shower curtain. Glass shower screens are more resistant to the buildup of soap, mold, and permanent corrosion. Since it is stain-resistant, glass is easy to clean with a moist sponge and some glass cleaner. 

Artistic Appearance

Shower screens are the epitome of sleek modern design. In addition, a glass shower screen will completely renovate your bathroom by making it seem larger than it is.

Affordable Cost

You can make your bathroom look better without spending a lot of money or doing a full bathroom remodel. Glass shower screens can also help increase the value of your home. 

Very Durable

You may rest assured that your glass shower enclosure will maintain its pristine condition for a long time. The construction of glass shower screens requires a high degree of skill since you will use them often, and it has a sturdier structure. 

Different Types of 1200 shower screen

1200 shower enclosure and tray

You can pick a shower screen that complements your bathroom’s design scheme, whether modern or classic. These shower screens include a wide variety of design options. 

1200mm Wet Room Panel

With its 8mm thick hardened safety glass, gorgeous polished wall profile, and full adjustability, this 1200mm wet room panel is perfect for use with shower trays and floors designed for wet conditions. The 1200mm shower screen can be mounted on either the right or left side, depending on your preference. 

Product Features:

  • 2000mm in height
  • 1180 in length
  • 1200mm in width
  • Protective glass with a thickness of 8mm
  • Chrome wall profile that can be adjusted to fit non-perfect walls
  • Completely interchangeable between right and left-hand use

1200mm Single Sliding Door

1200 - 1299mm Shower Enclosure1

1200mm sliding doors make it possible to create a shower enclosure in even the smallest of bathrooms. They are the best option for small spaces. 

This 1200mm sliding door is reversible so that it may be fitted on either the left or right side of the opening. A 1200mm sliding door must install this sliding door in an existing shower opening for optimal use. With a corresponding side panel, the door can create a shower stall in an otherwise unused bathroom corner. 

Quadrant Shower Screen

Quadrant shower screens are especially convenient because of their space-saving corner installation. These typically have sliding doors and are a good fit for tight quarters. 

1200mm Shower Screen Black Grid Framework

The 1200mm shower screen black grid framework profile is elegant for your renovated bathroom. The shower screen is aesthetically pleasing, well-made, and convenient to use. It has a functional design that is also minimalist and stylish.

1200 x 800 shower enclosure with tray

Pivot Shower Screens

Panels on many traditional shower screens pivot in the middle to allow easier access. Many variants exist. However, you can only use the swinging door style in spacious bathrooms. 

Frameless Shower Screens

A frameless shower screen may be the key to making your bathroom feel less cramped and more open. This design’s lack of frame is one of its distinguishing features. A frameless shower screen is a fantastic option for bathrooms with limited floor space. 

What is the ideal thickness of glass for the shower screen?

Thicker is not better when it comes to fixed glass shower screens in a wet room; 8mm is the sweetest spot. It’s the most long-lasting option for the bathroom’s wet zone. 

The aluminum structure in a shower enclosure allows the glass panels and swing doors to be as thin as 3/8 inches and as thick as 1/2 inches. Frameless shower doors necessitate extra-thick shower screens, ideally at least half an inch.

A wide selection of glass screen thicknesses is available for your bathroom needs. There is flexibility in the thickness of the shower screen, both for practical and aesthetic reasons.

How well does the frameless shower screen seal against water leakage?

Frameless shower screens are designed specifically for each bathroom to ensure a watertight seal. Plastic door seals also guarantee that the shower is always dry.

How do I know what kind of shower screen works best in my bathroom?

The market is stocked with various shower stalls to suit your needs. The kind of shower screens you buy will be determined by your bathroom’s dimensions, your taste in design, and your budget. However, here is the basic guide:

For small spaces

A fixed shower screen is the best option if your bathroom is very tight on space. It will add a touch of understated luxury to your life without requiring additional square footage.

For large spaces

Glass panels can be installed in showers if the bathroom is large enough to follow for free movement.

For the designated shower area

Install a single-swing panel that swings in from inside if your bathroom has a separate shower stall.

For corner showers

Without a designated shower area, any nearby wall corner will do. Installing a corner shower enclosure makes good use of wasted space in the bathroom.

What are the different types of 1200 shower screens available?

A 1200 shower screen, also known as a 1200 mm Shower Enclosure, is a popular choice for modern bathrooms. But what variations exist? Here, we dive deep.

1. 1200 Shower Screen Door Types

Doors play a crucial role in defining the functionality and aesthetics of a shower screen. Most often, the choice revolves around:

  • Slide Doors: Convenient, space-saving, and stylish.
  • Hinged Doors: Offers a more traditional look with a full opening.
  • Pivot Doors: Rotate outwards, ensuring minimal water spillage.
  • Bifold Doors: They fold into the shower area, maximizing space.

2. Color Variations

Shower screens aren't just functional – they're a design element.

  • Clear: Offers a minimalistic, modern feel.
  • Tinted: Adds a bit of privacy while keeping things chic.
  • Patterned: Intricate designs can elevate bathroom aesthetics.

3. Frame Choices

The frame is essential for support and style.

  • Chrome: Shiny, modern, and sleek.
  • Black Matte: A contemporary, edgy choice, especially with the 1200 shower screen black variant.
  • Frameless: For those who desire a seamless, almost invisible barrier.

4. Complementary Accessories

While the screen is the main attraction, don't overlook:

  • Shower Tray and Screen Combos: Ensures a consistent look.
  • Shower Panels: They work in tandem with screens for an enclosed experience.

5. Understanding Measurements

While the 1200 shower screen is a favorite, there are other sizes:

  • 1100 Shower Screen: Slightly smaller but just as elegant.
  • Shower Screen 1400: A more extensive option for spacious bathrooms.

6. Specialty Screens

  • Freestanding Shower Screen: These stand-alone without the need for walls on each side.
  • Electric Shower with Screen: Incorporates an electric shower unit, maximizing utility.

7. Durability Factors

The longevity of a 1200 mm Shower Enclosure depends on:

  • Glass Thickness: Typically ranges between 4mm to 10mm.
  • Frame Material: Aluminum is common due to its rust-resistant properties.

8. Installation Insights

Proper installation ensures safety and functionality.

  • Leveling: The floor should be perfectly level.
  • Sealing: Use high-quality sealants to prevent water leakage.

9. Maintenance Tips

Keep your shower screen pristine.

  • Regular Cleaning: Use a squeegee post-shower.
  • Deep Clean: Once a month with suitable cleaning agents.

10. Where to Buy?

The right vendor makes a difference.

  • Brand Stores: Get firsthand experience and customer service.
  • Online Retailers: Often offer deals and a wide variety.

In our next segment, we'll tackle the most sought-after designs for 2020.

Stay ahead of the curve. Discover the latest in 1200 shower screen designs and ensure your bathroom is not just functional, but also a statement of style.

  • Frameless Options: Offering an unobstructed view, these are the epitome of sleek and stylish.
  • Clear Glass: Letting the tiles or background become the hero, clear screens create a spacious feel.

2. Industrial Vibes

Industrial design cues have been making waves.

  • Black Grid Patterns: The 1200 shower screen black with grid designs offers an urban, chic feel.
  • Brushed Metal Frames: They give a raw, unpolished elegance.

3. Nature-inspired

Turn your bathroom into a tranquil oasis.

  • Frosted Screens with Leaf Patterns: These screens provide privacy while echoing nature.
  • Wavy Patterns: Mimicking the serene waves of the ocean.

4. High-Tech Additions

For the tech-savvy user, innovations await.

  • Smart Screens: Incorporate features like anti-fogging or touch-controlled tinting.
  • Built-in LED Lighting: Mood lighting that changes as per your preference.

5. Vintage Elegance

Old is gold, and retro styles are returning.

  • Ornate Frames: Think Victorian style with intricate details.
  • Rose Gold and Brass Frames: These offer a nostalgic charm.

6. Artistic Statements

For those who see their bathroom as an art piece.

  • Stained Glass Effects: Colorful and bright, these screens are show-stoppers.
  • Custom Painted Designs: Personalize your space with hand-painted screens.

7. Multi-Functional Screens

It's not just about looks; functionality matters.

  • Screens with Towel Racks: Smart design meets utility.
  • Built-in Shelving: For your essential toiletries, right within reach.

8. Luxurious Touches

Elevate your bathroom to a spa-like setting.

  • Gold Accents: For a touch of opulence.
  • Integrated Sound Systems: Enjoy music or news while showering.

9. Eco-friendly Designs

With growing environmental awareness, sustainable choices are in vogue.

  • Recycled Glass Screens: Environmentally-friendly without compromising on style.
  • Energy-efficient Electric Showers: Save on energy while enjoying a warm shower.

10. Kid-friendly Features

Families with young ones have specific needs.

  • Safety Glass: Ensures breakages won't result in sharp shards. *Magnetic Locks: Preventing accidental opening, ensuring child safety.

11. Accessibility

Designing with inclusivity in mind is pivotal.

  • Walk-in Screens: Allow easy access, especially beneficial for the elderly or differently-abled.
  • Lowered Handles: Ergonomic design ensures ease of use for everyone.

How do you properly maintain and clean a 1200 shower screen?

Maintaining your 1200 mm Shower Enclosure not only ensures longevity but keeps it sparkling for years. Here’s how you can keep it in top-notch condition.

1. Daily Routines

Consistency is key.

  • Post-Shower Wipe: Using a squeegee, wipe down the screen after every shower to prevent water spots.
  • Ventilate: Keep the bathroom ventilated to reduce moisture and prevent mold.

2. Weekly Maintenance

Deep cleaning once a week can work wonders.

  • Soap Scum Removal: Use a mix of equal parts white vinegar and water. Spray, let it sit, then rinse.
  • Shower Screen 1400 and Other Sizes: The same principles apply, irrespective of size.

3. Monthly Deep Clean

Occasional deep cleaning ensures no stubborn grime builds up.

  • Baking Soda Paste: Apply on stubborn spots, scrub gently, then rinse.
  • Commercial Cleaners: Opt for eco-friendly cleaners for the environment and your health.

4. Preventing Scratches

Your shower screen is durable, but caution is essential.

  • Soft Cloth: Always use a soft cloth or sponge to prevent scratching.
  • Avoid Abrasives: Steer clear of steel wool or abrasive scrubbers.

5. Natural Cleaners

Eco-friendly and effective.

  • Lemon Juice: Acts as a natural disinfectant and leaves a fresh scent.
  • Tea Tree Oil: A potent mold and mildew remover due to its antifungal properties.

6. Addressing Hard Water Stains

Hard water can be a menace, but it's manageable.

  • Distilled White Vinegar: Soak a cloth and apply to stains, rinse after 10 minutes.
  • Water Softeners: Consider investing in one to combat hard water issues.

7. Mold and Mildew

Prevention is better than cure.

  • Frequent Ventilation: Keeping your bathroom well-ventilated prevents mold growth.
  • Anti-Mold Sprays: Use periodically, especially in corners and seams.

8. Replacement Parts

Over time, parts might need replacement.

  • Rubber Seals: Inspect and replace if they show signs of wear or mold growth.
  • Freestanding Shower Screen Supports: Ensure they are sturdy and replace if bent or rusted.

9. Protective Coatings

A protective layer can save a lot of cleaning time.

  • Water Repellent Sprays: Apply these to create a protective barrier against water spots.
  • Glass Sealants: These prevent soap scum and mineral deposits from adhering.

10. Professional Cleaning

Sometimes, it's best to call in the experts.

  • Annual Deep Cleans: Consider a professional cleaning service once a year for a pristine finish.
  • Consultation: For stubborn issues, a professional can offer specialized solutions.

What is the difference between the 1200 shower screen and the 1100 shower screen?

Distinguishing between the 1200 shower screen and the 1100 shower screen is crucial for fitting purposes. Let's delve into the specifics.

1. Dimensions

Size matters in the bathroom.

  • 1200 Shower Screen: Typically measures around 1200 mm in width.
  • 1100 Shower Screen: Slightly smaller, measuring approximately 1100 mm in width.

2. Space Utilization

Each screen is suitable for different spatial needs.

  • Larger Bathrooms: A 1200 mm shower enclosure fits comfortably.
  • Compact Spaces: The 1100 mm version is more apt for tighter areas.

3. Aesthetic Appeal

Both sizes have unique design offerings.

  • Variety: Both come in frameless, semi-frameless, and framed designs.
  • Customization: Available in multiple finishes, patterns, and glass types.

4. Price Point

Cost can vary based on size and features.

  • 1200 mm Variant: Might be slightly more expensive due to increased material use.
  • 1100 mm Variant: Often more affordable but prices can overlap based on design intricacies.

5. Installation

Installation nuances might arise based on size.

  • Professional Installation: Always recommended for precise fitting.
  • Space Analysis: Ensure a professional assesses your bathroom space before choosing.

6. Popular Brands

Certain brands might favor one size over the other.

  • Brand Variability: Some might offer more designs in one size.
  • Research: Ensure you check brand offerings for both sizes before finalizing.

7. Maintenance

Maintenance largely remains the same, but there are minor differences.

  • Cleaning Surface Area: The 1200 mm screen might require slightly more time due to its size.
  • Replacement Parts: Ensure you order the correct size when replacing seals or other components.

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