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Product Overview: 1000 x 800 Shower Enclosure And Tray

1000 x 800 shower enclosure and tray would be appropriate if you have a portable shower tray because the minimum/standard size opening for a walk-in shower shouldn’t be any less than 550mm.

A sizable bathroom is appropriate for the 1000 X 800 shower enclosure and tray, with a shower door and covering. The tray also has a powerful drainage mechanism that quickly releases water.

Why choose Crown?

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Crown is an 18-year established bathroom brand that offers the highest level of customer service. If you choose Crown you’ll be able to count on the best designers that are always working. There are two manufacturing facilities and a variety of suppliers of sanitaryware We offer the entire assortment of sanitary ware.

Crown’s products have been granted CE, TUV, CSI, ISO9001, and other certifications to ensure that the products purchased will help you be noticed quickly and aid in the expansion of your business.

A Quality Bathroom Manufacturer

Crown has two facilities for manufacturing that are both environmentally green in their manufacturing processes. Over 18 years’ manufacturing experience, Crown will respond quickly to your demands and offer you the most efficient solutions.

Outstanding Team

Crown is a team of experts that are available 24/7 throughout the week. The engineers and sales staff guarantee the security of your products and ensure you are able to manage your business. Crown will also supply the packaging you need that is conforms to e-commerce standards, which will help enhance the effectiveness of the online market of E-commerce.

Key Features of the 1000 x 800 Shower Enclosure and Tray

1000mm x 800mm Shower Enclosure1

Here are certain characteristics a 1000 x 800 shower enclosure and tray possesses that you should know of.

1000mm x 800mm Shower Enclosure

A 1000mm x 800mm Shower Enclosure gives enough room for entrance and exit into and out of your bathroom. For plus-sized individuals and elderly people, this may yet be the best enclosure to have for your washroom.

Whether the shower enclosure in your bathroom has a slider or is foldable, a 1000 x 800 enclosure fits well. 

The tray is a linear drainage mechanism with a quick water flow that ensures you have little to no effort drying off the water after you’re done.

1000 x 800mm Rectangular Sliding Shower Enclosure

The single 1000 x 800mm rectangular sliding shower enclosure has twin rollers for smooth sliding movement, is easy to open, and fits into compact spaces, making it the perfect corner shower for ensuites and smaller bathrooms.

1000 x 800 Sliding Door Shower Enclosures

1000 x 800 sliding door shower enclosures are fantastic additions to your bathroom. The shower enclosure enhances aesthetics and functionality with its design and features. 

It could be crucial for a tiny bathroom that the shower doors not open into the shower room itself. Curved shower enclosures often feature one or two sliding doors. Therefore, there is no need to affect any other bathroom area.

The 1000 x 800 shower enclosure sliding door is quiet and easy to open and takes up little area in the bathroom. The mechanical rollers may just need to be sometimes upgraded for effective usefulness.

1000 x 800 Quadrant Shower Enclosure

A 1000mm x 800mm Quadrant shower tray is necessary for a collection of Offset Quadrant Shower Enclosures. Offset shower trays are offered in both left and right-handed designs, enabling them to fit in either bathroom area.

Benefits of the 1000 x 800 Shower Enclosure and Tray

1000x800mm Rectangular Sliding Shower Enclosure2

You should want to know why you need to go for a 1000 x 800 shower enclosure and tray instead of other options. Here are the advantages the 1000 x 800 shower enclosure and tray have over other choices.

Can Fit in a Spacious Bathroom

A popular option, 1000 x 800mm shower enclosures will provide you with a clear, roomy, and thrilling bathing environment in your bathroom, fantastic for older persons and bigger people. The aperture provides ample space for transit and prevents contact.

You don’t need to consider which shower enclosure to choose if your bathroom is roomy and has a big door area.

Fast Water Removal

1000 x 800 shower tray possesses an unbent, parallel water removal structure for fast waste subtraction. 

Standard Installation

You may install the 1000 x 800 mm shower enclosure by yourself by following the instructions in the handbook. You may hire a professional to mend the enclosures if it turns out to be a herculean chore or if you are not merely a technical person.

The 1000 x 800 shower enclosure’s option for a left- or right-handed door installation, which is similarly simple to put up, is another intriguing feature.

One Door Feature

One additional difference between sliding door designs is that they could only have one door instead of two. In comparison to its two-door sibling, the single-door slider is seen to be a touch more upscale.

Easy to Open

The connected rollers make the sliding door of the 1000 x 800 shower enclosure simple to open and noiseless. It can be opened easily by children, the aged, and people with disabilities.

Different Types of 1000 x 800 Shower Enclosures and Tray

1000 x 800 Sliding Door Shower Enclosures3

There are several styles of 1000 x 800 shower trays and enclosures that may be installed in various bathrooms for a variety of aesthetically pleasing reasons. Some of the types are:

Shower Enclosure that Slides

Anyone who needs greater accessibility will benefit from the broader entry made possible by the hinged mechanics for the ideal contemporary appearance, including the proper handlebar and intricate embellishments.

Shower Enclosure Square

If you have adequate room, cubic shower stalls provide a sleek and contemporary aesthetic without taking up much room. The square shower doors are a precise square form with no bends. 

You also have more alternatives for doors and framing as there isn’t any curved glass. Such enclosures are fast rising to the top of all users’ favorite options.

Shower Door with a Hinge

1000 x 800 shower enclosure black4

A hinged shower door is a common feature of contemporary showers. These enclosures are designed simply for an airy, open sense. Instead of pivoting points like pivot doors, the operation used hinged joints.

Triangle Shower Door

Triangle Shower doors, also known as quadrant shower enclosures, are among the most popular solutions for bathrooms in Europe. Whether it is an en suite or a Jack and Jill bathroom, these showers easily tuck into the corner. 

The enclosure has a curved front section that fits neatly in small areas and gives it a more contemporary appearance. A quadrant shower enclosure could be a wonderful option if you want to expand your space without compromising a lovely shower.

These sliding shower doors won’t reduce your square footage, giving you more area for customization.

Shower Enclosures Without Frames

A frameless shower enclosure is a must-have for modern bathrooms to finish them off. The seamless door combination gives the room a vast, breezy sense while blending in seamlessly with the minimalist style. One glass panel in each of these enclosures pivots outward into the space.

Because of the baked finish’s resistance to water stains and soap scum, it is also simple to keep and maintain.

What Distinguishes a Showering Base from a Shower Pan?

1000 x 800 shower enclosure sliding door5

Even though both a showering pan and a shower base direct water into the drain, there is one significant distinction between the two: A “shower pan” is the actual shower floor that you tread on, whereas a “shower base” is the framework that supports the shower.

How Do I Measure My Shower Accurately?

Drawing the location of your new shower enclosure on a piece of cardboard is one method for precisely noting the location. Using a tape measure, outline the design of your shower enclosure on a sizable piece of an old appliance box from home. 

Put it into position in your bathroom to get a sense of the assortment of shower tray sizes you have to choose from. This is especially useful if you intend to install a shower tray with an unusual form, such as a P shape.

What Distinguishes a Frameless Shower Door from a Framed Shower Door?

1000 x 800 quadrant shower enclosure6

The most popular choice is framed shower doors since they follow tradition and are frequently inexpensive. A 1/4-inch gap surrounds the door on frameless doors, giving them a contemporary and streamlined appearance. You must take into account the ideal shower size and bathroom dimensions.

What makes the 1000 x 800 shower enclosure and tray a top choice among homeowners?

The 1000 x 800 shower enclosure and tray has gained significant traction in recent years. Let's dive into the reasons behind its popularity.

Versatility and Compactness

The 1000mm x 800mm shower enclosure fits seamlessly in various bathroom sizes, making it a versatile choice for both spacious and compact bathrooms.

Modern Design

Homeowners often desire contemporary and sleek designs. This shower enclosure fulfills that criterion, enhancing the bathroom's overall aesthetic.


Constructed with top-quality materials, the 1000 x 800 shower enclosure frameless design offers impressive durability, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Ease of Installation

Its design facilitates straightforward installation, cutting down unnecessary labor costs and time.

Perfect Fit with Trays

The accompanying tray fits perfectly, eliminating any gaps or mismatches.

Water Retention

The tray's design ensures efficient water drainage, preventing any pooling or stagnation.

Value for Money

Investing in this shower enclosure guarantees quality without breaking the bank.

Safety Standards

Made in compliance with safety standards, users can be assured of a safe showering experience.

Customization Options

Brands offer various customization options, allowing homeowners to pick designs that resonate with their tastes.

Positive Feedback

The abundance of positive reviews and testimonials further reinforces its status as a preferred choice among many.

How does the offset quadrant shower enclosure 1000 x 800 with 8mm glass stand out?

The offset quadrant shower enclosure is not just another addition to the bathroom; it's a blend of style and functionality.

Sturdy Glass

The 8mm glass ensures strength, decreasing the chances of breakage.

Maximizes Space

Its quadrant shape allows for maximized space utilization, ideal for corner installations.

Smooth Opening

Thanks to its design, users enjoy a smooth and hassle-free door movement.

Enhanced Aesthetics

The 8mm glass adds a touch of elegance, enhancing the bathroom's overall appearance.

Watertight Seal

A primary concern is water leakage. With this enclosure, a watertight seal ensures no unwanted spills.

Ease of Cleaning

The 8mm glass is often treated to repel water and grime, making cleaning a breeze.

Flexible Installation

Whether left or right opening, the offset quadrant shower enclosure adapts, providing flexibility during installation.

Safety First

Thicker 8mm glass reduces risks associated with shattered glass, ensuring a safer shower environment.

Enhanced Insulation

Thicker glass also provides better insulation, maintaining a more consistent temperature inside the enclosure.

Positive User Experience

Many homeowners share their pleasant experiences with the offset quadrant design, particularly praising its space-saving and elegant features.

What are the primary benefits of a frameless 1000 x 800 shower enclosure?

Frameless shower enclosures have grown in popularity due to their myriad of benefits.

Minimalist Design

Without bulky frames, the design leans towards minimalism, making bathrooms look spacious and less cluttered.

Clear Views

The unobstructed views provided by the frameless 1000 x 800 shower enclosure wickes enhance the visual appeal, allowing bathroom tiles or designs to shine through.


Frameless means fewer parts to worry about. With fewer components that could rust or wear out, they last longer.


Frameless designs offer more customization options, enabling homeowners to achieve the desired look and feel.

Easy Maintenance

With no frames to collect dirt or grime, cleaning becomes straightforward and fast.

Value Addition

Installing a frameless shower enclosure can increase a property's value, making it an excellent investment.


Constructed with tempered glass, these enclosures are designed to break into small, harmless pieces, minimizing injury risks.

Seamless Integration

With no frames, these enclosures blend seamlessly with any bathroom décor, ensuring coherence in design.

Efficient Use of Light

Without frames obstructing, natural or artificial light disperses evenly, creating a well-lit showering environment.

Feedback Speaks

Overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights the advantages of going frameless, with many users lauding its modern look and easy maintenance.

Can the 1000 x 800 shower tray be purchased separately?

Many homeowners wonder about the feasibility of purchasing just the shower tray. Here's a detailed overview.


Yes, many suppliers offer the 1000 x 800 shower tray as a standalone product.


These trays are designed to fit various enclosures, ensuring versatility.

Material Options

From acrylic to stone resin, several material options cater to different tastes and budgets.

Easy Installation

Their design ensures that installation is hassle-free, whether you're retrofitting or setting up a new shower space.


Constructed withquality materials, these trays guarantee longevity, resisting wear and tear effectively.

Water Drainage

A well-constructed 1000 x 800 shower tray ensures optimal water drainage, preventing water logging and potential slip hazards.

Aesthetic Appeal

The trays come in various finishes, allowing homeowners to choose a style that complements their bathroom decor.


Purchasing the tray separately can be cost-effective, especially if you already have a compatible enclosure.

Replacement Possibility

If an existing tray is damaged or worn out, homeowners have the option to replace just the tray without altering the entire enclosure.

Recommendations Galore

Many have found success in purchasing trays separately, as evident from user reviews and recommendations.

How does the 1000 x 800 shower enclosure from Wickes compare to other brands?

When it comes to bathroom fittings, brand comparisons are inevitable. Let's delve into the offerings of Wickes.

Quality Assured

Wickes is renowned for its high-quality products, and the 1000 x 800 shower enclosure is no exception.

Competitive Pricing

In comparison to other brands, Wickes offers competitive prices without compromising on quality.

Wide Range

Their product range is extensive, providing homeowners with multiple design and feature choices.

Installation Ease

Wickes focuses on user-friendly designs, ensuring their products are easy to install.

Customer Service

The brand is well-known for its excellent customer service, guiding clients through purchases and after-sales queries.


Feedback and reviews indicate that Wickes products, including the 1000 x 800 shower enclosure, stand the test of time.


Wickes has a robust distribution network, making their products readily available across various locations.

Positive Feedback

Numerous testimonials highlight the satisfaction levels of homeowners who chose Wickes over other brands.

Warranty and Support

Wickes offers warranties on their products, assuring users of their commitment to quality and durability

Innovation at Its Best

Staying updated with the latest trends and technologies, Wickes continually innovates, ensuring their products are a blend of style and functionality.

What are the design options available for the 1000 x 800 shower enclosure hinged door?

A hinged door can transform the appearance and functionality of a shower enclosure. Here's what to expect.

Frame Options

From frameless to framed designs, there's a plethora of choices catering to varying aesthetic preferences.

Glass Varieties

Whether frosted, clear, or patterned, the glass options are diverse, enhancing the enclosure's visual appeal.

Handle Designs

Handles come in various styles, materials, and finishes, adding to the enclosure's aesthetic and functional value.

Opening Directions

Hinged doors can be designed to open left or right, ensuring they fit perfectly within the bathroom's layout.

Safety Features

Many hinged doors come with safety features such as shatterproof glass, ensuring a safe showering experience.

Easy Cleaning

Some designs incorporate easy-clean mechanisms or coatings, simplifying maintenance tasks.

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